Reviews for Nightmare Before Madness A tale nobody should read
You don't need to know my name chapter 1 . 1/7/2011
Fucked up beauty. it is fantastic. Nah, i'm lying. That story is not worth anything and is oo dumb 4 words.
Slave2Karma chapter 2 . 2/9/2009
Yes, I am still here. Yes, I still read it. Yes, I still love it. Five years later, I still love it.

Still clinging to the child within me that promises one day, you will update this thing. This is the most influential story I’ve read on fanfiction, and not just because it inspired my much smuttier fanfic V for Insanity. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: this is one out of the only two fanfics I’ve read all the way through, and the second you update, I’ll be there reading, reviewing, and laughing my ass off.

Axe- Cheese factor now at 94 percent! Time to take cover!

Jo2- shutup. It’s a heartfelt moment.

Sara- I wish Author left us some cheese before she abandoned us and forgot to restock the fridge. I haven’t eaten in five years.

Axe- you’re eating a cheeseburger right now, you piggie.

Sara- oh. Where the hell did this come from? Is Author back?

*Everyone looks up to the sky in hope*

What’s funny to think is that this predates most of Family Guy’s humor. )

Write on!
MipoChici chapter 12 . 8/27/2008
Hello there ) Just wanted to let you know that this is still my favorite fanfic, and that if you're still out there, somewhere, I really miss reading new chapters (but still love reading old ones!)

Viva Sara, Jo2, and Axe!
Slave2Karma chapter 11 . 7/10/2007
there are only two fanfics i have ever liked/read all the way through. this is one of them. jacks fan is right. you get your beepy butt back here.

i trusted you damnit!
Jacksfangurl012lazy2login chapter 12 . 6/17/2007
Duude! It's been two years, five months, and five days. UPDATE DAMNIT OR I KILLZ YOU! (does not say "*cough* I mean, pwetty pweese?) I do not try to show mercy because you have not updated for da longest time EVUR! *sets up force field around self to block Mr. W from teaching grammar* Author, GET YOUR LAZY ASS TO THE CHAIR, THEN GET YOUR LAZY ASS MOUSE TO OPEN UP MICROSOFT WORD, AND GET YOUR LAZY ASS BRAIN AND FINGERS TO WRITE! *falls over from saying the word "ass" four times in one sentence*.


Jo2 - Yeah! And by the way, you keep forgetting to put the in my name.

Sara - Nobody cares about you Jo!

Jo2 - Well, then that makes two of us!

Finky Pinky (Fink) - NOBODY CARES ABOUT BOB!

Everybody (including author and me) - O.o Wtf?

FInky Pinky - Sorry, just thought I'd join the argument.

O...k. Just update Kage.
Slave2Karma chapter 12 . 10/11/2006
Questions Author Left Unanswered that Have Been Plaguing Me For The Better Part of Three Years:

1- does Author get out of jail?

2- do they defeat Oogie?

3-why doesn’t Axe get a hat? Jo2 and Sara get hats.

4-what the f* happened to Frida?

5- is Frida working with Oogie?

6- if Mr. W came with them, then who is supervising Lock, Shock and Barrel?

7- why has Fink’s new Sally (see end of movie) not been referred to?

8- is Frida having an affair with Oogie? (scary visual places…)

9- is the fanfic over?

10-why haven’t you updated?

11-have you remembered the stuff you couldn’t remember yet? (chap. 1)

12-how did Lock Shock and Barrel get into the moldy cheese can in the first place?

13- why is everyone’s name less then four letters?

Okay. That is 13 questions that have been floating around my nerdy, nerdy brain, and it’s exactly one more question then you have chapters! Update or I may very well eat the computer!

Jo2- hey, that would be kinda cool. Hee hee.

… update and I WILL eat my computer!

Sara- you can’t cook it though!

GO Fanfic!
Grogie13 chapter 12 . 9/28/2006
PLEASE UPDATE! It's now been two years, seven months, and eight days! I'm the one that used to send in all those pointless reviews.
Hikari and Her Little Friends chapter 1 . 3/22/2006
Circe: Good story...story like pop rocks

Umbrae: Hah! Full house! I win! *takes all the pop rocks*

Sine: Aw crap i wanted the rocks of fizz!


Hikari: *sigh* they're on a reviewing spree, just ignore them. Great story! Lots of sugar, m, sugar...
Kitty Nekkyo chapter 1 . 1/1/2006
holy hell you actually cussed. 0.0...Sara is seriously having a bad influence on you. Bad potty mouth i'm the potty mouth of the group with the mental issues that should be sent to the insane asylum for coming up with extremly gruesome and gorey deaths to all who oppose me. Has Carlene read your fanfiction?
Moonliterider chapter 12 . 12/18/2005
awsome story i laughed through the whole thing. JACK IS MINE! MINE MINE MINE!
Moonliterider chapter 8 . 12/18/2005
Slave2Karma chapter 1 . 10/22/2005
it was so ironic...i was rereading this story for the tenth time, and it was then i relized how much it means to me *burts into tears* bwaha. author, if you are out there, somewhere, plz , for the love of the kiddies if not jo2, sara and axe, update this wonderful fanfic!
SoulofGold chapter 12 . 9/11/2005
O_o Interesting story you got there. I was laughing the whole time, I think I nearly died. O_O Well, anyway update soon!
Fisticufffs chapter 1 . 8/31/2005
how could old beanie betray us like that *sob* he's my favorite character
Fisticufffs chapter 12 . 8/31/2005
get help.
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