Reviews for Harry Potter, Heir of Gryffindor
captuniv chapter 15 . 2/8/2004
Hmm, could this possibly be the first signs of a thaw in Snape's relations with the Gryffindors? Neat! Keep it coming, this is great!
EbonyFirePhoenix chapter 14 . 2/8/2004
it was good but there were parts of chapters missing, i think once in the he meets his mother again or somewhere along thos lines and # to see more of the story
Foxfur chapter 14 . 2/8/2004
Great story! I've cried. I've laughed. And I can't wait for more!
CrimsonRageX chapter 14 . 2/8/2004
GO harry lay the moves on ginny
Angel the Devil's Daughter chapter 1 . 2/8/2004
so far i've only read the first 2 chapters but it seems good, dont worry, i'm going to finish it. dunno why but i couldnt get into the review box, let alone see it, at the bottom of the screen for chapter 2, oh well. well, few things on the religion topic:
1) the Jewish religion is called Judiasm.
2) the Muslim religion is called Islam.
3) Islam and Christianity are sometimes called "the daughter religions of Judiasm".
the only reason i know all this is because i'm jewish and christian and i learned this at hebrew school. please dont take this as critisism but as futer knowlage. good luck and please continue!
Silvercrystal77 chapter 15 . 2/8/2004
WOW! This story just keeps getting better and better! I can't wait to see what happens next! I love the fifteen minute lecture Harry gives on the Polyjuice potion! I'm also really glad that Harry and Snape kind of have an understanding now. I can't wait for the next chapter! Keep up the good work and please update soon!
MioneGreen chapter 15 . 2/8/2004
A most wonderful chapter. I look forward to more.
Update soon
allentril1000 chapter 14 . 2/8/2004
I truly enjoyed reading this story to chapter 14, and would like to read more so keep it coming. I also think that it is as good if not better than the first 5 books written by Rowling so keep it up.
Phoenix chapter 14 . 2/8/2004
i think that this is a great fic and i can't wait to read more. i really like that you've made Neville more confindent. most of the fics that i've read have almost the old Neville in them, but i've always thought that after being in the DA and Harry showing that he has confidence in Neville, then he would change. great job in doing that. update again soon.
makoto-18 chapter 14 . 2/8/2004
hehehhehehe...pretty good...keep up the great work
washedout chapter 14 . 2/8/2004
Good! Really good!
TuxedoMac chapter 14 . 2/8/2004
Oh my oh my that is agood storie. its really good and it leaves me wanting more and amazed that you have come up with so much in seach a short time. i can't waite to see whats next.
solar1 chapter 14 . 2/8/2004
great chapter!
alueua chapter 14 . 2/8/2004
Found your story today. It really caught my interest; so much so, I read it in one sitting. You tell a wonderful story.
The only thing I could see for an improvement was a couple minor spelling errors. Nothing major.
Please keep up the good work. Can't wait to see where you go with this fic.
SR chapter 7 . 2/8/2004
Great story. You've have some good plot ideas and your writing skills are solid. I like what I read so far and I'd like to continue reading, but the Harry and Ginny stuff turned me off. I don't mind a slight romance, but this was too OOC for me. I just can't imagine Harry being that much over the top, especially so soon after all the stuff in OOTP. Sorry.
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