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FlatOutCrazy chapter 8 . 9/14/2005
Yeah, I'm reviewing a fic that hasn't been updated in close to a year. Whatcha gonna do about it? Maybe...update? Because that's what I'm hoping for...
citruspeach chapter 8 . 2/10/2005
Pahhahaha! This is amazing. I shall have the image of Spot cradling a dead duck in his arms and singing "be kind to your web footed friends" in my head for all eternity! I lobe you. And the fack that you randomly started sing-writing Defying Gravity in your review replys!

*claps* I do believe in updates, I do, I do!
Teepot chapter 8 . 12/20/2004
Yea for winter break! It means Christmas, sleeping and more importantly...enough time to get back to me fanfiction days!

As ususal, amusing chappy. Sorry it took me so long to respond. But I just had the aching and needed to find out what happened to my Jacky-boy.

Also, saw a Spot look-a-like on the street of NYC the other day and before I could saw anything, my friend Laura was all, "Ya know, that kid looks like..."

"Spot Conlon!" It was fun to find a newsie fan among the wide array of NYU students.

Ah, to never grow up...

Keep on updating! And I'll keep on reviewing! Promise.

Checkmate chapter 8 . 12/13/2004
SHE LIVES! Jeez, I definately thought you were a gonner. *claps maniaclly for updates and Dalton's leotards*

Dude, this chapter... is not the Dakki i know. where is the stupid fluffy nonsense? Where are the chronologically incorrect song lyrics? LOST, I TELL YOU! IT HAS BEEN LOST!

hm... but this sad/angsty/bad memory/impending doom chapter does have a certain charm, i guess...

Poor Apollo! And poor Sapphy! *tear* and poor Spot and Mush... Sweet Oz, girl, do you find pleasure in making The Great Unemotional Check cry in public places?

I command you to update soon, or i will sic my legion of heavily armed Spartan Canadian Geese on you and your uber cute preppie muse!

*tosses bag of circus peanuts* Cheers!

- Checkmate
Hope Diamonde chapter 8 . 12/7/2004
Ugh, what a mean mother. Mush dear, I am truly truly sorry. It's not MY fault. ::looks pitifully at the sad Mush:: oh dear, look what I've done! I'm a failure! ::looks over at Dalton laughing at her:: what are you laughing at mister "I'm in a yellow leotard and go-go boots?"

anywho. a whorehouse eh? have I really driven the poor boy to that? OH NO! I love this chapter though, especially with Spot trying to figure out how to watch clothes. I can just see it now. Hehe. Well, update soonly!

MiseryLovesCompany chapter 8 . 12/6/2004
Oh *solemn face* I'm very mean to Spot... *evil grin* I like it.

Hehehe...Racetrack washes people's underwear and ties it up with bows after? I could so see that, yes I could.

The end with Sapphy was very sweet. I'm so glad you updated! I've been waiting and waiting...*reigns in ducks temporarily* :D
Written Sparks chapter 8 . 12/6/2004
Yay! Dakki's back-i. I missed this story SO much and I'm SO glad you're back. I can not wait for the next chapter, I have a feeling/hope that one of the OC's is me! Anyway...I loved the blue Spot and Race with his laundry. And OH MAN Spot with month old gundies? SICK
LadyRach chapter 8 . 12/6/2004
Go-go boots.

*gazes dreamily at Dalton*

And a lemon-yellow leotard...AND singing Les Mis...

I love blue. And Spotty in blue - it's too good to be true. *gasp* I made a rhyme for you! I live in an igloo...

maybe I should quit tis particular poem while I'm ahead.

"Y'know, you've been talking a lot lately. And I'm not sure I like it."

"That's very cute."


"That you think I care."

Tee hee. But my favorite moment had to be the corset story. Which I might very well adapt and use in "real life." (That's what other people call life outside the newsie world. *shudders*)

ANDD NEXT: A whorehouse! I don't know what it is about those in stories, but I love 'em.

*stares incredulously at what she just wrote*

I mean- That is- uh...

*shakes head and shrugs*

Oh, well, it's true, if slightly disturbed.
Ireland O'Reily chapter 8 . 12/5/2004
hehehehe...Race is the laundry lady! *giggles insanely* I love it! Poor Spot, I don't do my own laundry either, I went to a dance intesive for over a month and never washed anything but my dance clothes...but hten I had an insane amount of underwear with me, so I guess that was alright.

Poor Sapphy, to lose an anmial like that, but obviously the night turned out okay.

Glad to hear you're back, love. Make an update soon, I really wanna see what's up next!

Sarah chapter 8 . 12/5/2004
very good story. i love it.

one question though.. whatever happened to bumlets? if i remember correctly, he did come with, right?
Sarah chapter 1 . 12/5/2004
haha.. oregon trail. i remember that game.
AlexisVeronica chapter 8 . 12/5/2004
Alright! *Pumps fist into air* An update! Woot! I abslutely LOVE the idea of Spot... doing his own wash. Hehehehehehe, that thought just makes mw laugh and laugh.

*Spot stares angrily at me* Who says I can't do my own laundry, punk.

"Uh, Spot, your clothes say everything for you." *Looks at blue stained clothing* Hehehehehe!

I knew Race took care of his clothing... other than his cigars, it's probably his most prized possesions.

*Side note* I love Say Anything, cause I love Lloyd, cause he gave her his heart and she gave him a pen. *That's the best line in the whole movie!*

I like Hope... and I like Mush, and I really really like this story. Keep writing and update soon!

Shooter O'Brien chapter 8 . 12/5/2004
Yay girlie! you finally updated! it's been how long...? a pretty dang long time if you ask me! but that's all forgiven since you've updated and promised the next update to be sooner than this one!

hehe...blinky-boo, he cracks me up, but you gotta love him! Cheesey one-liners...they think of more every day! and they keep getting cheeseier! lol...hurry and update girl...i'm waiting...*looks at watch*...and waiting...*looks again*...and-oh i'll stop!

Saturday chapter 8 . 12/5/2004
*practically stops breathing* Dalton... in... a... leotard. OhmyGod.

Dalton: What! Don't I look sexy?

*coughs* You look very sexy, Dalton. Really.

Dalton: And I'm an ambi-turner, too! See? *turns left*

Anyway. My younger sister is watching Pocahontas downstairs. "Should I chose the smoothest course, steady as the beating drum? Should I marry Kokoum? *pauses* Do I really want to be married to a guy who is named Kokoum, anyway?" Ahh I love that movie... I hope you appreciate that I stayed up HERE instead of going down to watch, too, because I love that movie but I love this fic more!

Ahaha, a whorehouse. No story is complete without a few good prostitutes, especially when they're played by Sapphy & Company. I find that vastly amusing. What do you think it's like to read a story in which you are featured as a prostitute? (Albiet a very well-paid one, lol.)

Anyway. The parts that had me wetting myself:

“Spot,” she said, picking up her brush and considering her reflection once more, “you have evaded death twelve times with nothing more than a sling shot and interesting hair. You have become dictator to forty-some boys, many of whom possessed biceps with greater circumferences than your waist. You have eaten spoiled mayonnaise and not gotten food poisoning. Twice. Why is doing your own laundry so incredibly hard?”

“Sapph,” Race said, beginning what, she could tell, was going to be a very long conversation, “the socks are the most important part of the wardrobe. Now…”

“A post office?” Mush considered this. “But why would that make me happy? No one ever sends me mail! Not even seed samples! SPOT, NOT EVEN THE SEED SAMPLE PEOPLE LIKE ME, I—” “MUSH!” “What?" “I am not talking. About. A post office."

Allow me to close by saying that I love you more than LIFE ITSELF! I also love how you also seem to write an obsession with clean socks into Racetrack's personality, and I LOVE Spot dying his entire wardrobe blue, and LUTE AND SNITCH ARE ADORABLE! THE PLUMS! AHH!

In conclusion:


(Very, very nice work, by the way. And tell Dalton to stand proud in his lemon leotard.)

Account Deleted and Purged chapter 8 . 12/4/2004
*Whispers to Dalton* I think your leotard is SMASHING! _ *Whispers to Dakki* Love you. *Hugs* You updated! *Whisper-yell* YAY!

*Dons a "I Heart Spot/Misery Breakups tee shirt* Hmm... *Gives Race the same one, only in sock-form*

*Got only one thing out of the entire Mush/Hope fiasco* Sycamores? *Strikes a pose* Madam, an hour before the worshipp'd sun peer'd forth the golden window of the east, a troubled mind drave me to walk abroad. Where, underneath the grove of SYCAMORE that westward rooteth from the city's side, so early walking did I see your son! *Grins like the cat that ate the canary, polishing her nails on her shirt*

*Head perks up* Whorehouse? *Quizzical look* Could this be the start of what I think it is? *Grins* Well, hot damn! *Hikes up her skirt, jumping up on the ol' piano* HIT IT BOYS! *Music starts* OH BILL-LLY! SWEET BILLY-BOY! I KNEW THAT YOU'D COME BACK! NO ONE CAN STOP YOU IF YOU TRY- DON'T I HAVE A NICE RACK? *Needs to stop watching Adam Sandler movies*

*Speechless* Um. *There's one* I. *And another* Hmm... *Looks at Racetrack* MY POOR APOLLO! *Sobs on his shoulder- a lot*

*Claps rapidly* UPDATE SOON! _

Lots of love! ~Sapphy
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