Reviews for Five Months From Now
Smithy chapter 3 . 9/27/2007
Don't you think Leeann is too Twentieth Century for a little girl born in the Eighteenth Century? Laura would be a more acceptable name.
Annise chapter 9 . 7/11/2006
this is a great story. i think a sequel would be cool. jack and ana are put across really well. i really love it
Princess.Jack.N.Anamaria chapter 9 . 10/22/2005
I only have one word to describe this story:


L.O.L, P.S. plz. make a chpt. 10. But if this story is over, pretty plz. make a sequal! *smiles hopefully*

See ya later, matey!
TheBeautifullyScarred chapter 9 . 8/8/2004
Wow I just read your whole story from begining to end i have to say it is amazing I Love your style and tech of writing it was an amazing story all the way through I loved it keep up the good work!
Sunshine304 chapter 9 . 8/5/2004
That was AWESOME! Your J/A-Story (because it's one big story, in the end) is so complex and carefully thought out, it's absolutely GREAT!

It will be a hard time for Ted and Terry to write a sequel for PotC that can top your story, really.

And what a fine ending...Love it!
Johnnycakesdepp chapter 9 . 7/16/2004
Lovely, Lovely, Lovely
Reese Sparrow chapter 9 . 5/24/2004
Tha' w's an EXCELLENT FIC! Y eare some writer! I loved it! Ye writer every character so accuratly! Thanks fer writing such a wonderful fic! TA!
kingleby chapter 9 . 5/1/2004
love it _ so cute and i loved the epologue, it showed that jack didn't have the sea as to priority anymore. the baby is so cute _
JustCallMeMarly chapter 9 . 3/25/2004
*Bows, bows... and bows again... throws out a kiss just for the heck of it as well* I will certainly take a bow for 'requesting' that lovely piece of Jack/Ana sweetness. And as for the compliments and encouragement? Well, I've got untapped wellsprings of it just for you and you alone - you know that!
Anyways, you have no idea how happy I was to see the final chapter to this! The Dext-meister strikes again... *grin* It's always nice to see a suprise continuation to something that seems to have ended (not everything is as it seems... m?). I also appreciate your thanks. It means so much to hear that from the writer that started it all for me! It's your turn to take a bow! Reading your work is always an adventure, an inspiration and a healthy time-out from real life (if you consider obsession 'healthy'... :P). Nothing is better than that! I really can't wait to see what you come up with next - cuz it'll be wonderful as usual. Well, I'm off... Oh, and Rub-ber Ducky? *sings* You're the one... :P
JackFan2 chapter 9 . 3/10/2004
Aw.. a very nice chapter, Jen. I really enjoyed seeing them in their bliss and peaceful existence with their new little bundle.
Very sweet.
starrynight265 chapter 9 . 3/8/2004
*sighs deeply* No words, mon amie. Wonderful, as usual. Must point out my favorite part after the baby begins to get upset,
'"Now, now," he gently soothed her. "There'll be none of that young lady. Can't have your mother thinkin' that I'm scarin' ye on purpose, aye?" '
It's so Jack. Just so typical Jack Sparrow comment which was still adorable in its own way. Cute!
Also like to thank you for the lovely note there at the bottom. It's nice touches like that that are inspiration after yucky day. Hope to be reading another amazing story from you in the time to come, and know I'll be ready and waiting to read it!
~Night Rose
Maimat B chapter 9 . 3/8/2004
Ah, that was the perfect ending, the last was a good ending too, but this was just some extra iciing. and ixtra icing is always a good thing. I like how Jack decided to let the sea wait for a while, family more important. Very touching ending! And not too short, just perfect!
cal chapter 9 . 3/7/2004
HEY! were you trying to pull a fast one on me & sneak this in when i wasn't expecting it? :) it's a good thing that i troll through the bios every day in search of new treasures, huh? :) thank you for an unexpected & very much appreciated gift in the form of the epilogue! :) i ached a bit for Jack because i could feel *him* aching to be on his true home as well as his sense of melancholy when he was gazing out the sea. i loved the description where the ocean was waving to him! that was an awesome bit of writing & it only increased my aching for Jack. i also loved it when Jack was noting that the sea was challenging him to a game. that was such a Jack thought that it made me want to see him aboard the Pearl again almost as much as he was wishing for it. i had a huge smile on my face as Jack's attention was diverted from one of his loves by another love. YAY! the baby! :) i understood Jack's feelings of guilt when he looked the baby & was reminded that because of him & her, he had almost lost Ana. my heart broke a little when i read that passage. i wanted to tell him to stop being daft. i'm sure his wife would've told him the same (in her own "unique" way) had she been privy to his thoughts! :) i laughed with Jack when he was thinking that his daughter was definately his because of the shared stubbornness gene. although i think that mama Ana may have contributed a bit too, so Lord help Captain & Mrs. Sparrow! :) my heart clenched & i wanted to comfort the baby when she noticed that her daddy's expression wasn't too friendly. i loved it when papa Jack was trying to (unsuccessfully) comfort & reassure his tiny daughter! *sigh* :) when i read about the baby & her tiny tears, my heart broke & again i wanted to comfort her. i also wanted to give her daddy a smack! : i was glad to see that Jack was able to handle the situation quite quickly & ably! but then with Ana as his teacher, he should've, right? :) i loved the image of daddy Jack rocking his babe in his arms! so sweet! :) i loved the description once again when the pirate was imagining himself back on the Pearl. i started laughing when his ruminations were so rudely interrupted. it reminded me of that plot device from t.v. & cinema where the cool, romantic, etc. music is suddenly interrupted by the sound of the needle scratching across the record. :) my laughter only increased when Jack's insolent daughter blew the spit bubble him. i guess that was her way of saying "i love you." :) i wrinkled my nose a bit as Jack saw the remainder of the baby's lunch rolling down his sleeve. that was funny but also a bit gross! :) [sidenote: i've cared for a little girl since she was 2 months old. her mom used to work home. one day she came out of her office & asked me what i had on my back. i looked her & said "what are you talking about?" i went to the bathroom & turned around & looked in the mirror. apparently the burp cloth hadn't caught all of one of that day's spit-ups because it was *all over* my back! the bizarre thing was i *never* felt or smelt it! :) ] YAY! Ana's in the house! :) i was wondering where mommy was! i thought it was funny when Jack was a bit put out that of all the times for Rae to cry that she had picked the time when her mother would hear her! :) too funny! :) the description of Ana sounded lovely! it must be because she's a new mama! :) i LOVED the sentence where you said that fire was the structure of Ana's personality! that was so awesome & accurate! :) very, very good! :) i liked the interaction between mother & daughter. it seems that Rae has been blessed with 2 good parents! i LOVE the fact that Jack was confident enough & that Ana trusted him enough to be a baby sitter! that's a rare combination for new parents, i think! :) i liked the bit of banter the 2 senior Sparrows engaged in after Ana put the little one down. poor Ana, she can never escape her hostess! :) i started laughing a lot when the incredibly sweet & romantic moment was ruined by Ana's sharp nose. was that a needle scraping across a record i heard? :) i laughed even more when Jack told Ana what the offending odor was. :) it was another sweet & romantic moment when Ana tried not to laugh her long-suffering husband & he sarcastically mimicked her actions. :) i liked the closing visual where Jack was holding onto his wife tightly. *sigh* i also liked the description of the sea & her temptation. the last sentence was a perfect ending to a perfect story! :) it was another "& they lived happily-ever-after" moments. i was happy because Jack seemed to have lost his melancholy & he realized that he was already home as long as he was with his 2 ladies. i think he realized that he could endure being on land a bit longer before he & his ladies went to join his *other* lady. :) THANKS AGAIN for a job WELL-DONE! :) oh, i have a bone to pick with that "person" *ahem* who wrote part of the author's note where you were described as a mind-less dim-witter! : tell her to back off unless she wants to get her ass kicked by a lot of loyal readers! : believe me, a mind-less dim-witter is the LAST thing that can be used to describe you & your gifts! :) *sniff* also, *i* don't associate with mind-less dim-witters, so there! :) keep up the great work & please post us more & soon! :) p.s. *i'll* be gone (for 9 days!) by the time you come back! i'm leaving on the 13th & won't be back until the 21rst. so if you post something while i'm gone, i'm not ignoring you; i won't be here to read it! :( isn't it sad that the person i'll miss the most while i'm gone is the computer? oh, well, if the people i live with could write as well as you & the rest of my Jack/Ana authors...:)
i know you've already discovered MAURA MELLON, but i wanted to encourage you to read her POTC story: SOME MEASURE OF JUSTICE. it features Jack only with a bunch of very original characters! it's awesome! *that* story is what made me ask her for a Jack & Ana story & she responded with RUM & ROSES, which you've already seen! :) she gave me a pleasant surprise & has come up with a Once Upon a Time in Mexico story: THIS MEANS WAR. it is a parody & is funny as hell & showcases her wicked sense of humor! :) please, please read her other 2 tales & give her some of the love & props she & the tales deserve! :)
Captain Sparrow chapter 9 . 3/7/2004
Yay! The end...again! Lol, I don't have finger nails anymore, if that answers your question...
But there's your stories to cheer me up! _
Write another sequel!
~Captain Sparrow _~
LeeAna chapter 8 . 3/6/2004
Wow! I'm *so* moved!
I really thought there would be no happy end ...
Glad you decided for the story to have one. But ... why did Jack leave the room? The doc said he wanted him to stay o.O ... Well doesn't matter anyhow! Loved it! Great work! Write more, please!
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