Reviews for The Depths of Winter
babyvfan chapter 19 . 1/8/2016
DUDE! No, not right after we just got Drarry.
babyvfan chapter 18 . 1/8/2016
Dear god. That chapter killed me, both for the tender moment but also for the heaviness of the angst. My heart was defintely breaking for Harry
babyvfan chapter 17 . 1/8/2016
Oh god. Oh god. My heart breaks. For Ron, Draco, and Harry. is all I can say about this chapter
babyvfan chapter 15 . 1/8/2016
Dear Christ, he loves him. Draco cares about him-and loves him too. Yet neither one will do anything about it. Unless one makes the first move that is
babyvfan chapter 14 . 1/8/2016
Awwww. That's all I can say. Just awww
babyvfan chapter 13 . 1/8/2016
Harry likes Draco and Darius likes Myra? How cute ;)
babyvfan chapter 11 . 1/8/2016
Holy. SHIT. I did not at all see that one coming
babyvfan chapter 10 . 1/8/2016
Awwwww. That's all I have to say about the ending. Awwww
babyvfan chapter 9 . 1/8/2016
Yea, they're starting to get along and agreed to be friends
babyvfan chapter 8 . 1/8/2016
I love the idea of a shopping trip. It's odd. I never thought of that before. I have to admit though it didn't last as long as I thought it would-and I was surprised that Draco was losing interest. However I am pleased that the boys are making process. They managed to talk-at least for awhile
babyvfan chapter 7 . 1/8/2016
First off, I forgot to say that I love the fact Harry is a writer. Idk. Maybe it has to do with the fact I love writing too but I love the fact he's one in the story. I can honestly see him being a writer.

The girl showing up at his front porch rang intruder alert in my head. When she was looking over what he was reading, I was getting nervous. Like she was trying to copy it or something. Maybe it's just my paronia ringing.

Also, I can't believe Ron is actually dead. Like really dead. That's...really hard to process
babyvfan chapter 4 . 1/8/2016
Good ole Hermione. She honestly is a better person than I am. I would have given Harry hell for popping back into my life after seven years of silence
babyvfan chapter 2 . 1/8/2016
Harry clearly doesn't wanna remember the past. And it seems like Draco doesn't want to either. I can guess a number of reasons why Harry left the wizarding war. But for Draco, I wonder why?
babyvfan chapter 1 . 1/8/2016
Hot damn. I have to admit I wouldn't have thought that you would start with the accident. If anything I thought that would come later on, like chapter 5 or something. it definitely is an interesting way to start out the story
Murasaki Hina chapter 26 . 12/30/2015
i kind of hate how things ended with Hermione and Ron, but on the other hand, the story was beautiful QQ seriously worth the read.
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