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MaryMariken chapter 18 . 10/5/2016
Sequel, sequel :)

I like this story. The twists are well timed, the phrasing is good, the plot is well thought out. Everything fits :)
MaryMariken chapter 3 . 10/3/2016
Hi Sunshine Faery,

From your comment above this chapter I understand that your version of Word doesn't cooperate with the text editor of this website.

Have you tried saving your chapter as a plain text file (.txt) instead of a Word file (.doc or .docx)? Of maybe an older version of Word file (like a Word 98 file)? This usually does the trick for me.
The underlying problem is that Word is so fancy nowadays that modern Word files can not be properly understood any more by basic text editors. That usually causes the loss of lay-out (and any other nice things you can do with Word).

I hope that this can be of use to you. I really like your stories and would love to see them in a easier readable format.

Until the next review ;)
Pain Girl chapter 18 . 1/9/2012

XxPaIn GirLxX
Jelly Babes 101 chapter 18 . 1/8/2010

great ending!
bookworm2009 chapter 18 . 6/24/2008
i liked was very good...have you already made the sequel?
lecherzstrumpet chapter 18 . 4/30/2005
hi, my name is sam, i havnt read this story yet, but it looks good! i put it on my bookmarks list, i check to make sure the stories are finished sometimes and i noticed that you said that you were gonna write a sequal! please send me an email when you start posting chapters, please, pretty please with sugar on top! well my email adress is sammawamma


Witchyliz chapter 18 . 7/29/2004
this was a wonderful story, yes please have a sequal
Lady of Masbolle chapter 12 . 4/13/2004
who cares if its short? it rox!
Lady of Masbolle chapter 5 . 4/13/2004
soory i dint review the last chappie, fanfiction was encountering heavy traffic:(! but anywayz, i think ytthese last two chapters were really good! wat happend to Kerry? she went all mean! i seriously luv ur fic!
Lady of Masbolle chapter 2 . 4/13/2004
awesum, theres other peeps from belwicket! Ok so hunters playing the part of a protective older brother. doesnt he understand his muirn betha dan was the exact same age as Alwyn when he met her? you're the best!
Lady of Masbolle chapter 1 . 4/13/2004
this sounds like its gonna b awesum
Winter-Raven43 chapter 18 . 1/30/2004
That was really good! It had such a good ending!
There is going to be a sequel? Good!
Well done! Great story!
~~Winter Raven~~
Lalenna chapter 18 . 1/30/2004
no you cant finish it now! sniffsniff pls do the sequel id be well gutted if you dont. well donr really good def one of my fave fics :)
dolphingurl1 chapter 18 . 1/29/2004
yes we get the point... here is my review... great piece of work... can't wait to read the sequel...
Wake-Robin chapter 18 . 1/29/2004
OMG that was a wonderful story. I enjoyed reading it and I'm going to read the sequel right after I finish this review. Great job!
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