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The Rogue Witch chapter 13 . 6/7/2004
is finally letting me review again *bounces around*

Damn, a lots happened since the Astral Plane chapter. Damn damn damn, I hate this computer, making me miss so many chapters of every bloody story.

Anyway, I have been loving these chapters. Especially Sage's, I mean wow, that was some great storytelling. I almost fainted from all the canon people you've dropped in, squealing like hell. Not too good for my throat right now (stupid winter,) but it's all in good fun _

Storm's chapter was great, of course; I loved it. You wrote Storm so well, and I especially like the way you set out her entry. Nice touch.

Angel's was good, but.. I don't kind of lacked what the others have. Although, it did have lots of bitching, so its all good.

Yay, Piotr. Lots of good things in this chapter. The Illyana-ness most of all. She's so cute. I mean a girl would have to be cute to braid Remy's hair, right? I like the way Piotr was a little more open in this chappie, very nie. And of course, the nervous attraction to Kitty. Great.

Yeah, I really love the way you write these characters. And the journals/diaries/letters/mental logs. Yes. Not much mroe I can say without repeating myself over and over and over. Great! _
Jukebox chapter 13 . 6/5/2004
Another great chap! Poor Remy, poor Rogue. And can Piotr get off his butt already and ask Kitty out? (* grin *).

Sorry to hear you've been under the weather. Hope you are feeling better soon!
RealityDreamer chapter 13 . 6/4/2004
U had better keep to ur promise~

Keeping us waiting for so long? What sort of mental torture was that? :P

Anyway,it's a nice chapter..not too sure what to say abt's just...enjoyable :)
Lady Sir Henry Morgan chapter 13 . 6/3/2004
Well how could we be mad when you give us such a good chapter? I love the way you portrayed Piotr, he was so sweet and sensitive, I can't seem to portray him like that in my story. Illyana is so cute in this, I like how you made her and Tessa get along. I can't wait to see what happens next.
beaubier chapter 13 . 6/3/2004
First off, love the journal entry. Very Piotr- sweet and gentle, concerned, and the attempts at English were fantastic.

Also love his talking about the Acolytes and their questionable English skills. Mwahahaha. Warped Australian and speed-demon English. Love it.

The interaction between the two former acolytes was really nicely done, with Piotr trusting Remy to hang out with his sister, but not necessarily trusting him... that far. I often wonder about the relationships the acolytes must have built up. I can't imagine they were very free with each other, but it'd be hard to work with someone in a situation like that and not at least trust them in certain instances, really. Even crazy Johnny. ;)

And there it is! "Sometimes it was better just to agree with..." Hahahaha. I was waiting for it!

Kitty growling like Wolverine is awesome. I love it I love it. The half-pint is SO coming into her own, and yay for you showing it!

"they found a smiling Illyana braiding Remy's hair while the two watched The Little Mermaid." ... you have no idea how happy you've just made me. HA!

Sage as nanny! Omfg, that's so awesome it's scary. Wow. I definitely want her watching my kids. They cry, she picks them up, makes sure they're fine, and tells them to calm down in her nicest tones. Then proceeds to make them lovely pictures to color and teach them to speak French. Bless her. So many cute images, Illyana allows for :D

And god... GOD the romance! Petey is such a sucker for it, what a cutie!
Random Reader chapter 13 . 6/2/2004

I'm so glad to see you've updated! I love that you have Piotr and Illyana in this story, I miss them, and it's great that you're weaving them into Kitty's lives just as they had been in Marvel 616. I hope you update again soon, to which I look forward to very much.

Happy writing,

Random Reader
Klinoa chapter 13 . 6/2/2004
Yay! You've returned, and I'm able to review again because I've got a computer again! I'm so sorry for not reviewing your last chapter I tried once at school, but got cut off by the bell. I loved your last two chapters, and can't wait for the rest of this fic, as well as the sequel.
The Sphinx Minx chapter 13 . 6/2/2004
YaY! You're BACK! finally! Another great chapter, I love Illyana and although I'm not the biggest Colossus fan (ever since he fell in "love" with Rogue) I liked him in Evo, and I especially loved how you gave his background n all...and I cracked up picturing Illyana braiding Remys hair while watching Little Mermaid. And of course I'm loving the Romy angst, I look forward to your next chapter and fic! Keep up the great work!
GambitsRogue chapter 13 . 6/2/2004
AH no poor gambit darnit just when it was getting good between them. Please get them together in some way... Lovedthe chapter glad to see u update again. Cant wait for more.
Risty chapter 13 . 6/2/2004
I'm not going to say it... I'm not... okay, I am - it's about time! But that's okay... I think it was worth it. You do a good Piotr doll, and he makes a good narrator looking at the issues from outside. I like the mix of insight, privacy and responsibility and self-doubty type angst. Plus he and Kitty were cute!

Hm... highlights for me: Piotr's reflections on his fellow acolytes speech, Kitty and Piotr, Scott showing insight and Bishop being wrong, but most of all, Tessa playing dress-up. That gets major big happy smiles from Risty.

Nice stuff!
ishandahalf chapter 13 . 6/2/2004
you! you're ALIVE! *cue the hallelujah chorus and parting clouds* well, YAY! i was getting VERY twitchy for a while there, it wasn't pretty. but yay, you updated, gold stars for you! although i SHOULD take them away for making us wait so long, but then i just can't, i'm too nice for that... so enjoy.

but moving on! yay, piotr. he's TOO cute for words, he really is! i love him, the voice of reason around the mansion. very nice. oh, i REALLY appreciated him trying to develop his sense of humour! that jibe at gambit cracked me up. aww, and illyana! just TOO adorable, really. i wanna hug her. just like jamie! that'd make a cute playdate, methinks.

oh, so cute with remy all excited about his date... except i KNEW it wouldn't last, but i could always hope, right? i'm pathetic. kinda sad that piotr thought he'd only end up hurting her, which he DID, which sucks, but it also sucks that that's all they think of him... ya know? i hope i'm making sense.

tee hee... well, at least there was more cuteness before all that badness at the end... i'm using the word 'cute' a lot, aren't i? i just can't access my lexicon today, my bad. but yay for piotr and kitty... too... um, need new word... sweet? yeah, that'll do.

hah, braiding remy's hair? oh, that MADE MY DAY. that sure gets pink stars for cuteness! damn, there's that word again. hmm, didn't remy hear world war three from the den? that might've given him the hint to run for his life... as soon as rogue charged in there i was so worried... oh, SO very sad! for BOTH of them! argh, why, WHY didn't remy defend himself more? stupid, STUPID man! i mean, he can't argue ENOUGH, and when it REALLY matters... ARGH! well, you had me all sad and 'aww'ing with him walking away with a broken heart... SIGH. well, YAY for piotr with his correct analysis. aww, SUCH the sweetie... take THAT, bishop! bwa ha ha.

so, as usual, good stuff. and as usual, just waving the romyness in my face and taunting me with it, and then pulling it away at the last second... SIGH! oh, there BETTER be more! i'll be waiting VERy impatiently. and what's this, only 2 more chapters left? oh NO, what will i do without this? phew, relief with the sequel though... jolly good show then. keep it coming, quick like a bunny on crack!
Krac chapter 13 . 6/2/2004
Yay you finally updated! Yay you used Colossus and Illyana! I could do a happy dance. I won't get mad about a lack of updates...just don't drop off the face of the earth ever again. Glad to see you back with a bang.
PomegranateQueen chapter 13 . 6/2/2004
Well, honestly, I was kinda wonderin' where ya went... but other than that... still here... still enjoying the fic... so... yay for the update!
Mercedes Watson chapter 13 . 6/2/2004
WHO! UPDATE! and on one of my shitty-er days. thank you som much! i took notes this time, so im not all over the place and trying to reemmber whati just read! I think the Sam and Tabby thing should be a very interesting match. i see a lot of mayhem coming from that. or at least, Sam getting into lots of trouble.

I loved the Rogue and Remy ananlogy (oh, big word!) about giving power and taking power. very good.

OMG! i near fell out of my chair when i read that Illyana was braiding Gambit's hair! hilarious stuff.

but NO! it can't be over! i don'tr want it to be over! and what did you do to Rogue and Remy! why? i hate Betsy now! i hate her! that British bitch ruins everything! damnit! hopefully they will make up soon before this is over.
Lady Farevay chapter 13 . 6/2/2004
Lol,i haven't abandoned you!

2 more chapters ai? and a definate sequal? Fantastic!

I loved this chapter so much,your right,Illyana is so fun,she was adorable!

I think that this is one of my favourite chapters out of the whole story,i liked it alot.

You have alot of insight in Piotr,i loved that and all his queries and boggles about languages,i thought that was cool,not to mention when he wondered if all the female residents channel Wolverine when they're angry,that was funny.

I know it was last chapter but i still can't believe Betsy did that to Johno,i'm mad at her!

Lol,great chapter Luv!,

Lady F
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