Reviews for Hector and the Seven Eggs
Lingerie Briefs chapter 1 . 12/14/2013
wow I must say I'm really impressed with this story. It's different and eye opening.
I just love love these golden oldies :) they are really adorable.

Anyway this story starts with Hector( ) feeling discouraged about his failed attempts of long-suffering invention. then his buddy Gero ridicules him after his promotion. I like your description of him and i could imagine him with his long auburn hair.
Gina later visits hector after he cancelled their date. she later cheers him up by telling him a tale. aw this is so adorable _ i also loved how they gave each other compliments.

really unique and original! I love it!
Godzilla chapter 1 . 10/27/2008
Oh and before I leave...

I always thought that capsuales worked as some kind of pocket-space technology, warping matter to form inside it and take a new larger shape outside. Either it contains atoms warped by vast amonts of energy to shrink, or the object retains its size and is tranfered into a portable pocket demintion, brakeing the capsule causing it to disapate. Though from the talk of "shinking" I its the former (though it sounds much harder to do).

There are still some mysterys of the capsule that may never be solved; like how come when ever they make somthing pop-up its always standing perfectly on it bottum! How does a portable house land on its floor every time they use it!
Godzilla chapter 1 . 10/27/2008
That was brillient! A very realistic look at Dr. Breifs early life (that is, realistic for the Dragon Ball universe anyway).

I liked the characterzation and use of sicentific phrases. How did you come up with their names? Are they officaly called that at one point?

Good story, you have talent Aoi Kami Sarah. Please continue to write and to inspire.