Reviews for To Dance on the Brink of Daylight
TwinkieChica chapter 2 . 2/20/2004
You stink. I was supposed to be studying for midterms or writing papers or something. But no, you posted this story so I just had to read it. :)
Awesome job Michele! I love it and Lauren is so much cooler evil, on the show and in your story. I can't wait to read more.
Maea chapter 2 . 2/19/2004
an interesting twist to the story. i'd love to read more soon!
valley-girl2 chapter 2 . 2/18/2004
*is stunned*
oh, my GOD. this is AMAZING! I was going to review BOTH chapters, but I decided that one really super duper long review for both chapters combined would be more fun. :-) oh, PLEASE tell me you have more of this story written, ready to post soon, because you're driving me crazy thinking I have to sit with the ending of this chapter for a while! all right. here we go.
"Ten days after they were mysteriously saved from a firing squad in North Korea, Michael Vaughn still wasn't sure if he'd wanted his impromptu confessions to change everything or nothing. Worse yet, nearly two weeks after they arrived back from their near certain death, he still couldn't tell what, if anything, had changed." - seriously. this was your first paragraph. I read this and thought "WOW. I'm in for it." (which, of course I knew anyway, seeing as ALL of your stuff is great!)
"Truth be told, she'd probably known since he'd helped her escape the country when Lauren found out that she had spent two years as an assassin." - yes, probably, as everybody watching the SHOW knew it then... :-)
"Rumors had swirled around the CIA after his return that Jack Bristow clearly thought he and his entire marriage was irrational." - hahaha. that made me laugh. lol.
""Lauren, what -"" - OOH! the first good thing!
" "Don't pretend to be surprised Michael. You married me because I was Covenant, you planned it, you and Kendall, Dixon and Weiss - I wouldn't be surprised if even Jack Bristow was involved." - YAY! MORE good things! :-D
""I think you should appreciate the irony of this Michael. Most people who really know me call me Julia Thorne."" - and even more! oh. this is just SO good. you should sell this to JJ. he could use it, in a big way!
"Dixon had hated invading Michael Vaughn's new sanctuary, his classroom at the community college, but that's just what he did when he strode purposely into the room." - oh, that's SO sweet! and also, I LOVED how you just went back a year abruptly wih this chapter! great job!
""Kendall asked me to come see you actually." - you got me excited here. lol. I love Kendall! you should write a lot of Kendall in this story. ;-)
"Perhaps he'd convinced himself, convinced his closest friends and family that he'd moved on, but whatever he was doing, Dixon was certain it didn't qualify as living." - WOW. that's... really all I can say about that... lol
"Dixon bit back a half smile, awed at how easily Agent Weiss had completed his part of the arrangement, no matter how badly he'd hated it." - is happy! yes, Weiss was apparently scheming too, but I LIKE it! hee.
""Sydney's not dead," he cut him off. Instantly he hated himself for how he let it slip out, especially when Dixon had spent the entire forty-five minute drive to the campus rehearsing this part of his visit." - lol. that sounds like me. of course I never usually have to break news about someone being dead... but I do that nevertheless.
""What?" Vaughn froze, his features confused and weighed down with pain. "This isn't funny, this isn't the way to get me to do this. I was there, I saw the house on fire, I -" "I've heard her voice Vaughn, I've seen the surveillance of her meeting with Kendall. She looks different, but it's still her."" - this whole scene was just so great! I don't know why we never really got/get much Vaughn and Dixon interaction, because they both kick some butt!
""I want to see Kendall."" - yes! me too! haha
"He'd never go there again, not with her ghost in the shadows, months piling into years wasted because Sloane and SD-6 had invaded the seam of her carefully constructed life." - umm... WOW...
""I was. Needless to say, this was the type of situation that required a quick break," he explained. "My . . . Partner understood."" - LOL! oh! this scene is just SO fun! you have all the best guys in one place! you might kill me just because of that, but additionally because the scene is so BRILLIANT!
""Are in love," Vaughn quietly corrected. "We still are in love."" - *is BEAMING* aw...
""Agent Vaughn," Jack commanded, addressing him as no one else dared to." - *is GRINNING!* lol. GO JACK!
""Sloane is under the false impression that Irina's alliances lie with him."" - DUDE. have I told you yet that this scene is BRILLIANT? that you're AMAZING? that these plot twists are Good Things? :-D :-D :-D
""No. I can't stay with her now. Once I find out about the pardon, which as a former member of the CIA and her new boyfriend, I inevitably will, Sloane would never believe I'd stay with her. She's *negotiating* a pardon for the man who made Sydney's life a hell for over a decade!"" - I'm SERIOUSLY running out of great things to say here!
"He believes, just as we hope he and Sydney and the rest of the Covenant will, that you've moved on as quickly as possible for your own sanity. Lauren made you laugh, she's probably the first one besides your mother who could make you take a shower and shave in nine months. What it comes down to is that we need you on the outside with Lauren and we need Sydney on the inside if we have any hope of thwarting the Covenant’s progress."" - lol. that whole part about Lauren just...ugh. lol. sounds WRONG. I loved the last of the paragraph!
"Vaughn was immediately on his feet, the fear and horror written on his face, "no. You need to pull her out -"" *cue more Good Things! and aaw... here*
"The bluffs were abandoned as he got out of the car and approached the boulders. Where they'd spread the ashes nine months ago - he couldn't begin to imagine whose ashes they'd in fact put to sea that day, but he hoped they'd found the peace they obviously hadn't in life." - see above comment. ;-)
""Yes, Michael," Lauren answered, her patience waiting. "I'm Julia Thorne. The Covenant was able to manipulate Sydney's appearance enough that she was able to adopt my identity. Which in a way is ironic, because I managed to take most of what had been hers as well," she snickered. "You never had me," he shot back before he quickly silenced." - and we're back to present time! FUN! and omg, how great was this conversation? :-) I LOVED this line that L/J had, even though it was wrong (and just got shot down, haha), it still was funny.
""With what Michael? I have nothing to negotiate with!"" - correct. she is useless. lol.
"The sound of the apartment's front door being kicked open shattered through the dim of their conversation. Surprised, they both turned to see the intruder standing at the entrance to their room, a government-issued handgun in hand as Lauren softly sighed, annoyed at the interruption. "What are you -" Vaughn started as his wife cut him off. "Welcome to the party Agent Bristow, what a nice little surprise," she snickered and looked back at her soon to be ex. "Looks like Sydney just made the decision for both of you. Well," she added, surprisingly cheery at the prospect. "At least you'll die together."" - YAY! WAH! lol. this was SUCH a great ending! however, the fact that it is the last I have to read for the moment is what makes it sad! WO YOU MUST CONTINUE ASAP! please! I'm dying over here. this is absolutely amazing! THANK YOU so much for writing it! and I believe you have something else that I need to go read now, but as I'm running late for work, I'll come back tonight/tomorrow and read and review it. anywy! update soon!
Lyns kennedy18 chapter 2 . 2/17/2004
Michele! I'm loving this so far! I'm so glad that you've started another story! I've been bored with SD-1 down, so I came over here and got a nice surprise. I'll leave you another review when everything gets back up and running over there. Awesome work!
Lyns (kennedy18)
CsIvA47JP chapter 2 . 2/17/2004
Very good! First story I've seen since the new ep on Sunday. Continue please!-STeph
JamKaraLee47 chapter 2 . 2/17/2004
Interesting...please continue
Raina chapter 2 . 2/17/2004
Oh, I am soo loving your Lauren...I mean Julia... I mean... whatever. Update soon:)
Fair Cate chapter 2 . 2/17/2004
Please update! This is a really great story!
Jasmine 282 chapter 2 . 2/17/2004
MICHELE! Agh! EEk! I just want to scream at the unfairness of this situation! Not just the ending...but the entire time Kendall was talking to Vaughn...oh grr... I want to kill Kendall.
I'm glad Syd's there though...they can get out of it...I know you won't kill anyone...right? Right? I do hope you update this soon! I didn't even know you were continuing this...though Chat and I debated it...we couldn't believe you left us there at part one.
Though I'm very glad to see this part...esp now that the boards are down...I'm at the lab killing time because, the labs with Illustrator are full...ttyl! (we must talk about the ep!)
PLuMMy03 chapter 2 . 2/17/2004
That was very good. I love it.