Reviews for Web of Lies: Revelations
Timra chapter 22 . 11/27/2004
You know what Star Polaris? I think this story is great even though i agree that the characters are a bit out of character; but hey wake up and smell the roses this is FAN fiction right? you can write wath ever you want!

I have read both Dangers in the past ,this story( well duh...obviously I mean I am reviwing it...) and the story before them and i like them really much! Don't you listen to those stupid people like what was his/her name again the one you wrote a replie to in chapter 21 N...something. I mean really how stupid can you get? I he/she didn't like the story then why did they read 21 chapters of it? hello I mean if you don't like a story you don't read ir right? that is just like common sence...

Well puh... I got all worked up quite a bit there didn't I? Don't get me wrong everyone has a right to have their own opinion but if your going to critize someones story at least try to have it be intelligent not just crytizing that you used the word teen for example... geeh oh well i better be going now more stories to read bye; Timra

Ps. addaed you to my favorite author list Ds.
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