Reviews for War of Remembrances
ladytigerlili24 chapter 35 . 9/28
You can't just leave off! I'm so very sad that this story haven't been updated or finished in the last 6 years. I really do hope you come back and finish it someday. It is amazing.
MionePadfootLover chapter 35 . 1/24/2017
I just found this story and I absolutely love it. I do hope you'll continue writing it at some point. You're a very talented writer.
Guest chapter 35 . 10/18/2015
I'd love to see more of this!
aikakone chapter 35 . 12/19/2012
I was trying to wait to give this due consideration. At first I was surprised to see a chapter posted, but then I realized which week it was. So here we are! I can assume we'll get 36 for Christmas, right? :D One hopes. Anyhow... moving on.

I find it odd that Draco says he doesn't know how to decipher the will but later says that the reader has to want to see the real will. Sorry for not catching that earlier, but we can assume it's not just a "wizarding world" thing to want to see a will or Remus would already know about that. It would be a better through for Snape, I think, since he's so "smug" (and good at it!) with the other stuff about the will.

The other thing in that scene from Draco I do like is his explanation about not being privy to Narcissa's full feelings about Ginny and the concession that if it was all about making up for Malfoy wrongdoings there would be many more people who needed acknowledgment.

I still very much like the line about perhaps not being very good at consoling Draco.
By the way, I still very much want to know the mystery of vault 814. How sneaky of you to drop a hint there and leave it. Sometimes "hints" really aren't there, but I think this is something, darn it!

In the last scene with Molly and Remus, I really like how you wrote Molly. She's not a character without faults, but she loves her family fiercely. You highlight this in a quiet way. Also, I like that her affection to Remus caught him off guard. Even if she doesn't consciously realize it, she is accepting him into the family. It's a good thing.

So next chapter are we going to get a scene of Remus giving Ginny breakfast in bed? Are we ever going to get that Friday dinner at the Burrow with George and Sara making their debut? Lots of stuff still to happen yet!
SlytherinToTheCore chapter 7 . 12/18/2012
You made a tiny mistake here, Ron's eyes are blue, not brown. Otherwise, a very good chapter!
Joleigh13 chapter 35 . 12/17/2012
you mentioned Teddy in this chapter and I had completely forgot that he was even in the story. Is he in the story?is he going to be making an appearance? Is Jenny and read this going to race in together? I know obviously a few of these questions will probably be answered at the end of the story but I was just wondering on Teddy. We don't hear or see a lot of him in the story so I was wondering if he would have any kind of place since you mentioned him. Um besides that I actually like this chapter. Good work! I can't wait for the next one!
ritamej chapter 34 . 12/7/2012
Love this story! It's absolutely brilliant and keeps me on my toes guessing.
aikakone chapter 34 . 9/17/2012
I wanted to wait and reread with a fresh head so I could see all the nuances and good things you put in here. You know, the thing that jumps out at me this time is Molly "assuming" Ginny was going back to the Burrow when she said she was going home. I read it as a straight up "home means with us" the first time, but this time... I think that woman is pulling her daughter's leg. I like that side of mischief she has. George must get it honest, as they say. ;)

Now back up top to the confession scene. I love the little details about Remus and red. It reminded me, of all things, of this Sean Connery movie where he and Lorraine Brocco are people in the Amazon looking for some cure or something. (Medicine Man, c. 1992 just looked up the title) But those two unlikely people fall in love, and he starts telling her about the faults she has. It kind of ticks her off at first, but then she and the rest of us realize it's because he loves her and he's been watching her closely. So when Remus tells her that her ears turn red, I thought that was adorable.

I also thought the two handed clasp was particularly lovely. I could imagine it happening, and it seemed earnest. Not "I'm going to sex you right now" but... right. Good for a resolution at this point.

I also had to chuckle to myself, too, at how we are writing these characters. I was thinking how my scenes at the end of EF go down and how there's the whole "I don't want the consolation prize" bit. But the commonality we both have with Remus is that he's saying "Whatever it is I need to be." Funny how we both found that.

I love the bits with more George and Sara, and I'm looking very forward to seeing on the page this Friday dinner that's going to happen. I think it could get particularly lively. It could be a rehash of the "torrid affair" and that one dinner where George finally finds his laughter again. I love the story symmetry of that.

I also thought it was particularly kind for Remus to go get them both some Muggle food. At first I wondered how doing something for Ginny could be him being selfish, but that werewolf is so in love with her that her happiness makes him happy.

Oh, and I like that there's a good amount of snark and lone POV stupidity. It keeps the story real. It's also one of the things I admire about this work. I have never tried writing an "I" story, but you appear to pull this off flawlessly. It's a difficult thing because our main character is never OFF screen (er... page), so it takes a different kind of creativity to handle getting all the information we need. My metaphorical hat is off to you.
Red Writer chapter 33 . 9/8/2012
Love this story.
Thanks for writing it.
aikakone chapter 33 . 9/5/2012
Let's see about this chapter... I got several things I wanted. Thank you, thank you for an appearance of George, however briefly! I'd been asking him for a few chapters as you know. Next can we have some more Arthur? As long as I'm making demands, that is.

You had me fooled in the Draco scene about which Aunt he was talking about. I things about it, like the details of the clean desk and immaculate shoes. He does seem the sort who would have everything perfectly just so.

Jumping around a bit, but I like the night of the hours and ending at Stonehenge. I love the idea of Remus being filled with the awe of sunrise and all the universe as he realizes he's in love with Ginny. It's not just the literal dawn of the day but one of his personal realization and the new direction all things can go. I think this was handled awesomely.

Bad dream!Harry for not letting Remus wake up, but hey... he said go have at Ginny. Can't fault him too much now, can I? Thank you, too, for the Remus zinger at the end. Once he and Ginny get together, he won't be able to have my of them, so glad he can get them when he can.

And yes, I hope people other than me review. I know R/G stories are still being written, so there must be readers somewhere... I wonder where they're hiding.
aikakone chapter 32 . 8/29/2012
Great change to the beginning of the story. I didn't get that the footsteps weren't Ginny's (obviously). Much more clear now. I thought he was smiling because he thought he'd gotten her in a gotcha moment. I guess I was wrong about that. And good changes with the end of the long scene in which Remus talks to Sara and Molly. It made things for this reader make a whole lot more sense.

I love that you have a Ron and Remus drinking Firewhiskey scene. I loved the first one so much that it was nice to see a shout out again. It was also good to have an acknowledgment of Ron as an adult and no longer a boy.

Didn't think of it until just now, but Remus probably wouldn't know Peyton Place being that it's both Muggle and American. I bet you could make up a good example of something wizarding and English, though! Molly would probably watch it religiously.

I know it took a while to formulate in your brain, but I was just so happy to see Remus being Remus again, and this moves the story along nicely. Oddly enough, though I love R/G I'm actually happy for them to have some time apart. I think it can help them grow to be the people they want to be.
aikakone chapter 31 . 8/12/2012
Perhaps I wasn't as good beta reading this chapter since I was also working on my own story so hard yesterday. There are a few "However sandwiches" that you've forgotten. There a few other places that needed fixing, too, but nothing that was so horrible it distracted me from the story.

I'm your favorite beta? At this point, I might be your *only* beta. :D I'll take appreciation whenever and however I get it, though.

I know you struggled with the ending of this, but it shaped up really well. I admit that I do expect more after Ginny apologizes, but I can live with where it stops. My favorite thing here is Lupin's Uncomfortable rant. All those things are true, and it's great that he put it on the line.

All is not easy love with roses and rainbows yet. It shouldn't be, either, because that wouldn't be realistic for these characters. It's good to know they'll get there eventually, though.

And now as a reader, I'll just sit here wondering which will happen first: the case being solved, or the baby being born.
Joleigh13 chapter 31 . 8/11/2012
I wish it were longer!
aikakone chapter 30 . 8/8/2012
So this is the 3rd time I've looked at this. Thanks for the thanks. Every time I read that, I think, "Oh, she's so sweet. She didn't have to do that!" I just enjoy the privilege of getting a sneak peek and helping to make a good story that much better.

I like the line of Molly saying that Ginny is unhappy at Draco's. That looks like a new thought, and it makes the scene much smoother.

Also, in this read (why I mentioned 3rd read above) I finally started thinking about this Polyjuice Fiend. Now I don't have a clue who it is. I hope you've been dropping hints in your writing all along that will make it seem plausible in that "Why didn't I figure it out?" way.

But the other thing about the Polyjuice Fiend is that I wonder what he (I'll assume for now) expected to gain by being Daria for a short time. Was he actually trying to get information from Remus, or was that a coincidence? I've got a whole lot of "What the heck is going on here" in that good, invested in the plot kind of way.

And OF COURSE Draco is meeting Lupin at his own house because he couldn't dare allow Remus and Ginny to be together just yet. Nope. I hope that woman gets her head on straight soon enough. Of course, with her literally out of sight, anything that happens will only get back to Lupin through the grapevine.

By the way... we need more George if only for the fact that we haven't seen him in a while.
aikakone chapter 29 . 8/1/2012
Took me a while to think of what I might say here that's different than what I've told you in private. I think this was a good chapter with an interesting group of characters asking Remus what was going on. It's so interesting how Ginny herself is the shadow over everything and she's not in this chapter at all. I nearly expected Molly to make an appearance, but poor Lupin needs some respite.

I wondered, too, how Ginny being at Malfoy Manor would make a difference with Draco having privately hired him to continue the investigation. And that thought makes me wonder just what Emery Daria will say about all of this because he's nothing if not a man with plenty of opinions, especially about what Lupin should do with both Ginny and that investigation.

There are so many ways it could go when these crazy kids get together, and while I want that, I think the wait will make it that much sweeter because it is earned. I am sincerely looking forward to more because I have faith in you that it will somehow be "just right."

If I have never told you, or perhaps not told you enough, one thing I like about this story as a whole is that it does a Remus POV. He seems authentic, and some would say that's a feat considering the fact that you are not male. That's the fun of a writer's imagination! You took something that wasn't done often in fandom at the time you first got the idea of the story, and you went with it.

First person is also a difficult thing because we never know more than the main character knows, but as a writer you still have to drop clues for what's coming up (such as what the heck is going on with the Malfoy investigation). That can be quite a difficult thing to do. I am impressed that you tried, and I just love how this story feels. It's always been unique, and deservedly so.
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