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pinkperson chapter 8 . 2/1/2012
haha, i like the way you write Seifer. and the way you expressed Zell's thoughts and point-of-view before, during, and after killing Cid. you write insanity in a much more believable, less cliched way than most people.
pinkperson chapter 1 . 1/31/2012
Interesting. Although I usually prefer more emotive writing, I kind of like the simplicity of your style. It leaves just enough to the imagination, I guess.
Tamaki chapter 8 . 6/28/2008
Funny how what was supposed to -cure- him and make him better actually led him to insanity...

Referring to what Baconfat said [I believe was the reviewer] about how most of his thoughts come from outside sources [quotes and the such], I wonder if in part Drake may had been a manifestation of Zell's emotions? However, it is odd that it appears Drake appeared on the tape...? Less, of course, he entered Memory Lane before watching the -full- tape to see him.

Sorry for not giving a large review; I'll -hopefully- write more later.

Velkyn Karma chapter 11 . 12/9/2007
All I can say is: intriguing.

This was definitely different from the average fic. And throughout reading this, I kept getting the same vibes I got while reading /1984/...which is one of my favorite novels, so that's a good thing. Psychological thrillers and suspense have always intrigued me, and this definitely falls into that category.

Writing style is very interesting. Admittedly in many areas it's also confusing, what with the REM tidbits and the stream-of-consciousness slices into Zell's mind. I suppose this would be the point (since when has REM ever made sense, anyway? Ha, but I guess that was the point of the entire fic, so I'm only being redundant here. Ah, and I did it again. Fantastic). I did enjoy some of those descriptions of thought, however, when Zell keeps rambling mentally in increasingly run-on sentences and little fragments. Very interesting combination of sentence structure. And clearly, you understand the English language enough to start messing with it, which is also nice. Far too many good ideas have been ruined by bad writing.

Characterization. This one's interesting, because on some levels I can definitely tell it's Zell-happy, friendly, a bit naive, still acting like a high-strung energetic newb. At the same time, his psychotic bursts and random moments of panic seem out of place-but considering the nature of the fic, and messing with minds, it doesn't seem to be out of place in a bad way. If that makes sense at all. Actually if anything it's more interesting, trying to figure out how the character will act next, or how this "OOC-ness" fits into the big picture.

The characterization of those besides Zell is interesting-in that none of the main characters, with the possible exception of Seifer, really play a major part in the story. Admittedly they're all mentioned, and in a REM sequence or two one of the main gang'll have an important part, like Quistis or Squall. Seifer's involvement was interesting in itself, since he seemed very much in character (but then again, I've never liked Seifer much to begin with, so I suppose he always acts like an ass to me). Was interesting to see him helping out at the end (though odd, but again...strangely not wrong).

The other characters each had their own personalities, which was nice. It gave them some three-dimensional aspects, and considering Siobhan played a major part in this, that's definitely a good thing. I did find myself wondering a few times if any of the original game characters'd be showing up, but at the same time I found myself not minding Siobhan, so that's good.

Ack, and I ramble too much. To conclude: very intersting, and very different. I enjoyed it immensely, and felt for poor Zell through the entire thing. How do you really know what to believe, if people keep telling you different things are the truth? It's hard.

Very nice job. I enjoyed it quite a bit, even if I probably shouldn't have tackled your fic this late at night. Still, it's won a spot on my favorites list.

~Velkyn Karma
Askari Knight chapter 11 . 12/2/2006
*Performs the mandatory numa-numa dance of gratefulness...then follows it up a few hundred more times.*

This was one of the most absolutely magnificent fic that my eyes have ever cried out to devour. Most people, I think, would place Ms. Featherbitch or Mr. Mopy in the brainwashed state, but I also think you made a very good decision on deciding to use Mr. Chicobo.

Absolutely lovely, I must say.
Merey chapter 1 . 8/8/2005
I'm not really good at english, and it was pretty hard words in this fic...but...I just couldn't stop reading it anyway!

I don't REALLY understand the ending but,I don't care!:D(or, maby a little')

This was the absolutly best fanfic I ever EVER have read in my whole time as a "fanfic reader"!

ShadowMoonSedai chapter 11 . 12/1/2004
... wow.

Now, see, I told you that even I haven't played the games ~cough~ I could still follow the story. This was just plain fucking awesome.

~ Britt
Shootinstar chapter 11 . 4/17/2004
well.. hm. I can't make up my mind about this. Honestly, I'm gutted that you finished already. On the other hand, I'm fairly impressed with the way you dealt with finishing it. It wasn't overstated, you didn't have cliched characterisations of Squall or Selphie come careering in to make heavy-handed last minute cameos. It was subtle and tasteful, possibly a tad mild in the context of the rest of the fic, but I was so surprised by the idea of 'hope' (which really hadn't surfaced at all at any point right up til the very end) that I didn't think the friendlier ending was a cop out. Congratulations on this and good luck with future projects!
And Taken Cat chapter 11 . 4/14/2004
That last review /couldn't/ be on the right chapter 'cause of that whole FFNet one-review-a-chapter rule.
And I'm speechless. Anything I could say about the ending - about this last chapter - wouldn't do it justice.
Things I'm still wondering about: What happened to the Harpoon? Was the IDA really an electromagnetic pulse thingamajiggy? Did Zell screw up the repairs? What became of Tanker? What /was/ the point of the Ward? What were they trying to do, and who was running it? Whoever it was went to a hell of a lot of trouble to screw with Zell's head - but I don't know if Cid was specifically targeted or what or /why/. Why didn't the Desperados who attacked Zell and Drake /shoot/? Seemed like they were trying to capture Zell, like maybe /that/ was when he was originally supposed to get caught, but - when did Zell start being... affected, and /how/ affected was he? And - and -
...Who the /hell/ is Drake?
It rhymes with Fakin' Bat chapter 10 . 4/14/2004
Gyah. Spectacular fight, and things come full circle - kind of - as Zell gets another blow to the head. I don't quite get the connection between Doomtrain and the lecture, but then there are a /lot/ of things about this fic that I don't quite get.
Gee could it be. Baconfat chapter 8 . 4/14/2004
That last review was for the /wrong chapter/! Crazy layering system.
Baconfat chapter 7 . 4/14/2004
[Connecting it all was one man-sitting in his third-floor office like a spider, all the lines of the web leading directly to his door.] First of all, this is a very cool and creepy description. Second of all, I see this as the point where Zell really puts things on Cid.
[...passing judgment without realizing it or consciously meaning to.] Another reason why Zell was such a good choice for this fic - not only does he have kind of a black-and-white view of the world, he's the one most predisposed to taking orders without thinking about them.
It almost seems as if Zell's Berserked - he's responding to everything with a huge overreaction in favour of violence (yes, overreaction even for him). You can /sympathize/, though. It's not entirely irrational, and that's what gets me. Two sides of the coin, and all.
[For the first time ever the fighting came as naturally as breathing,] This whole paragraph is a fricking /masterpiece/.
[(Tell me I did something right-)] /That/ is a such a gut-wrenchingly heart-breakingly great line. Heck, the whole Seifer scene is so fricking kickass - the descriptions, the mood, the interaction - just - guh. It's so GOOD. But then, that shouldn't be a surprise, 'cause so's the whole rest of the fic.
And you don't really pick up on it the first readthrough, but /all/ of Zell's rationalizations are coming from outside. It's not stuff he works out for himself - a lot of his thoughts here are, like, /quoting/ Fordham and Drake and Siobhan. Ties in well with Siobhan's point about brainwashing. The one thing that really seems to come from Zell is the /violence/, the killing-to-punish-killing. The killing-is-wrong idea might be coming from Drake and Fordham, but Zell's the one who takes it to the next step and goes after Cid. (He /does/ have a bit of a think about payback in the game. Must be a result of all the bullying.) Actually, I guess you could say the violence came from the SeeD training, and that to some extent Cid kinda sorta /was/ to blame. ...magi, you make my brain hurt.
Baconfat chapter 6 . 4/14/2004
["Cutwell isn't the most sociable of people," he said, "but she's a good doctor."] Well, geez. She sure screwed up with the dosage on - whatever that was.
I've probably said this already, but your characterization of Zell is /fantastic/.
Baconfat chapter 5 . 4/14/2004
And here's where it /really/ starts to get /really/ good, and I start running out of coherent things to say. Holy crap.
I /love/ the paragraph on Zell's friendships with the others. Dude. Zell!
Baconfat chapter 4 . 4/14/2004
["Zell's a good boy. Follows orders real well. Isn't that right, Zell?"] Okay, this points towards the idea that someone really did... hypnotize him or somehting, plant some kind of suggestion in his mind. Of course, since I don't know if this is something Zell actually /heard/ or not, or if it was just something totally unrealted to - arrgh.
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