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pipib chapter 37 . 5/25/2023
Too bad this isn’t finished. Liked it a lot
Chaser921 chapter 37 . 10/11/2022
I first read this back in 2007 and it is still hands down the best fic I have ever read. Do you write professionally too? I'd love to read some of your stuff if you do. I adore Jesse and Charlie, both as individual characters that you have made beautifully 3D and as a couple.
White chocolate cheesecake chapter 37 . 6/14/2021
Really hope you are still writing. I loved the outside perspective and world expansion for the trades shops.
tryingtobestine chapter 31 . 5/23/2021
I just love this story. Thanks for writing and sharing it with us.

I have also made it difficult for myself to review since you can only review a chapter once...
knttr chapter 37 . 5/1/2021
This is the most amazing HP fanfic I've ever read! And I'm saying this after literally decades of reading fanfiction at this and other sites. And I think this is my fourth re-read since I first discovered it via one of my favorite author's favorite stories list, shortly after you posted the chapter where Ian tells Sam about his donation.

The characterizations of the protagonists and the supporting cast are truly amazing and feel just as fresh on the fourth re-read as during the first encounter. The world building of Diagon Alley and the people who live and work there ... Wow! I have never since read the Diagon and Nocturn Alley scenes in the Canon books without populating them with Jessie, Ian, the Redfern triplets, Abby Flourish, and the whole wonderful cast of your original characters (and your fantastic takes on those named in Canon).

The details of clockmaking are so fascinating, as are the business details and everything involved in Jessie's Masterpiece (and the description of her grandmother's) and getting Highest Honors. The atmosphere of the magical version of the Orient Express was so beautifully described that I felt as if I were there. I keep wanting to ask you about the research you did to make the everything so accurate and realistic and still magical.

The way you handle the first-person point of view is the best I've ever read. Honestly, it normally is my least favorite POV in fanfic because so many stories using it are lacking the feel of being in the character's head. The mental commentary of the POV persons in each of your chapters feels so realistic, as does the conversational "memoirs" style that certain chapels are written in. I love the thought that, decades after the War, the survivors are sharing their memories (suitably edited, of course -. Hee! Every time I see the word "biscuits" since reading this story, I grin!). Jessie's diversions from the topic made me laugh ruefully, as I share that problem myself. If she were a real person, she would be a perfect fit for my best friend. It's so nice to see Charlie Weasley as a multi-faceted man, and not just a smaller, red-haired Hagrid focused only on dragons. Ian is my favorite Quidditch player in canon and fanfic; he will NEVER become his generation's Ludo Bagman. I loved the glimpse you gave of Loren in the story's future, editing the memoirs. And knowing that he and his second family make it through the War makes it easier, as a reader, to cope with the horribleness of the attack on Fortesque's, and the grisly aftermath and inquest investigation.

I sincerely hope that your life will bring you back to add on to this story. I would love to see interactions between Jessie and some of the order members about the watches she made, especially "Cousin Sedrick"!). I would love to see more of her life with Charlie and what leads to that aforementioned scene where Loren is thoroughly embarrassed by what Charlie and Jessie wrote. (And I am very curious as to why he is described as going prematurely gray...).

Thank you so much for sharing THE FAMILY CLOCK with us readers. I most definitely am grateful that I have read and re-read, and enjoy it even more each time.
RandomRavenclaw10 chapter 4 . 3/25/2020
Lol the part about Flamel made me laugh so hard
RandomRavenclaw10 chapter 2 . 3/25/2020
This whole chapter is underlined
Guest chapter 37 . 12/26/2019
I absolutely love this fic! I read it once a few years ago but couldn’t review. I hope you’ll consider completing it some day!
Lady Eldaelen chapter 26 . 12/1/2019
I'm on my fourth or fifth reread and it's still as good as the first time! Love it, love the world you've built, the history, the magical clock lore, the different POVs, Alley commerce, everything! I am not typically into OCs, but the Tickeses have firmly taken root in my HP headspace :) Thanks for such a wonderful, richly detailed story!
RobinLost chapter 37 . 2/27/2019
I love this story, just popping in to say I've been thinking of this story all week, and just had to Google it and read it all over again. It's such an excellent tale, and really cheered me up. Sometimes I have trouble working out who's speaking at first, but I can usually work it out in a couple of paragraphs. You really caught me out with the Clockmakers exam, I thought it was the forth herself, until she mentioned six months of letters and the clues hit home.

I love the details on Jessie's watches and clocks, and Charlie's design for the engagement ring. You always make them sound so beautiful and interesting.

Ian, Sam and Lorien have just about broken my heart, and then set it singing again. I literally cried when Sam was explaining how funerals go to Lorien.

Thank you for this gift, and I look forward to reading again when next the impulse takes me.
Thrushsong k'Varis chapter 18 . 12/29/2018
XDXD The line...about the television box...wishing for T.B! I died laughing for 5minutesXD
Lolapilar chapter 17 . 12/26/2018
I know I'm late to the party, but I love the break in the fourth wall. Your style has flair, and is fun to read. Thank you for writing such a straightforward fic
When I Make It Shine chapter 37 . 12/9/2018
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS STORY! It is so incredibly detailed and well written and I cannot wait to read more
siobhan.22 chapter 9 . 10/26/2018
Great story so far.
SkyeMoor chapter 4 . 9/6/2018
Poor girl. I never wear makeup, doesn't work right with freckles.
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