Reviews for One Year Ago
Voldie on Varsity Track chapter 1 . 6/24/2004
**squeals** I love this! And I've just noticed that there are two more chapters! My dreams have come true. Muahahahahahahahaha!
nautika chapter 3 . 6/21/2004
Where did you go? I'm ready to see what happens when the books (& the Hobbit) arrive! Hope real life is treating you well.
Mia-Hood chapter 3 . 5/2/2004
Wow, I wonder what Eomer wants? Please continue!
DreaminofLorien chapter 3 . 4/7/2004
“If you mean to disparage yourself,
DreaminofLorien chapter 2 . 4/7/2004
Aww! this is such an Awesome Fic!
-Tell your husband: I don’t bite.-
DreaminofLorien chapter 1 . 4/7/2004
Aw! *runs off to read next chapter*
Natters chapter 3 . 2/11/2004
great chapter. i laughed. i cried. more please
FrodoLijactress chapter 3 . 2/8/2004
You are a fabulous author. I love the fact that you are doing a story about Faramir and Eowyn, I haven't seen a whole bunch of those. One thing I noticed was a line that Faramir said, "And you’ll beg for mercy before the end.
Olivia Sutton chapter 2 . 2/7/2004
I LOVE THIS! I'd love to see an *entire story* written in this fashion, an exchange of notes between the Fellowship. I find the notes somewhat funny, and it's an UNIQUE way to handle miscellaneous information that I'm sure will further the plot (assembling a library for Faramir I assume). Still I just really, really enjoyed the format, alot, and I'd like to see more like this.
Arahiril chapter 3 . 2/1/2004
You have a wonderful story going here. Faramir missing his books - that's so sweet. *bounce* I just LOVE this story. I'm so looking forward to seeing what Eomer's doing in Emyn Arnen. I hope you keep writing and updating! *waiting eagerly for next chapter*
Christine chapter 3 . 1/31/2004
Aw... how cute... I like how both Eowyn and Faramir shared some memories of their childhood...
Please continue!
Kat chapter 3 . 1/31/2004
I was nearly worried that this story ended here. I had to scroll back to the top just to double check the last Heh. Please continue. It's most enjoyable. Though, it makes me somewhat sad, because I enjoy writing, but I'm not sure I could speak correctly for a LotR fanfic.
Char3 chapter 3 . 1/30/2004
Excellent chapter. I love how you wrote the interaction between Faramir & Boromir. The Denethor-Faramir talk was great too. Update soon!
spacepirate chapter 3 . 1/30/2004
Great chapter. I loved the interaction and conversation between Faramir and Boromir. *sighs* As always, I'm looking forward to more.
cosmo-queen chapter 2 . 1/30/2004
Oh, this story looks really promising! It's an original idea, and it will be interesting to see the books start arriving. Loved Merry- "I shall do all you ask, and I shall deliver them myself!" The characterisations are great, and so is the quality of the story. Keep writing :)
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