Reviews for With Time Comes Trust
Thesia Palowska chapter 12 . 5/15
At least it was finished. I really liked it actually! You should make a second part!
Thesiadora Aragorna Palowska
Thesia Palowska chapter 6 . 5/15
I. Like. It! Good job! Totally worth getting in trouble, I think! :D
paula chapter 6 . 5/3
paula chapter 6 . 9/27/2017
paula chapter 1 . 9/27/2017
Lumiellie chapter 3 . 8/26/2017
Lumiellie chapter 4 . 8/26/2017
carligwilliams chapter 6 . 6/26/2017
Was Snape using Legilimency on Harry? Also, he's the cutest small lil' kid ever. Love your story!
Pathseekerme chapter 12 . 10/7/2016
This was SO well written! You made me cry several, several times; I taught writing for almost 30 years and I don't cry easily when reading stories - the next best thing to immune because I can still feel when things are well written. Your characters act like real people, and your descriptions make me see things in my mind. Truly wonderful! Don't ever stop writing and making magic!
Guest chapter 4 . 8/6/2016
Leave it to Dumbledore to offer him dessert first! Oh, and loving it!
Girl-of-many-otp chapter 12 . 8/4/2016
It's okay. Not like I needed my heart or anything.
Shelby-The-Red-Mew chapter 6 . 6/21/2016
Holy shit for a few seconds I saw a flash and weird feelings kind of urging me to review...

Anyways good job and again I say W.T.B.H (What Thee Bloody Hell)
the yokai lover rikuo chapter 12 . 8/10/2015
This is so sad
the yokai lover rikuo chapter 7 . 8/10/2015
Awwww this is so cute X
the yokai lover rikuo chapter 6 . 8/10/2015
This is amazing!
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