Reviews for Different Promises
Bismarck Alexander chapter 14 . 9/13/2017
I know that your alive based on your favorite stories.
Bismarck Alexander chapter 11 . 6/23/2017
I curse you! I curse you! I CURSE YOU!
I've been wanting to tell you that for months for that scene between Kitsune and Keitaro. You had to make it rated Rated T story didn't you? Oh well beggars can't be choosers. If that applies to this case, All I can do is beg for an update to this story and Keitaro hooking up with Kitsune. Ah who am I kidding. I supporting a harem at this point with Kitsune as the main girl.
Guest chapter 11 . 5/26/2017
Call yourself the blue baller cause that's what you do.
Guest chapter 6 . 3/8/2017
I love Motoko. She ranks number 4 on my Waifu list.
Leeman chapter 4 . 3/1/2017
Damn that was hot and funny. Kitsune is the Ultimate girlfriend.
George II chapter 13 . 2/28/2017
Oh no cliffhanger. New rival.
Leeman chapter 14 . 2/28/2017
Make more please for god sake.
Guest chapter 14 . 2/28/2017
Update soon.
Guest chapter 4 . 2/28/2017
Great story so far.
Strikeman chapter 14 . 2/20/2017
Damn it it's been years since you've updated any of your stories but I'm hoping that you're still alive, still out there, just writing more chapters for this.
George chapter 8 . 1/16/2017
Man this story is amusing. Why haven't you updated.
K-Man chapter 7 . 1/16/2017
Keitaro having a big tool. That's been done several times.
Zed chapter 1 . 1/16/2017
Great start to a hopefully great story.
George chapter 7 . 1/16/2017
Amazing story man!
Bismarck Alexander chapter 6 . 11/30/2016
Damn. The completion is starting to pick up so early in the story. Reading about Motoko trying new things is always amusing and encouraging. I like the kiss scenes between Kei and Kit, they are a rare commodity.

Make more chapters! Get back to work!
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