Reviews for Compound Cruelty
Ambrosia chapter 1 . 2/1/2004
woah, i'll say u rearranged his history! Even trying 2 stick with the *evo confirmed facts* and let everything else flow loose, it looks very, very different. But I love that *never cried since the day his wife died* thing, and I've always fancied pietro & wanda spending a bit of their childhood 2gether in a gypsy caravan... And ur title's great stuff. A lot of ppl don't seem 2 realise this, but if ur story has a lame title a lot of ppl will just pass it over without a second thought. It's a really sweet story, and the emotions ur describing r right on, but I dunno, it kinda seems that it cld b a bit better, mostly its obvious that ur still developing ur skills & r on ur way 2 great things soon enuff, but also I never get y ppl don't just try & incorporate wot they do know of their histories into the story, and then build around that, I mean, wldn't that b easier..? We know that he's an old, old man 4 instance, because he was about 8 years old or something during WWII, when wolverine rescued him from that POW camp... and it's not absolutely straight, but he & charles were old chums from the way back when u know, they weren't very old, they were both scientific geniuses, both aware of & utilising their powerful mutant abilities, and designing/conceptualising/building cerebro 2gether - all that just *seems to* say 2 me that even evo has him going 2 the americas or thereabouts well b4 The Twins, y'know..? But it's not solid i suppose... hey, well i guess thats all we *do* have on him. Everything else is just implied, really. I think. Still haven't really seen season 3 yet, but hey. And but also, u obviously know the comics, so it *wld* b kinda kewl if sum1 cld incorporate his comic history into his evo history, u know, with his first life with his wife and his daughter and discovering his powers & being ostracised AGAIN and all humans must b intolerant nazisch ppl and I get that's y everyone loves taking magneto's wife from him in the fire and he can't save her and oh woe, and apparently wanda & pietro were raised by a mutant gypsy cow woman, but u gotta know when 2 hold 'em & when u fold 'em, u know? And it wld still just b enormously kewl if someone cld fix all of that 2gether so it fits, is wot I'm trying 2 say, i guess...? But yeh. *ur* story is still nice.
Happy Stalker Ball chapter 1 . 1/9/2004 I LOVED it! I loved how you turned Anya into Magda- it made a lot of sense.. it was just unbelievably great! Another one of my all time favs in the Evo section- heck, one of my faves out of all . That was brilliant!
~Ice Princess
tom chapter 1 . 1/8/2004
Bravo on the apology sir. You’ve dodged the self-indulgence bullet. Or at least, you’ve had it removed and made a full recovery. I'm pleased that, once again, I will look forward to seeing fics with your name next to them. By the by, this one was a great read- your writing, at least, is back to normal.
DarkisLight chapter 1 . 1/8/2004
If only there were more of you!
needs more writers who reconize the beauty and depth of Magneto. I was wondering when someone intelligent would bring up Magneto's eternal love for Magneto, which, sadly, Evo has yet to achive. I swear I will boycott Evo if they make Magneto have a different wife. Too much of who Magneto is and was is based upon Magda that by taking her away you are left with a horrible 2D character. It was interesting how you changed Magda into Anya, but intelligent as well considering how Evo is set up.
I tried my own attempt at shedding some light for Evo only people so they may see the true Magneto in my own story, but I don't think it went over too well.
Thanks for showing me there are intelligent people on -Evo section!
I hope to read more of your work, especially if it touches on this again.
Haretrigger chapter 1 . 1/8/2004
Oh man. That was well...that was well...I don't think there's words to describe this well written piece.
I was a big fan of the Marvel version of Magento. Not the Evo imposter. You actually capture his tradegy and anger and his reason why he decides to wipe out humanity. It was well written, dude. Good job and give yourself a hand.