Reviews for The Depths of Winter
Dusty Miller chapter 25 . 6/11/2013
This was a very different story and I found myself liking it. Though it was quite obvious that Hermione was the culprit after the medication thing. Other than that the characterisation was good, and the plot as well. Thank you for sharing.
rhianna259 chapter 19 . 6/10/2013
This story is amazing, I haven't even finished it yet and I'm overcome with emotion. Thank you.
Aline chapter 26 . 5/12/2013
OMG! I cried so much, everything got wet from my tears. My mom asked me if someone had died. It was a roller coaster of emotions: one time I was crying, later smiling like a fool, than looking to the nothing. Besides, I am brazilian, my native language is portuguese and my english it is a lot rusty so unfortunately I don't have the right words and I must have write something wrong, so forgive me, please. From a Drarry fan with love.
charm13insomnia chapter 26 . 4/30/2013
really nice story
DollyDragon chapter 26 . 3/27/2013
So ashamed I've failed to review before this - especially since I've read it so many times! Obviously I think it's brilliant and I don't care if the ending is a bit rushed or unrealistic - I so appreciate the happy! Big squee. Thanks for sharing. And hope this helps get your reviews up to 2500!
Carling chapter 26 . 3/14/2013
*****Spoilers to the story in my comments*****

I found this beautiful story via a link to another story I liked. This was truly a well done, beautifully crafted romance. It's actually very "haunting" and will stay with me for awhile. Harry, Draco, and their relationship were carefully crafted. I am so glad to have found this gem.

It is very sad about Hermione and Ron but you resolved that in a deeply moving way. Creating the characters of Darius and Myra was brilliant. I fell in love with them as much as I ever was in love with the original Golden Trio.

I'm kind of sad this story was written so long ago and I wasn't reading fanfics when this was written and couldn't support your efforts as you created it. I was busy with a new baby of my own. I hope you continue to read your reviews and know that even close to a decade later, your story is touching hearts. I visited your web site and look forward to reading more of your works. It's good to know you are still creating.
Sarcastic-Mess chapter 23 . 2/9/2013
Well, it sounds exactly like first year. Harry and his best friends, Fluffy... GOsh, I want to sooo badly and so I continue reading :D
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Blackveil24 chapter 26 . 2/2/2013
Classically cheesy. But nevertheless, I feel after a hard, worn battle, the happy ending is well earned.


Your Reader
deanec64 chapter 26 . 1/28/2013
wow just WOW. thank you for writing :-)
guiltypleasure2 chapter 26 . 1/11/2013
Sorry I have not reviewed a single chapter. Believe it or not I just finished reading this from the beginning to the end. I was completely blown away that it was Hermione behind all this only to bring Ron back. I would have never guessed it was her in a million years. I really enjoyed the banter between Harry and Draco and their developing relationship. It was beautifully written, heartbreaking in some ways and heartwarming in others. Well Done.
Akira chapter 26 . 1/6/2013
Well this was highly refreshing

Don't get me wrong, when I said I'd go off and read my usia fluffy lemonish fanfics is because I always end up without breath after I read these sort of fics... But, it was an incredible experience, you literally had me at the palm of your hand for 26 chapters, and I read them in a day with my Gaara cushion at one side and my Dumbledore's wand at the other. Your writing skills are astounding...

But I'll admit I missed the lemon hahaha (I'm a pervert xD)

Well it is always good to try new stuff? Or isn't it? Even if I had to suffer from six heart attacks in a row lol.

I didn't cry while watching the notebook, but with fanfictions like these... Even someone like me o . o

Well it is time to say good bye to the author (FOR NOW)

Honey I hope you keep on writing and I wish for you to have a great day!

3 you


my email- (Just if you want to contact me to chat, I always like to talk to amazing authors /since I am not much of a writer myself/ Take care hons!)
Akira chapter 25 . 1/6/2013
Oh thank Merlin...

You know? After this I'm off to read a really fluffy stupid full of lemon and comedy Drarry, Sirius/Remus, Lucius/Snape fanfic.

Because I have just cried to last me for months.

T v T
Akira chapter 24 . 1/6/2013

But still, I had some hope that this would have ended with Mione being good and Sirius coming back to life with Remus while Mione fought for a reason to move forward, and that Harry would have a lot of babies with Draco but now theres bad news and I'm dying plus Myra is also dying and I can't take this!

n '
Akira chapter 23 . 1/6/2013
Intriguing but highly disturbing...
Akira chapter 22 . 1/6/2013
Fuck no! Don't do this to me!


Ok, Ill go die now...
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