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surfingpikachu05 chapter 1 . 9/12/2004
A very good story indeed.

loads of chapters too!

plz update!

look at my pokemon fanfics, and tell me what you think about it. :)
Keleri chapter 17 . 9/5/2004
INteresting. I wonder what's up with Din? And Prowler, for that matter. Ooh... I can't wait for the next chapter. Do continue!
Keleri chapter 16 . 8/21/2004
I -love- the end of this chapter. Poor Elliot, though! And Din evolved. I love Mightyena. Can't wait for the next chapter!
Nott chapter 16 . 8/14/2004
Oh, yeah, that's right about the high-level pokemon thing. ::smacks self:: I was thinking about playing the console game. x_x. But there have to be /some/ kinds of high-level pokemon trainers out there somewhere to ride on ferries. Unless the Elite Four and others are just conjecture of the League.

Yay! Din evolved! Mightyena is one of my absolute favorite pokemon :) Up there with Charizard and Fearow and Dragonite and yep I'm rambling aren't I so I'll just shut up now. -_x;;

Prowler isn't the type of pokemon I'd want in my team - being randomly attacked by rockets and having to deal with dead cops and such is not my cup of tea - but to ten-year-old Elliot she must seem like a godsend. I wonder what she did to make her so wanted...escape from a high-end rocket, maybe? I seem to remember an old rocket boss having a persian...ah, I'm just speculating.

::sigh::. I feel sort of bad for Elliot now that the illusion of grandeur surrounding his traveling lifestyle is fading. Then again I'm glad that he's young and that he'll get over it maybe without even recognizing the transition. I find myself liking Elliot more and more with each chapter - again, excellent characterization.

And I've got nothing else to say but keep up the excellent work :).
Charles RocketBoy chapter 16 . 8/14/2004
Oh yeah. You do NOT mess with Team Rocket. And some nice Pokemon combat, and Elliot shows very genuine fear after the Rocket's attack. Nice stuff.
Light Sneasel chapter 15 . 7/18/2004
As I read this I just keep getting questions, and the anwsers are alway so odd. Oh well. Just want to say I will be watching to see what happens next.
Charles RocketBoy chapter 15 . 7/10/2004
Very well planned battle scene there, and the whole rental Pokemon exchange thing seems slightly dodgy. As does Blaine's Ninetails recognising Caw. Almost like he's deliberately infiltrating trainers for some reason... And hey, Team Rocket! Huzzah!
eatacheesemonkey chapter 15 . 7/4/2004
I always thought magmars were odd looking and oddly strong at the same time. Why do they have beaks? It just doesn't make sense. For a second there, I thought Blaine was going to be on the roof and no encounters with the infamous missingno. So many glitches on Cinnibar...

And a brief cameo with Articuno!

I see that the pokemon language isn't universal. Elliot couldn't understand the golduck. And Prowler explained what was going on in the beginning of chapter six with Din.

You left us with a cliffhanger! Evilness...
Keleri chapter 15 . 7/4/2004
I really like this chapter... many authors (myself included) tend to be a bit hesitant in the area of showing their characters' weaknesses. Elliot's feelings were very well described in this chapter; you could really feel his terror. I'm sure we all remember our illogical frights from childhood. ]

When Elliot (temporarily) 'traded' Discord for the blastoise, I got a little worried that he wouldn't get the jigglypuff back, heh.

I really loved the scene with Prowler and the golduck... I enjoy mysterious references to legendary pokemon, especially where there's a distinct lack of "OMGZ I MUST SAVE TEH WURLD NOWE!1!" _

Anyway, great work and I can't wait for the next update. D
Nott chapter 15 . 7/3/2004
Ooh...Team Rocket finally makes an apperance. I wonder if these two guys would go so far as to physically harm Elliot in order to get his pokemon - they never seemed that desperate in the show (though, again, three years has passed; and that was just Jessie and James, the bumbling fools they were) but you never know. After all, Elliot's in Celadon, which is the location of Team Rocket's HQ, so he could really be fighting anyone from a grunt to an executive. Then again, it's nighttime, and it's dark, and who else would be out other than a couple of low-life Rockets who want to please their commanding officer by bringing in some pokemon they nabbed off the streets?...I dunno. I'm going in circles here. And to top it all off they recognized Elliot, which leads me to think that they may be the ones after Prowler and not really what they seem to be...

Elliot is such a typical ten-year-old that it's surprising in that one hardly ever sees that anymore. Wonderful work with him, especially in the old, burned down lab. His fright is exactly what any boy his age would have experienced.

As to the pokemon battle damage thing, I guess I was thinking of where, in the game, ember has a good chance of inflicting a burn in addition to attack damage. I figured that it would affect the ship in the same way - singing the wood, or something to that affect. I see what you mean about low-level pokemon attacks, though. Still, I wonder about regulations the crew might have - after all, even high-level pokemon and their trainers must take the ferry instead of flying or surfing once in a while, so there IS a risk of damage to the ship from those kind of attacks, all the same...though one would expect powerful trainers to have enough control over their actions to let something like that happen anyway; they'd probably learned by then to keep their pokeballs on their belt in public places...(you can always trust me to beat a topic until it dies a very slow, agonizing death)

I'm not sure if I like Caw. For one, he is a traded pokemon, and my dislike of traded pokemon goes way back to the horrible Red version nicknames, and the pokemon's propensity to fall asleep in battles at random intervals...but I digress. I don't trust Caw because he's never given me a reason to (unlike, for example, Prowler, who has protected and saved Elliot on numerous occasions). Especially now, with the added remarks of the ninetales, I find myself becoming suspicious of Caw's origins, if not his motives (at least not quite yet). Anyway, that ninetales had definately seen Caw on more than a couple occasions - that wasn't his first time at Blaine's gym.

Caw seems to know what he's talking about because, I think, he does know what he's talking about. I think he's seen enough of the world that he believes he can assume that everything's like what he's experienced and so he can make remarks to Prowler and not even question why she would make something up instead of telling the truth. That's my take, anyway.

The dying Jenny children...I think those cases are connected only in that the children of two police officers were killed. There doesn't seem to be much else to support any other claim...

Maybe Koga simply just took risks, and all that send-out-a-weaker-pokemon-second advice was simply a good battle strategy. I don't know what to think now.

Well, you've once again managed to simultaneously confuse and intrigue me. Well done. :D

Oh, and please excuse any remarks of mine that just make you want to bash me with a stick. It's in the early hours of the morning and my thought processes are anything but logical. :/
The Mad Tortoise chapter 15 . 7/3/2004
Uh...yeah. Very sorry for not reviewing the past few chapters. damn internet wouldn't work. Then the keyboard wouldn't. _ But that's all better now. As I think I've said before, Prowler strikes me as being the brains behind Elliot's quest. Whether she's a 'good' character or not remains to be seen. I believe he'd have failed long ago without her but who's she trying to help? Elliot, herself or Din? And what is it with her and Din anyway? Maternal instincts? Prowler just doesn't seem that way. And now Team Rocket's arrived on the scene, you have to wonder what their goal is. If the Jennys and Joys are 'evil', are the Rockets going to be 'good' or simply another type of 'evil'. Certainly a story to inspire curiosity. Congratulations.

The Mad Tortoise.

PS: Ever wondered how hard typing is when you have a bird alternately pecking your fingers and chewing the cords? May you never find out.
Nott chapter 14 . 6/29/2004
I've never really ventured into the realm of Pokemon fanfiction (going so far as to review), but this story is excellent - very, very deep. I love the whole 'conspiracy' that's taking place here; it's a lot more realistic than the show was (or at least, used to be - the last time I saw it was about three years ago) and it takes the console game to a whole new level. I am intrigued.

Wouldn't the fire from Howler's attacks burn the wood of the ship? I seem to remember ember attacks being low-to-the-ground. Or maybe that's just my weird memory. Moving on...

Going back to the beginning chapters, it's odd that researchers hardly do any field studies. I suspect that whoever's ultimately controlling the pokemon trainer hierarchy (the League?) is also controlling almost all pokemon research. (I hope not all of them are completely under the League's hand; I'd hate to hear that Gabrielle's ponyta had been killed because it wasn't normal.) Everything odd in this universe seems to eventually lead to the people who seem to be in authority - the Jennys and the Joys. Yet these women are mindless drones. Even worse, some gym leaders seem to be in on it too, going so far as to embrace this order of things - lose to the weak, defeat spectacularly the strong. The most prominent example of this I can think of is Koga - he was quite ready to lose to Elliot in the second round because he thought Elliot was weaker than he truly was. The pokemon contests are even worse. I find myself agreeing with Gabrielle in quite a few respects - the League is definitely doing something, after all, to those psyducks. I'm not sure if there are really any arcs at all, though. Maybe the 'arcs' are really just inexperienced, middle-of-the-road trainers exploited by the League. That much I think is true because the girl on the ship who released her helmeted psyduck didn't think twice about the fact that it wouldn't survive out in the middle of a forest. She was just clueless. I think the real arcs, the people who work the hardest to keep demi and cherubs separate, are the gym leaders.

And it seems that trainers are, in a sense, pretty much stifled when they reach a certain age or their pokemon become strong enough - I'm thinking it's because they've become a threat to the system. Hmm. I wonder when - or if - Elliot will realize that something's wrong with this picture. Not for a while, I think, because he's so dense and so young and inexperienced. Not unless someone spells it out for him even more than Gabrielle did, though I suppose even she was just stabbing in the dark. The League seems to be nothing if not efficient at making everything look like it's under control.

And then you go and mention Team Rocket and have me wondering whether THEY'RE just another creation of the League after all - they seem to be the perfect sort of scapegoats a huge organization like the League would need to have to cover up and blame for anything messy that happens.

Now you've got me thinking about the food Elliot's giving to his pokemon. Prowler said that it made the hunger stop, yet gave them no fat. It was empty. I'm thinking that all the food for pokemon that's offered in the pokemarts is like that - something that just keeps the pokemon alive, but doesn't let them get stronger or provide adequate nutrition on its own. All animals need fat in their food to survive, and it worries me that Prowler is the only one to recognize that there's something amiss here.

Prowler's fast becoming my favorite pokemon of Elliot's team - she seems to be the only consistently sane one in the story, aside from confused Elliot. She knows what's going on and is probably the best thing to ever happen to him. She could see something wrong with the Growlithe, and she knew about the Jenny and that something's up with Caw.

One question, though - if the Jenny from ch.5 is the same as the one from ch.13, then why is the child referred to as her son and then her daughter, respectively? Or are those just two completely different Jennys? But you did mention the white crib, which was the same in both households. Then again that might just be the creepy uniformity of the towns there. Shutting up now.

Wow. As I said, this is an amazingly well-thought out fic.

::author alerts, adds you to faves, adds story to faves, highly recommends:: Please write more!

And so ends the insanely long review. I hope I made at least some sense. :)
sharksunnies chapter 1 . 6/29/2004
Honestly, if you don't like my OT story than don't read it. There is one chapter so I dont know why you are judging the whole story at this point anyways.
Light Sneasel chapter 14 . 6/27/2004
This fic is messing with my head... every step froward leads to more questions...

I would love to see what happens next.
Keleri chapter 14 . 6/27/2004
*cackles* Oh, the plot thickens...I am enjoying this 'fic MUCHLY. Do continue!

Hee, I love Prowler...I've always imagined wild Persians as being like pumas. KITTY 3
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