Reviews for The Tale of the Intrepid Explorer
jessica.orr.1884 chapter 11 . 7/27/2014
Update soon!
Mistress of Destruction chapter 11 . 11/10/2004
Well, its been a long long time! Guess I should have checked back into my review history sooner. Oh well, better late than never. Anyway, good chap. This time though don't wait so long to update, K!
otherhawk chapter 11 . 11/5/2004
Gah! Unfair cliffhanger. I demand regular updates. OK, don't have a leg to stand on there actually. Great chapter. I like Ash more and more.
Fanfic-petition chapter 1 . 10/15/2004

I think the new rules brought in by the fan fiction… people, are really stupid and are just limiting our creative thoughts. So, therefore, I am forming a petition, to sign please e-mail me at fanfic_petition including your name (or if you don’t want to tell me just write anonymous) your e-mail and your fanfic penname.


I post all signers names on my profile.
GradySmith1976 chapter 10 . 2/27/2004
update please
grady smith chapter 10 . 1/26/2004
and it keps gettign better and better keep up the good work love.
Sierra chapter 10 . 1/25/2004
just thought i'd ought to tell you that i'm not going to be here for a whole week so, unfortunately, i wont be able to review. :( sorry, but once i get back, i'll be sure to review, i promise! still lovin the story!
brokeassproduc chapter 10 . 1/25/2004
jack's right. i don't believe you! cliff hanger! ok i'm fine. i have to go write another chapter myself that i have been avoiding to do. anyway. good chapter. really liked!
otherhawk chapter 10 . 1/25/2004
I'm always right! Well, occasionally. I love this chapter. Its actually one of your best so far. The descriptive stuff in the beginning is excellent and the conversation between Jack and Gibbs is completely within character. I like your attention to detail on where he got the ring etc.
The way you told what happened to Ash was very clever because you informed exactly what happened without having Jack break a confidence or dwell too much on painful memories.
Once again, congratulations and good luck with the studying.
Sierra chapter 10 . 1/24/2004
ahh! no! no cliffhangers! hurry update! i soo cant wait to see what happens to that governor. omg! she married Jack! i love it!
Mistress of Destruction chapter 9 . 1/24/2004
oh! Big choices! I hope you can figure out which one to make. Cause it would be awfully horrible if that bastard Uncle of Ash's got all that money. (Give it to me! ~ whoa, where'd that come from. Sorry. hehe)
Oh, did I ever tell you that the fights with Jack and Norrington are really cool. Keep writing and I'll try to keep reviewing. (So long as I can get on the computer. ~kicks sister~ And I can actually get online. ~Dumb computer~
Sierra chapter 9 . 1/23/2004
bad governor! redrum! lol i hope Norrington brings him down! n i wonder what Ash's gonna pick? hm...well, hurry n update! this is so good!
brokeassproduc chapter 9 . 1/22/2004
oh that horrid horrid Gov.! hope he gets whats coming to him. good chapter!
otherhawk chapter 9 . 1/22/2004
Aw, that last paragraph is incredibly sweet. I like the way you've used images of the sea in it, thats very clever. Also, yay Norrington. He'd never help a murderer. I love the conversations between you Jack and Norrington at the beginning, they make me laugh out loud. Embarassing in the library. Hurry up with the next chapter, will ya?
grady smith chapter 7 . 1/21/2004
OMG this is getting better and better, MORE I SAY MORE!
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