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Guest chapter 18 . 9/15
Were is chapter 19
Guest chapter 18 . 9/12
I find this fanfiction so interesting, ive read it like 3 times. I keep telling myself not to read unfinished fanfictions, but i rarely see Naruto x Gaara. I wanna read more.
Guest chapter 18 . 7/27
Omg I am a loyal leader but it has been so long! I wish I found this sooner dang it ! Want more!
Guest chapter 18 . 6/16
so will there be a part 2?
JuanRose chapter 18 . 6/7
I have died everyday, waiting for you~

Guest chapter 18 . 1/3
Finish the story damn it! It's so interesting what will happened to Naruto? By the way, is that the real Naruto?
Guest chapter 18 . 10/24/2017
Guest chapter 18 . 6/3/2017
This is good
nekolovesyou chapter 1 . 4/15/2017
please updats
lunamoon531 chapter 1 . 4/12/2017
Oh god, the feels are raining down on me already! Goddammit stop crying eyes :'C
SilentSnowLeopardNinja chapter 3 . 4/9/2017
Augh they make me sick. We don't know why Naruto left, it's such a mystery, why would he ever actually leave?! They know or at least have an idea of why he'd want to leave and concerning his so called team they stood there and watched/took part in what happened before he left. Disgusting. Iruka looks like the only one worth a damn in this village in this story. And I don't think Naruto was adequately represented in this fight and seeing the siblings. He doesn't pass out easily. I mean sure he MIGHT have been more like this before becoming an experienced genin but even then he'd likely be able to at least give those guys the slip. Naruto is really fast with access to large Chakra and an extra Chakra source along with having an over abundance in energy and stamina. Regardless of not sleeping through the night he'd be able to fight off his attackers better than what you had happened. In my opinion. I mean this is the time line point where he's beat Gaara in a fight (those siblings are in denial of Gaara being almost beat or whatever, Naruto won, Gaara was getting hysterical from fear of him and unable to even make threats) which means he's already had his first training session with Jiraiya who I'd like to point out taught him more in that short time than Kakashi did. And given that Naruto excels at hiding and giving people the slip and taking on multiple enemies better than Sakura and Sasuke I am further of the belief that Naruto should have taken down at the very least 3 of that group of 5 with 1 of the 2 left being injured heavily. And Sasuke is such a fuckin liar BTW. If he was being honest the worst ninja he's ever seen would be Ino at that point but most likely Sakura (it's not like he's had a chance to observe any of the fights since he was gone either in the hospital or training for about all of it). Sakura has been of very little or inconsequential help on any of their missions as despite her intelligence it hasn't been applied to help them in any fights accept for that 1 time in the pre exam and she was about to lose badly. She's always either off to the side and not directly involved or needing to saved/protected. And as often as Sasuke felt he had to save or help Naruto, Naruto has returned the favor. Plus unlike Sakura he learns new moves and techniques to improve himself and unlike Sasuke he doesn't need the sharigan to figure it out and get really good at high level jutsus in a short span of time. Pisses me off. And you say there's going to be a bit of SasuNaru in this? Unacceptable! I guess I'll stop reading this story here since I keep ranting due to all the characters aggravating me something awful. The idea in the summary was so good too. Shame.
SilentSnowLeopardNinja chapter 1 . 4/9/2017
What a wonderful example of just how jealous, ungrateful, and worthless Sasuke is! As well as how sneer worthy his other teammates are. They barely spoke up in defense of Naruto, didn't chastise Sasuke on how utterly stupid and disrespectful he's being towards his own teammate, didn't bother to go comfort Naruto, and actually left without further thought of those much needed team exercises. Naruto played a major role in protecting the entire village and gets no thanks or proper acknowledgement of that. Honestly I hate konoha. Have for years. It's a shit village. The sand village is fucking better than them dispite their assassin happy asses. Even when he didn't mean to Gaara was a threat to the people cuz he would maim and kill people violently due to his emotions and lack of control. Plenty of people would have also seen him get attacked every so often and kill them. That's just cause for fear. But the people mostly tried to stay away from him instead of foolishly provoking him like the konoha people do to Naruto. They also canonly accepted and appreciated Gaara far more quickly and fully than konoha does despite having more valid reason to be hesitant. Naruto wasn't unhinged or creepy or killing people accidentally or on purpose and yet everyone gave him such shit despite having orders not to from two of their hokages! Possibly 3 if Tsunade gave her own varient of the don't fuck with Naruto order. Awful people. Sorry started to rant.
Guest chapter 3 . 3/3/2017
Shadow chapter 18 . 2/18/2017
andildraco chapter 18 . 2/15/2017
just found your story, very intriguing! I hope you finish it
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