Reviews for Valentine Encounter
Brookieb06 chapter 3 . 7/13
I normally dont comment in. between chapters but I find it super interesting that you made it in Dracos point of view.
Efam chapter 16 . 5/26
Well, if you're in that situation, I'd say you're both suckers.
Efam chapter 11 . 5/26
There's no way Draco can come back from that.
Efam chapter 10 . 5/26
Ok, so Dramione is excellent and means you have good taste, and then you pull HARMONY? (Idk how to spell it.)
Efam chapter 9 . 5/26
Shit just got real.
Efam chapter 8 . 5/26
That would suck. On the other hand, that is why you save while doing work, and not when it's done.
Efam chapter 7 . 5/26
That was dangerously close to me not finishing this story.
Efam chapter 6 . 5/26
Two faced bitch.
sunnysmile1212 chapter 17 . 5/14
The translator(Chinese) has missing two years!
I have already finished this wonderful fiction. Now,I was here to reading it again ,because it was so interesting!
sunnysmile1212 chapter 9 . 5/14
This Draco is so bad
How can he do that to Hermione who loves him so much?!
Guest chapter 24 . 5/13
i LOVE this story! this is definitely one of my top favorite HP Dramione fanfictions! i’ll be reading this again and again!
Guest chapter 24 . 5/11
thesecretlifeofM chapter 24 . 4/8
Wow. This is truly an amazing work of writing! It made me laugh, cry, and gasp in surprise just like any other book would! One of my favorites to this day! 3
Sinoritta chapter 24 . 4/8
I simply love your story!
crochetaway chapter 24 . 4/7
I really loved this! Your portrayal of Draco was perfectly spot on. And the way you showed the absolute desperation of their relationship was magnificent. Well done!
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