Reviews for I Watch You
Raven A. Star chapter 1 . 2/11/2004
That was good. I still disagree with them for banning you. Hey, if you want to do an indirect continuation of a fanfic, you should be able to. Since it was your fic! (Glares at people who banned reggaeshiko-tama) I curse you, to raspberries. Then I will put you in sugar and eat you. Curse you swindlers! You have swindled the right for reggaeshiko-tama to write. (glares even more.) Gr, I will haunt you as the telemarketers or even better, your attorney when you being sued.
Summers Death chapter 1 . 2/9/2004
Yay! See? I'm trying to review ALL your Inuyasha stories! Yet another weird pairing...Kanna/Inuyasha, eh? Am I right? I can't belive they banned you...that sucks. But Kanna's right...Inuyasha should NOT be with Kagome...He should be with Kikyou, and Kagome can be with Sesshoumaru or Kouga *nods head*