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in versailles chapter 1 . 1/22/2004
I like! One of my favoite fanfictions! Make sutre to update soon!
J.L. Dexter chapter 1 . 1/21/2004
*laughs* Oh MY goodness, I am SO sorry! I read this lovely little bounty last night, but I was so exhausted I didn't review; and the sad thing is, I never even looked to see who the author was! *blushes* Forgive me.
And *gasps* this was wonderful, you did an absolute fabulous job. All characters are well placed and in context; the plot frees smoothly without interruption; the entire story as a whole is just awesome.
You've really nailed everything; and you said you were worried it wouldn't turn out right. It turned out better than I could have hoped for! Hope to see more soon and by the way, loved the little line about Jack sobering up in the presence of the one whore who seemed a little off her rocker.
Great job and Good Luck!
cal chapter 1 . 1/21/2004
HEY! i think iv'e seen your name before on the review pages of other awesome Jack & Ana authors. i can't tell you how happy i get when i see that a reviewer turns into another Jack & Ana author! :) YAY! welcome to the land of Jack & Ana! :) if you've seen one of the novellas i've posted on the other author's pages, you know that i'm crazy for that couple! :) i'll have to warn you now that since you've posted this gem, you now have a loyal reader in me & i'll probably leave you novellas as well as bug you for more, more, more! :) i guess i could apologize for my behavior in advance, but since we both know it won't be sincere, why bother? :) okay, on to the review...i was amused by the line where it said that Ana seemed to be contemplating the status of her captain's sanity. i think that she probably wears that expression a lot! :) i was a little sad when Ana told Jack that she didn't trust anyone. but looking it logically, that way of thinking was probably for the best & was what ensured Ana's survival in the tough pirate world. i loved the interaction between the 2 pirates when they were having their discussion about trust & the lack of it. i think that in a battle of wits & words, that Jack has met his match in Ana! :) even as i sympathized with poor Ana, i couldn't help but laugh when Jack smirked & told her that he did give her a ship & what a grand ship it was too prompting Ana's thoughts of violence towards her captain's person. :) i LOVED it when Ana ordered her captain to go wait upstairs & when he refused how she literally took things into her own hands! gotta love that gal! :) i liked the threats miss Ana directed towards her captain & also loved his taunts he retorted with. Ana's comeback was classic; i'm sure it punctured Jack's ego just a bit! :) i wonder if the reason Jack was so happy as he finally did as his first mate ordered is because he suspects that Ana's feelings for him perhaps go beyond friendship, hm? i loved the image of Ana standing the railing & when she noted that the wind cooled her anger a bit. i could also understand her feelings of mistrust towards Elizabeth. i was surprised that it was the M & M boys that were sent as the escort for the governor's beloved daughter. apparently Swann & Norrington didn't know too much about their abilities! :) i got a kick out of Ana's reaction to Liz's grooming of herself when she boarded the Pearl. i was astonished when Will teased Ana! it was very cute, but i wondered where he got the balls to say something like that to *Ana*! Will's comments & all the looks he was giving Ana seemed rather foolhardy! i guess he forgot who he was dealing with for a minute! i loved the line where Ana was hostilely ignoring Liz's babbiling! that was too funny! if anyone can "hostilely" ignore someone, it's Ana! i'm sure Jack knows all about that! :) i loved the little scene with all the manly-men when they were discussing all the things men talk about. i thought it was very cute when the 2 friends turned with disapproving frowns when the pirate made his inappropiate comment regarding the 2 ladies they had been discussing. i enjoyed Jack's "reprimand" *ahem* of the offending pirate. once again even as i sympathized with poor Ana, i couldn't help but laugh when she was suffering the hands of her "friend" while Liz went on & on about nothing. :) i liked Ana's effort to shut Liz up. it was crude, but effective! :) i liked that even though Ana was a bit hostile to Liz that it seemed as if the ladies were getting along & were perhaps becoming friends. the last section of that passage made my heart ache for Ana. she doesn't know why she was so affected by the knowledge that Liz was unsettled because of Jack, but *we* do! it must be hell to be in love with someone & not even know it! :( i liked it when Ana went & talked to Jack about the Liz situation. i think she was looking out for Liz, but in a deeper part of her heart, she was looking out for herself. i think that's why Jack was puzzled, he knew there was an underlying meaning to her words & he wanted to know what it was. WHEW! things sure heated up when Jack held Ana by her arm & loosened a strand of her hair! that & then showing her his true face! poor Ana! no wonder she freaked out & bailed on what could've been a very intresting conversation! :( in the midst of all the angst & sexual tension there was an unexpected light moment & a laugh. it came when i read about the "impressionable parrot". that was very funny to me for some reason! :) i LOVED the scene where the 2 pirates were the helm & Jack was pushing his luck as he was trying to push Ana's buttons! :) i loved it when Jack was musing about "his" Ana's behavior & how it was off! E! sometimes possessiveness can be a good thing! :) i loved it when Ana was sweetly giving as good as she got from her captain, especially when she purposely dragged his name out for effect. :) Jack's last taunt to Ana made my mouth fall open in astonished shock! i couldn't believe he said that to her! i think Ana was also astounded as well; that can be the only explaination for why she didn't *punch* his lovely smirking mouth! that last paragraph of that scene was perfect! :) i cheered Ana when she was showing Jack just what she thought of him & his words. although i know i shouldn't have, i also laughed when i read the line about the rogue roaring with laughter his pissed off first mate. :) that little scene with Ana & Gibbs & the squall that was approaching was a nice touch of foreshadowing! :) things got tense for me when they spotted the other ship & Jack noted that with all the damage the Pearl had sustained that she wouldn't have an advantge in a battle. i'm glad Jack chose the safer course, for once!, & decided to push for Tortuga. :) i enjoyed the discussion that Ana had with Gibbs regarding the mystery ship & it's intentions. i couldn't help feeling like Ana, that there was more to the situation & that "more" was not good! :( it must be woman's intuition. i wonder what Gibbs would say about that? :) i wasn't surprised & was very pleased when Ana was stopped by a certain pirate before she left the tavern. that wench hanging on Jack sounds positively revolting! UGH! i think Ana is a better man than i, because i know that i wouldn't have been able to keep the look of disgust off of my face! :) i howled with laughter when Ana called the whore "miss". who knew that our fierce Ana could be so diplomatic? :) i also laughed a lot when Jack was taking his leave from the doxy with his parting shot. i was pretty sure that it was an insult as well, so i laughed even more when i read about Ana trying to control her laughter. :) i got a kick out of Jack when he was telling Ana to watch her back & she huffed him before she shot him down. :) i loved the banter between those 2! that's one of the things that makes them & their relationship so special! :) i laughed a lot when Jack told Ana about the wench trying to get him drunk for ulterior purposes. obviously the woman hadn't heard about Jack yet! :) i loved Ana's thoughts about Jack & the way he hid his abilities under the guise of being a drunken sod & how that led to her wary & exasperated acceptance of Jack asking for help up the ramp. i think i rolled my eyes along with Ana Jack's lame attempts to put a move on her. i LOVED the image of poor exasperated Ana shoving her goofball captain up the plank while the silly man let her do so as he taunted her about being nice. that was too funny! i'm surprised that Jack doesn't get slapped more often by his long-suffering first mate! :) i loved Ana's angry comment about not being Jack's trained dog or nanny & Jack's seming enjoymenet of putting her in both positions. i expected Jack to pick up on her last word & say something suitably offensive that would earn him one hell of a slap. i was quite surprised when he chose to be serious! gosh, things tensed up quickly when Jack asked Ana why she stays on the Pearl! things got tense in the nice way when Jack once again touched Ana's hair! WHEW! that couple can go from teasing friends to sizziling lovers on the turn of a dime! that's another reason why i love them so! :) i expected poor Ana to pull away again, so i wasn't too disappointed when her self-defense mechanism kicked in. the last 2 lines of that section were a perfect ending to the evening. it was Jack & Ana in a nutshell. :) E! things sure got exciting in the early morn, huh? i was cheering as Ana was kicking ass with both her fists & her steel! YAY, GO ANA! :) i winced in sympathy when she was caught by her *hair* from behind! : ouch! :( i LOVED Ana's response to the questions asked by the dumb-ass pirate who was too distracted by her looks to notice that he was holding another *pirate*! YAY, ANA! :) i felt Ana's pain when she saw that Jack had gotten a gut-kick! :( the scene with Gideon & the pirates was very tense & well-written! it would've made an excellent scene in the movie! :) i loved it when Ana & Gibbs pulled their swords up simultaneously. very nice! i loved Ana's threat to the pompus Gideon & Jack's advice to the asshole regarding Ana & her skills. the moment after that was incredibly tense. it reminded me of the climatic last gunfight the end of "The Good,The Bad and The Ugly" where all 3 men are looking into the other's eyes trying to determine who will shoot first & who. i was shocked when poor Ana was the one who tasted steel! :( : her shocked thought about the damage to her person made me laugh. i think it was one of those hysterical laughs when what you really want to do is cry. :( when the 2 men dropped their swords & Ana reproached them was a bittersweet moment. it's good to see that loyalty is the one thing that is treasured the most by the Pearl's crew. :) i don't think there is a mearsurement around that can do justice to the vicious joy i felt when Jack killed Gideon! i LOVED what Jack said to the dying bastard! oh, how i wished Ana had heard Jack's words! *sigh* :) i was made a little uneasy when Gideon smiled hearing those words! :( methinks that Jack had just confirmed for the son-of-a-bitch some information on the Pearl's crew & Jack's relationship with them that they had had before they carried out their nefarious plan! :( you made my heart drop with the last paragraph! :( where is she? :( i hope that she wasn't too badly injured because i have a feeling that if she was captured the bastards who have her won't be treating her too well! : i guess this is where Jack learns that all treasure isn't silver & gold, huh? :( this was so *good*! i can't wait for future chappys of this tale! :) keep up the great work & please post us more & soon! :)
starrynight265 chapter 1 . 1/20/2004
oh my goodness gracious, is this a *gasp* Ana and Jack story! *claps hands and does a happy dance* And what a great start! Keep it up & write more soon, I can't wait.
Reese Sparrow chapter 1 . 1/20/2004
WOW! This fic is one of the best I 'ave ever read. Ye write the characters perfectly, an' ye are also a great writer. Ye must continue! Please update soon! Ta!
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