Reviews for Bond of Blood
Evil Illusions chapter 3 . 5/17
I loved your story. Very well written and all the details plotted out for a rounded story. I much prefer your version of the end of the series!
Marie Allen chapter 3 . 2/5/2015
What a great story! And your writing was perfect with totally in-character characters. Awesome job!
I Danced Once Upon A Dream chapter 3 . 3/13/2014
This story is amazing! I absolutely love it! I started this story years ago on a different site but lost it because I did not remember to save it. Finding it again is had always wondered what happened and now I know. So thank you! Thank you for this story and for uploading it to this site so I could find it again and finish it after so many years!
MissKitty35 chapter 1 . 7/16/2012
This story is amazing. Thank you so much!
N. Tanner chapter 1 . 3/30/2012
I've really loved this fic for years. Every now and then I venture back to the site and re-read it. :) You're a great writer and I hope you continue writing!
potatopotatotomatotomato chapter 3 . 6/1/2011
...My life has just ended, because this fic has just ended. I am not exaggerating. Okay, maybe a little bit, D. But seriously, that was SO GOOD. I love the plot, I love the way you write, and the way you portrayed Inuyasha and Kagome's relationship is just...freakin' brilliant. XD :)
kokoronagomu chapter 3 . 4/17/2011
i had read this a long long time ago and found i had never reviewed it- i am rectifying that grievous error.

this was an amazing story. it had everything. it was scary, exciting, humorous, romantic and everything else. very nice that you had kagome change to match inuyasha's lifetime. i get tired of reading when kagome grows old and dies leaving inuyasha alone. she's a magical girl for goodness sake -magic can make anything possible!

i had always thought you wrote 'rurouni kenshin' stories also but i was sadly mistaken. if you're interested in reading/watching a really great series here's the links to 'rurouni kenshin' (please remove spaces) -enjoy:

manga: thespectrum manga_scans/rurouni_kenshin/

anime: animeseason rurouni-kenshin/

or an alternate if the above doesn't work in your area -on either site you have to scroll down to episode 1:

anilinkz category/rorouni-kenshin/



kokoronagomu. deviantart. com

great gospel chapter 1 . 1/22/2011
I am, without a doubt, in love with this story. An enthralling, mesmerizing plot you've woven that the characters seem to thrive in. You've cerainly done Inuyasha justice, in my opinion. I can't wait to see what more is in store. Well done!

xsachi chapter 3 . 9/2/2010
I love this story! It was a wonderful and mind provoking reading material!
Angel-Demon1 chapter 3 . 4/30/2010
AW! This was the best story! And the longest I've ever read for just three chaps X-x
Crazy With Happiness chapter 3 . 11/30/2009
this was amazing!
FeatherlightDreamer chapter 3 . 7/10/2009
Alright I shall start by saying that the story line is very creative and intriguing. Then I shall continue with say that the way you introduced one person after another at perfect timings was genius, then I shall end with a "Well written"! You have the makings of a great author!
AnimeNerd1 chapter 3 . 4/16/2008
Awsome compleatly awsome well not much else to say but good job.
speaker4thesilent chapter 3 . 3/3/2008
Quite possibly the best Inuyasha fic I've read in the past year. I don't suppose that there's a short story out there about Kagome, Inuyasha, and their brood showing up at the modern version of the Higurashi Shrine? Or for that matter a sequel of some sort to this?

After all the sequels I've read to bad stories it'd be great to read a good one.
speaker4thesilent chapter 2 . 2/28/2008
Good so far. Only one thing, old style Japanese traditions (and since we're talking about the Warring States Era I think it counts) state that if an unmarried couple spends three night together without a chaperone then they are legally married. I think by the beginning of this chapter that they had spent those three nights together. Of course, Inuyasha might not have remembered it or, for that matter, given the state of his education he might have never learned it. Just thought that you should know before somebody decided to get rude about it.
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