Reviews for Boys Before Flowers
ChoppingBoard chapter 8 . 11/3
Ughh why is Yama so stubborn?
Scripturiens chapter 7 . 11/7/2014
I love the whole "jumping out of the building" business. Effortlessly funny.

I really enjoyed this chapter, although I understand nothing of this "war". Good writing though.
Guest chapter 6 . 11/20/2013
ACDC is one of the greatest bands ever created.
Tagny chapter 4 . 11/20/2013
Awww romance is heating up between Mimi and Yamato :3
Guest chapter 3 . 11/20/2013
I keep thinking they're going to sleep with each other but it doesn't happen. It makes me laugh non a less.
Tagny chapter 2 . 11/20/2013
Awwe a karaoke contest! Awesome choice of challenge! Haha can't wait to read the next chapter.
Tagny chapter 1 . 11/20/2013
I love this story! Can't wait to read on!
aisacchan chapter 9 . 3/28/2012
good story.. i really like it
SnowLion no Miko chapter 9 . 1/16/2011
I really loved this fanfic! The concept was wonderful, and you did a great job pulling it off. Keep up the awesome work!
kidimpulse213 chapter 9 . 1/20/2009
I loved everything about this story. I love this so much that i read it all in one sitting (except for a break for dinner after which i took my desert to my computer and ate it while reading XD)

I loved every scene that concerned the see-saw, the pond and the fish Yamato won for Mimi.

I loved Yamato's band, and the various cameos of the digi-destined - that was just love to me, they were fleshed out and in character even if they were obviously not the main point of the story i loved taichi scratching his nose all the time )) and adored how considerate joe was, how bashful ken was and how boyish takeru was.

I loved how authentic this fic felt - it's so well-researched that it really feels like Japan - Yamato and Mimi's Japan.

my favorite scene of the story (out of the many many scenes that were just gorgeous) was when Yamato went to his mother's house and they drank tea together and yamato just spilled his guts out. It was both heart-warming and heart-wrenching at the same time and i thought it as sort of a turning point

I also can't describe how much I adore Sora calling Taichi Tai-yo and all the Takeru and Hikari moments snuck in between the story (they're my otp after all )

You just write brilliantly *_* this was just... AWESOME! There is something about the way you describe things that is both concise and just *filled* with meaning I totally TOTALLY admire your writing

Tagny chapter 9 . 7/20/2008
AW, what a cute story! I love the ending! And the fcat that you made Matt wear a tiara! Cute fic!
Little Lost Penny chapter 9 . 1/4/2008
Simply awesome *w* I loved it, goes to favourites astraifth ahead!

Write more of this couple *w* your stories are the best!
hikanoko chapter 9 . 11/15/2007
Great story. I started it and couldn't stop until the end. You write really well.
amazonian rush chapter 9 . 8/27/2006
I rarely says that, I used to hate those times that I says them, but I'm not ashamed to say: I love your work. There's a lot of information about the Japanese culture, you got their chemistry right... I just loved it. Maybe many have said this to you, but I don't care.

Small Tuesday chapter 9 . 7/4/2006
This is brilliant. Pure brilliance. I have never seen a better written story. EVER. The plotline was so intriguing, and everything - as twisted and unrelated as it was in the beginning - tied together to make a wonderful story. This is incredible. So funny, so sweet. You should PUBLISH it.

Gawd - the things I'd pay to write something like this.

Genius, I tell you. GENIUS.
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