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Roguereine chapter 2 . 3/24
I like how u explain what happened to the lost experiments. Good ch
Roguereine chapter 1 . 3/24
Love it already! This is the first angel/stitch fix I have read that captures the characters and dialog well. Great job.
change chapter 26 . 3/3
This is sooooooooo boring! Can you make the bad guys win for ONCE? Because your making the good experiments SO powerful that the fights aren't intertaining because the good guys whip their butts in a matter of seconds!
Snowbell chapter 26 . 11/7/2013
Yes Cobra Bubbles is a funny name.
Experiment-Alpha chapter 58 . 3/27/2012
(I'm gonna review again, this time with my OC's... Lol)

Alpha: Wow... This was all... Incredible!

Andrew: Indeed, it's so BEAST!

Alpha: Heh... Do Youga know what I'm thinking about?


Alpha: I do dare, I'm gonna teleport into it!

E-A: You're gonna screw up it's time line! What are you gonna do there?

Alpha: Save Mystica.

E-A: ... Really?

Andrew: I'm with Alpha too.

E-A: You gotta be kidding me...

E-A: Anyway, I reviewed again cause Alpha and Andrew wanted me too... Don't ask...

Alpha: Also, Omni is like meega with all those powers... Wait... E-A... Did you...?

E-A: No... Well, see ya later.
Experiment-Alpha chapter 59 . 1/15/2012
I must say, this story was very good and interesting, but there is flaws with grammar and such but still its very good, this was also the first story I read in the Lilo and Stitch section and it made me read alot more stories in the Lilo and Stitch section, now I'm inspired to make my own story, thnx to you Story Weaver1, I wish you good luck with you're other stories, I give this story 5 stars :).
Cerberusx chapter 1 . 1/21/2011
This sounds intresting.
MilesDark chapter 10 . 11/16/2009
ok ive been reading the for a bit and its pretty good the idea Mertle Kissing a nerd is funny
Amber Pegasus chapter 59 . 6/7/2008
I'd loved it. I give this story two thumbs up.
kinger810 chapter 59 . 12/16/2007
Good story
reagan chapter 53 . 8/11/2007
what in the world happened to serene?

you showed armory but not she left at the house?
B gal chapter 2 . 7/23/2006
here's chapter 1 of mine fic,the killer .

chapter 1-a meeting of some kind

a young hawiien girl was working on the finising touches on a has long black hair,brown,tan-ish skn and is wearing a red dress with white pam leaves on was was in her room with 2 1st 1 looked like a kolala,but is was lilo's best friend, 2nd 1 looked like stich,only pink and antenis were on her was stich's girlfriend,stich.(an:some peps like that coupleing.)"well guy,"lelo said as she finished her costume,"what do you guys think of mine costume?"

the costume was laied on the foot of her black dress was ragged and bunch of keptcup stains were on high heels were black and the heel on each shoe looked like daggers were put on gloves looked like spiders made fangs were white with stains of blood at the wig looked like vampire like mask has dabs of keptcup on it and a scoket on the left eye.a fake dagger was put at the side of the costume,it was covered in a keptcup slapt.

"is it shows the true meaning of halloween?""ih"stich answeared."meega think it's a great idea for getting costume ready 1 week before halloween"angle said."thanks."lilo said,"i have a lot of spare time since all of the experiments found their 1 true place.""not exatily."said a voice from nowhere.

the 3 turn around to see a fat alien with 4 eyes,purple skin and is wearing a yellow hawiian shirt,which is too small for him and brown was stich's and angle's creator,jumba."if you encluded experiment 629.""but we defeated leroy and his master and they are in jail"(an:due to the fact that it takes place after leroy and stich,it'll have a few spoilers.)"that was experiment 630.i made experiment 629 along with experiment 627 and 628.(an:i don't watch most of the espiodes.)her experiment pod was lost before any1 figure out who she it's a good thing too.""what do you mean?"lilo asked.

"well,"jumba explained,"experiment 629 was created to make the most visous creature 's 10 times visious then she looks cute,sweet and loves blood and gore more then anything and craves 's the most deadliest thing in the entire universe and has no she kills anything that moves."

angle was shaking when jumba explainning his experiment and holds on to couldn't belived that she's related to that was in stich's eyes,but other then that he looked inmanged that experiment 629 looked like a visious monster."she doen't like she's doesn't sound like she's cute,sweet and innocent to me."lilo said."looks can be deciving."jumba said."stich isn't a kolala now,is he"

the next day was lilo's hoala only thing that she hated there was listening to merridel's harsh insluts about she whispers to friends like"threre's the freak bears a weridness desices."or "looked at the stupid werido.i bet that she's from another planet."melea and deb always agree with her,but not clairla(an:i don't know the brat's friends names,so,i made them up.)but today she said the harshest comment in world."hey lelo!"meriderl shouted to lilo,"what are you dressing up for halloween,a normal person?"she,melea and deb laugh like mad over this and lilo sat down on the floor,put her head and arms on her needs and started to say something when the doors open.

it was a 9 year old girl with long brown hair,firey red eyes and peach dressed in a black strap around her neck with a blue gem on it,a black dress with a skull on it,2 black bracelets with spikes on them and long black looked borard,but she looks hot.

lilo was too upset to notice the ,melea and deb looked the girl,then at each shugged and the 3 girls started laughing just keep looking at lilo and how hurt she girl went to lilo."don't worry,child."the girl said in an enmotinless tone,"the pain'll be over soon."she then walked up to claira."i want to talk to you and the hineyas"she said,pointing to meridel and her 2 3 brats stopped laughing and walked to a place where lilo can't hear them

"you girls better be friends with lilo"the girl said,"or else you'll be have until the sun goes down complteily today."the girl walked off to leave the girls alone."that girl spoked nosence"merdel said."yea-"2 girls started to say."SHUT UP!"said a girl with blonde hair tied in pigtales,blue eyes and dressed in a pink tank top and blue shorts."but claira-"merdel started to say."no buts"claira said."at least she make a better friend then you!your nothing but a brat and a jerk head!"claira said before she kick meridel in the shin."ouch! mine shin"merdel yelled in pain as claira ran off to where lilo was sitting.(an:see the cartoon show rerfence in there)

lilo was still crying by the time claira got got out a tissue." "claira said to lilo pick up the tissue and use it to dried her tear full felt nice."why are you being so nice to me?'lilo said,still choked up from the tears."cause you're a true friend"claira said."mirdel is a vampire in disguse and wants me to join her minons"lilo giggled,feeling a bit better now.

"i see you made a friend,lilo"a voice turned around to see the girl."who are you?"lilo asked."the name's doomsbury,"doomsbury walked off,while the 2 girls looked at each other.

after hola lessons,claira walked with lilo so they play at lilo's house."so,is stich is really an alien?"claira asked."yes."lilo said."cool."claira said."i always wanted an alien for a pet..."they bumped into a looks the same age as has blonde hair tied into a ponytail,blue eyes and peach wears a red baseball cap with a red line on the back,a red t-shirt,blue jeans and black was horror novels satter all over the place."oh mine god"the girl said."i'm soo sorry."she pick up all her books as if she was in a rush."that's o.k,"lilo said."we weren't looking were we were going anyways.""you want to come with us?"claira bluted out."sure,"the girl said."mine mom wants me to make frineds in hawii, name's mary,by the way."the 3 girls picked up the books statered around the ,they walked to lilo's place.

nami let the 2 girls in willy and there are hanging out in lilo's room."what do you guys think about mine costume?"lilo said as she showed them her costume."wow"the girls said in awe."i put on keptcup so it'll looked like blood and i put the black mark on the left eye part of the mask so it'll look like a scoket and i cut the bottom part of the dress so..."lilo said."who are you dressing up as?"mary asked."i'm being mistla,the vampire princess of death."lilo said evilily."what are you guys being?""i'm being an emo"claira said."i'm being the dark pixie princess of doom."mary said, were her only ,her only human friends, anyways.

that night.

meridel and her 2 remainning friends were in a felid."i can't belived that any1 wants me to be friends with a werido"meridel said to deb and were about to say something when a person showed was doomsbury."go away,"merdel said."i didn't see a single atenpt of making lilo your friend"doosbury said."i don't want be friends with little miss werido even if she's the person on earth!"meridel and melea nodded in agreement.

"have it your way,"doomsbury said,"it's your furinal."she got out a book,whitch was black and has an 'A' in a circal with lines going through the center,up and dinaggily said a gibberish she said the chant,a wind that's bonechilling took out a few pages of the pages fused together and change into some cute creature.

the creature has long white hair,pink skin,a light pink heart on her forehead with a black gem on it.,big blue eyes,whitch were glairing evilily,pink skin,tenical human-ish arms and looks really dresses in a magenta dress,whitch has a blood stain on the end corner of her girls only saw a shadow of the creature and her blue eyes,glairing evilily at them.

"you think we'll be scard of that?"meridel 2 girls agree with ,the creature pulled out a giant dagger knife and smiled 3 snobs screamed and ran for their lives as the creature chased after walked away from the doomsury left,the only thing that was heard was blood curiding screams

(yeah,i hate those snobby little brats and i always wanted to killed.i have peps are allowed to do parodies of this fic,espallily 't delete or this is the longest review ever.)
Data Seeker chapter 2 . 2/1/2006
Sorry for the error in my first review.

I meant to say we don't need more experiments; not we need more experiments
Data Seeker chapter 1 . 2/1/2006
Dear Story Weaver

I have read some of the Chapters of your story and it has a few great elements!

You put a lot of thought into the details of your story; and its very creative!

You improved the personalities of the experiments from the series, and its great that many of them were major characters!

And some of your experiments were pretty good too!

The basic story line is good;The captured are rescued; 625 is repurposed; Stitch and Angel are together; Lilo gets over her envy; and plans and evil cunning of Dr. Hamsterviel are stylized.

These are your story's flaws.

1. Some of the langauge is offensive, and there are some reference to sex and porn.

2. Jumba is good and evil at the same time; which I doubt is wholesome and it is illogical. You did a great job at correcting flaws from the series, why not this one?

3. You didn't do a good job on the relationship between Nani and the rest of the family.

4. Jumba having an evil niece with her own set of experiments was a lame because there are 628 experiments (which is more then enough)we need more.

5. This is the smallest flaw in your story. It has to much complexity: Hamsterviel brainwashes Stitch and Amneso, freez Bonnie and Clyde, activates 627, creates hybrids. You have enough material for several stories.

Here is some advise. Get tips from the fanfic author called Tortured Artist, and don't write T or M rated stories.


Data Seeker
Willow chapter 59 . 11/17/2005
Cool. That's really all I can say. This REALLY took over a year to write?
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