Reviews for The Depths of Winter
LoonyBadger chapter 26 . 11/13
Omg this was amazing!
Anonymous chapter 24 . 11/13
Guest chapter 26 . 10/20
This was like the best fic I've ever read! It was so good and full of twists and turns in every corner and i loved the development of their relationships... I love this fic and I'll always remember it.. I really would've liked to read the novel that harry was writing about the dragon...xD
spittingllama7856 chapter 26 . 9/17
Aww! I almost cried there at the end, it was just too amazing.
It's really sad about Hermione, but I love the way you were able to drop little things throughout it that hinted at Hermione's betrayal. Like the potion, and that strange coldness she had at one point in one of the chapters.
I loved the way you wrote Draco!
I am so heartbroken over Ron... It always makes me really sad whenever I read something where he dies.
Harry... He's so sweet!
Myra and Darius reminded me a lot of Hermione and Ron, which made me a little sad. Because, well, you know, Ron's dead.
I love how Harry and Draco ended up getting married on the anniversary of Draco's accident. It's like Draco's not letting anything get the best of him. Loved it all!
Guest chapter 26 . 8/6
This story was a dream. An absolute dream. Just thank you
guest chapter 26 . 7/6
madval29 chapter 15 . 6/13
There's so much mystery surrounding Draco's life before the accident. Great chapter!
madval29 chapter 14 . 6/13
Ok but they need to address the power imbalance. I imagine Draco and Myra talking about their crushes together. Great chapter!
madval29 chapter 13 . 6/13
So Harry's got a bit of a crush on Draco. Great chapter!
madval29 chapter 12 . 6/13
Maybe he should get checked out by Hermione. Great chapter!
madval29 chapter 11 . 6/13
What the hell did Mona set that up with someone. Great chapter!
madval29 chapter 10 . 6/13
Does Hermione not know that Harry's bisexual. Great chapter!
madval29 chapter 9 . 6/13
Well they've sorta established a friendship. Great chapter!
madval29 chapter 8 . 6/13
The more I think about it the more I'm nervous Mona is a stalker who is going to hurt someone. Great chapter!
madval29 chapter 7 . 6/13
Is Malfoy upset about Harry having a date. Great chapter!
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