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cal chapter 15 . 6/28/2004
YAY! another chappy! :) oh! i started typing before i read the header! :( *sob* no, please don't tell me it's so! :( now, i'm so *sad* that our ride's come to an end! :( this of course means 1 thing, you know, right? SEQUEL! :) thank you for giving me the smile (through my tears!) that i received when i read your author's note! :) *sigh* i can't believe this is the last time i'm saying this :( but, onto the! i got chills, the *good* kind when i read the opening 'graph! that was very good with the drumbeats escorting the condemned men! :) Jack gave me a smile with his usual Jack playful seriousness when he was telling Ana that they could've had a ringside seat for the event. Ana's quiet answer was surprising but then i thought that maybe she was just tired of all of the recent violence & bloodshed & she wanted a break from it. Lord knows she sure as hell deserves it! :) i was in tears as i was reading Ana's conflicted emotions when she was listening to one of the bastards from the Zephyr get what he deserved. that she could still feel any bit of compassion or sympathy for them was simply amazing to me! what a woman! my tears really fell when she was thinking that it could very easily be her or Jack or one of their friends swinging from a rope. :( i enjoyed the bit of Jack & Ana banter & teasing when Jack was reasuring Ana that *all* of the evil doers were going to be punished. :) i laughed a lot when our exasperated lady huffed :) Jack when he was dragging the story out too long for her liking. i thought it was extremely amusing when she called him a "dramatist" what with all of the acting that Jack's capable of. :) i got a kick out of Jack's reaction to the man being the dinner of the cannibals. that was funny & cute as well. :) YAY! she has *all* of her memories back! :) i LOVED the bickering over the boat incident! that was vintage Jack & Ana & did my heart a world of good! :) & yes, it reduced me to tears! but this time they were *HAPPY* tears! :) i also loved the conversation where Jack was concerned about Ana's arm & asked about it. i laughed as i read the bad patient's grousing about her nurse. Jack's joke about the undertaker was *very* funny! :) i'm just glad that i wasn't drinking anything when i read it or else the computer would've been bathed in the drink! :) YAY! she's giving him her boat! :) my heart soared when she offered Jack the Renegade & she told him that she *liked* being his first mate! :) my breath caught when Jack gave Ana's boat & Ana herself a backhanded compliment 'cause i thought for sure the lady was going to haul off & give him a good smack! aw! Jack melted my heart with his explaination of his comment! what a sweet thing to say to the woman he loves! :) *sigh* my eyes had tears in them when they started talking about the Pearl. when Jack told Ana that he was okay about the loss because it was an effort to rescue something close to his heart, my breath caught the level of his love & the magnitude of Jack's admission & my tears began to fall. :) needless to say, i LOVED Ana's reaction to Jack's declaration of his feelings! :) the moment when Ana told Jack that she loved him & Jack's exqusite reaction to her declaration was beautiful & made me cry again. :) YAY! they kissed! pirate love, there ain't nothin' better! :) i loved the reaction of the crew to their captains both pulling their heads out of their assess long enough to kiss each other when they finally realized how they felt about each other. that was *very* cute! :) i laughed when the 2 were disgruntled when Gibbs interrupted their momant. :) i liked the scene where the pirate couple took their leave of the other couple. that sounded as if it would make a fine scene in the movie. :) i laughed when the pirate's were ragging on Will's bad fashion sense. :) poor Will, he's always getting bashed. :) oh! i LOVED the last scene! that would be a perfect ending to the movie's sequel! :) i loved it when Ana sang to Jack & he rewarded her with a yummy kiss before starting up a new round of "their" song! :) that was a perfect ending to a perfect tale! :) *sigh* i guess i'm happy, probably "bittersweet" is a more accurate description for what i'm feeling, since i'm sad to see this end. ah well, thank you so much for sharing this treasure with us! rest assured that all of your struggles were definately worth it! this will be one of my favorite Jack & Ana tales & considering that i've read over 100, that's saying something! :) congratulations on a job very well done! :) i shall send you some exspensive cyber chocolates ( if you're allergic, i'll have to sacrifice & eat 'em myself!) & a dozen red roses as thanks for sharing the tale with us! :) now, you can take a hiatus & return to us relaxed & refreshed! is 1 day long enough? :) just kidding! (not really!) keep up the great work & please post us more & soon! :)
dreamofdesire chapter 15 . 6/28/2004
Jack Davenport is so cute out of his Commodore costume! I really sad that this story is over. I love it so much. Please write and post your Norrington fic soon.
Amber Myst chapter 14 . 6/28/2004
I know this is late one chapter but...NO! HOW COULD YA SINK THA PEARL! Jack loves that bloody thing! He waited ten years to get the bloody thing back and you sink it! Ok, I'm done ranting now _. Chapters 13 and 14 were extremely good, I loved every minute of them. Can't wait for you to get that last part out, but then I guess I'll be sort of sad because this fic will be ending. *Sigh* that's the worst part of fics...but it's kind of backwards you know? You wait forever for an author to update, and reveal the plot and you get so pissed when they take forever and then the end comes so soon that your pissed it wasn't longer. Lol, that just might be me though. So just update soon!
JackFan2 chapter 14 . 6/26/2004
Aw.. brilliant chapter, mate. Really and truly wonderful! Ana at the end, with Jack, *sniff*.. loved it.


Norrington though.. WOW! HAHAHA.. I TOTALLY love when he's written in a good light. I really think he and Jack would be great friends, given the right situation and were they both not on polar opposit ends of the law issue..


Anywho, can't wait to see more on this story.. Please update soon.
J.L. Dexter chapter 14 . 6/24/2004
Well, well... several new chapters and an almost nice ending. You don't how happy you've made me! (LOL) I'm sorry it's taken me so long to review (as I have no idea how long ago you posted these newest additions to this juicy epic saga.)But each new release was better than the last, even though it seems the story is coming to a slight close. ;_; Ah well, all's well that end's well. Or is it that every beginning has an ending. Either way, great job! I'm glad that WB hasn't made itself at home with your muse (should you have one.) Hope to see more soon and Good Luck!
coolpuella chapter 13 . 6/24/2004
NO, NO, NO! please tell me that was a dream sequence and you didnt actually sink the pearl? You sank the pearl! How could you! *Brandishes the tomatoes, hurling them in disbelief* Well, to each his own, lol. No worries though, its still a good story, and I shall continue to faithfully read it. Ta!
dreamofdesire chapter 14 . 6/24/2004
Yay, Ana's ok and Damien is dead!Ha, he got what he deserved! Bloody idiot, trying to kill Norrington and Ana. Like that could ever happen. Update soon.
dontuwant2know chapter 14 . 6/24/2004
yay! i luv this fic

hm there was somthin about that chapter that made it seem sorta boing

its that way with some other chapters also


i guess that there wasent enough



ill get back 2 u on that one aorry it wasent a very good reveiw
cal chapter 14 . 6/24/2004
YAY! another chapter, so soon! :) you're more prolific than a bunny! :) i laughed when i read your author's note, that was kind of weird, huh? :) or was it 2 great minds thinking alike that caused that *coincidence* of us "meeting" like that? :) i really laughed when i read that you had thought that you had pissed me off. i don't think that you could do that. your *characters* however, sure as hell are capable of doing that! :) there's this other story that i'm reading where Jack has pissed me off so much that i'm actually wishing that he were dead! :( agh! enough of that unhappiness, onto your latest...oh! the description of Ana's pain was very intense & graphic as well as being very good! i felt the threat of tears when she heard Jack's wounded animal cry & didn't know what it was. :( that line was a killer. my admiration for Miss Ana went up quite a few notches when she held onto conciousness long enough to fight back in her own way when the Devil, that cowardly bastard, was using her as a shield & a hostage! that lady is simply the best! :) i was cheering Norry on when he went & confronted the bastard. YAY! that scene gave me the good kind of goosebumps! :) it's always thrilling to see a hero almost regress to his most primitive state when something that he holds dear is threatened! :) my breath caught when that pig started in on his disgusting taunting of Norry when he mentioned Adalia's name. poor Norry! :( i can imagine how hard it was for him to hold back when the Devil started talking about that very painful subject. :( YAY! Ana to the rescue! :) how like our dear lady to take things into her own fist! :) WHOO HOO, who needs the men? :) i was glad to see that it was a team job as Jack came through with the dagger & then Norry came in for the killing blow. :) oh! i LOVED the line where Jack didn't care about the sound the dagger connecting with flesh made because he was too busy wrapping his arms around *his* injured Ana! :) *sigh* possessiveness when it comes to Jack & Ana is a good thing! :) i was thrilled with Norry's words & actions when he bid their demon goodbye. i couldn't help but feel like Jack a little bit; i guess i always want him to be the hero, since Ana's always the heroine! :) my heart broke for Jack when he saw a piece of familiar looking driftwood float by. i grieved for him & his loss all over again. :( i laughed & loved the image of our strong Ana when she was being the model patient when Gibbs was tending to her wounds. :) that was typical Ana & very cute. :) OMG! Jack's words to Manuel about what he could have lost took my breath away! :) that line was incredibly beautiful & made me cry because it seems as if our daft pirate is finally in on the secret his heart has been keeping from his head: he LOVES Ana! :) YAY! i so wished that Miss Ana had heard that comment! i bet she would've turned to mush! :) the scene with Will & Liz was cute. i loved it when Miss Ana seemed to show a deep intrest in the fact that Liz was hugging Jack rather enthusiastically! hmm, territorial Ana? :) i was touched when Norry saw through Jack's obvious lie about him being fine & the 2 sailors shared a look of sorrow for the fine lady that had gone down in the battle. i started crying again when Jack was trying to joke about Ana's condition & he stumbled when he was going to say the men on his ship. :( that broke my heart for him all over again. :( i laughed & enjoyed it when the 2 friends were teasing each other about the lady pirate & her sweet disposition & her one goal in life. :) even as i laughed, i thought that neither of them was brave enough to say something like *that* in the lady's presence! :) i laughed a lot & thought it was very cute when Jack told his friends that he was going to relieve Gibbs from the "hellcat's wrath." :) Jack is either very brave or very stupid to take that upon himself! :) i laughed when Ana treated Jack to another one of her huffs when he didn't respond to her silent demand to help her up. i think Jack gets a kick of causing that reaction, i know i do! :) i laughed a lot when the irate lady told Jack that Gibbs was banned from her presence before she warned him that if he didn't watch his step, the same could be said for him. that was very cute! :) OMG! you made me cry again when Ana asked Jack if he was alright & he pretended to not know what she & everyone else were referring to when they expressed concern for him. :( Ana's comment about where Jack was hurt tore me up as well as that image of them standing in the rain looking out the place where their home had once floated. :( that was a very sad & melancholy end to the chapter, which is only appropiate given what our pirates had lost. you made me even sadder when i read that we're almost the end of journey! :( i HATE the saying "all good things must end"! who the hell is the genius who thought that up? : tell me & i'll sic Ana on him! :) it's very selfish of me, but hey, when it comes to Jack & Ana that's how i am, but when i read that you hadn't done much on your other stories, i cheered. that meant more time for your muse to reside in Jack & Ana's world! :) i hope that your muse likes it there, 'cause judging from this story, it sure seems so, 'cause despite what you said about taking a break, i can't help but want more, more & more Jack & Ana from you! :) keep up the great work & please post us more & soon! :)
urmuhsureokayno chapter 14 . 6/24/2004
B-e-a-utiful chapter! You delivered the perfect amount of angst, humor, and kept the characters in character. "there are very few things worth living and dying for." Is it just me or am I sensing some Don Juan Demarco? It is a wonderful line and it was delivered perfectly. Once again brillant.
JackFan2 chapter 13 . 6/24/2004
Oh, goodness! EP! Amazing and truly BRILLIANT story! Love your characterizations of Jack and Ana and the plot...? HOLY COW..


You sunk the Pearl..truly and well sunk 'er. I just might cry.. But, moreover, Ana.. you sunk 'er too? EP!


I can't tell you how very much I'm enjoying this fic. ... Well, actually I did and am doing that at this precise moment. I'm just not sure words will convey it justice.


Just keep up the marvelous work and I'll continue reading.. I'm just gobsmacked here .. completely gobsmacked that you've apparently killed Ana (grins) and sunk the Pearl... *sighs*.. wicked fun!


dreamofdesire chapter 13 . 6/23/2004
No, how could you sink th Pearl? Jack must feel like shit cuz the Pearl is gone he got sliced and Ana is seriously injured. Please update soon.
cal chapter 13 . 6/23/2004
YAY! it's been tough, but i've finally made it to the finish line! last chapter! :) catching up is such a bitch! :( ah, well, enough with the grousing...onto the review! i was glad to see & not very surprised that Miss Ana wasn't sitting like a ninny & was instead taking things, as well as weapons!, into her own hands as she was preparing herself for the upcoming battle! :) [geez, that was a long sentence!] i enjoyed the Jack & Ana conversation, especially the the parts where they let their caustic sense of humor show briefly every now & then. i laughed my ass off when Ana so sweetly told Jack what he was best doing! my laughter only increased when Jack was proud of her suggestion! those 2 are such a hoot! :) my laughter turned to the snorting variety when Miss Ana zinged the slow-witted Jack a very good one! :) i was a little disappointed that we didn't get to hear his retort, but then i laughed again as i realized that the clever Ana had chosen the most *opportune* moment to leave: she had left when *she* had the last word! :) OMG! i was laughing quite hard when the daft pirate came out & was acting quite silly as he was peppering the Devil with his questions. that scene sounded hilarious! Jack seemed like he was an awful actor doing a terrible job impersonating a pirate! :) i was a little stunned when the Devil came right out & told our dynamic duo that he was going to kill them. i had figured that the Devil would've wanted to keep them around for some of his sadistic amusement games he liked to practice. WHOO! the battle scene was awesome & kicked ass! :) i felt as if i were watching the movie with added footage! :) YAY! Jack's kindness was repaid! you can never have too many friends or swords your side! :) OMG! you killed the Pearl! :( i know Jack will never forgive you for that! :( this death felt like that of the starship Enterprise in the third Star Trek movie! :( it was as if another human, a *family member* had died! :( poor, poor Jack! my heart ached for him as he was witnessing the death of his beloved Pearl & yet he couldn't even fully process that because the battle was still raging on. :( OMG! oh, Jesus, woman! you left me in a puddle of my own tears with that last bit of misery the end of the chapter! that scene where Ana was skewered, in the *back*, by that asshole coward left me breathless. my pain only increased when i read that beautiful scene where Jack was watching in disbelieving horror as *both* of his ladies went down! that scene was incredible! it would make for an awesome thing to see on the big screen. i think it would be in slow motion, with no sound, just Jack & his gorgeous, expressive eyes as he watched his beloveds fall in battle. that would be a scene that i would watch over & over again & one that would make me cry like a girl every time i watched it! hell, just thinking about it would make me cry! :) i can't wait to see what happens next! i pray that our lady will be okay! i hope that she gets all her memories too! i also wonder if she'll give Jack the Renegade as a replacement (blasphemy!) for the Pearl. agh! so many questions! i'm glad to know that least one of us has the answers! :) don'tmake us wait too long, okay? :) keep up the great work & please post us more & soon! :)
cal chapter 12 . 6/23/2004
i'm in such a rush to do these, that i submitted the review without mentioning the last part of the previous chappy! :O DUH! :( anyway, i enjoyed the little interaction between Norry & his former crewmate. their banter was quite cute. :) it was good to see the youngsters again, but i must admit that i was antsy while i was reading the Liz/Will part! i wanted to leapfrog over it to get to who *i* want: Jack & Ana! no offense soon-to-be-Turners! :) i got a thrill when the sailor told the Devil "sails ho!" :) the thrill was increased when the sails were the familiar ones of the Black Pearl! YAY! the calvary's on it's way! :) i enjoyed the Jack & Ana scene & was revelling in Jack's jealous anger! YAY! he LOVES her! :) i did feel a bit sorry for the poor put out Jack & was glad when Ana took mercy upon him & reassured him that she knew what she was doing & she told him all the logical reasons why she was doing what she was doing. when Jack came up to her & touched her, the room suddenly got hotter, or was it my imagination? :) whew! pirate love, it's the best! :) YAY! they kissed! :) but of course, this being Jack & Ana, they had to do it their own goofy way. :) i laughed when Jack suddenly began thinking rationally & he quickly grabbed Ana's wrists before she could give him a love peck of her own! :) that was too funny! :) even funnier was Ana's naughty reply & her actions. they are just too cute together, although since they're pirates, i'm sure they'd bristle that characterization! :) i was amused when Jack was horrified to discover that there wasn't any alcohol on the ship before he made his fortuitous discovery. :) i laughed when he thought that maybe his beloved drink would make Ana's plan more palatable & discovered that not even rum could help with that problem. i also thought he used that as an excuse to get more rum. :) i liked the new character a lot & was pleased that Jack offered him some aid. methinks that he'll come in handy later on! e! the last paragraph & the Devil's ominous words gave me the bad kind of goosebumps! :( i can only hope that what the Devil said will turn out to be wishful thinking! i'm off to the next chappy, see you in a bit!
cal chapter 11 . 6/23/2004
HEY! i'm back from my involuntary absence! more computer problems! :( hopefully all the bugs have been squished for good! :) i have to catch up on this & the next *2* chapters! who told you to update when i couldn't read? :) my exasperation is tempered by my excitement, so i'll forgive you this one time! :) onto the review... poor Jack! :( why is it always his noggin that takes the brunt of the abuse? no wonder he's so daft! :) my eyes filled with tears when he saw that the hurt Ana was still unconcious & he rushed to cradle her in his arms as he desperately pleaded with her to wake up. that picture was as beautiful as it was sad. there was one moment of brightness amidst all the dark angst: when he was telling Ana that she was the brains of the operation! :) that was very cute. i wished that the lady had heard the comment, 'cause i'm sure her retort would've been priceless! :) my heart melted when the captain placed his gentle kiss on his first mate's temple. *sigh* i felt bad for poor Ana when she came to. i was glad that the dangerous & disoriented lady didn't mistake Jack for a bad guy & do him more harm! :) when Ana grimly told Jack that she was sure of where they were, i saw red even as my heart ached for her. i wanted the Devil & all of his men to pay for what they had done to her! : i really enjoyed the conversation between the 2 of them when they were discussing what they were going to do. it seemed as if we had the Jack & Ana that we all know & love back again! *sigh* that was extremely good for my heart! :) the Devil's pissed reaction surprised me. it intrigued me & made me want to know what exactly he had planned for Ana & Jack & the rest of our heroes! i also enjoyed the Jack & Ana conversation where the impish Jack was trying to convince the disbelieving Ana that he would be good & restrain himself from being himself. :) that was very cute. :) i was a little concerned forst when it seemed that Miss Ana was falling for the Devil's speil, but then i realized that the shrewd lady was putting on an act. she is the brains of the outfit, huh? :) i LOVED Jack's reactions to the interaction between Ana & the Devil! i know that he was concerned for her safety & all, but there was quite a healthy dose of jealousy there as well! :) YAY! Jack's possessive about Ana & her affections! :) the last paragraph was very well-written & left me with a bit of a chill running down my spine! :) subterfuge can be *so* dangerous & deadly! i only hope that Miss Ana & Jack can be the ones that come out on top in this little deadly game! :) i'm off to review the next 2 chappys, see ya in a few! :)
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