Reviews for Sandoval's Redemption
Emely Raines chapter 1 . 3/1/2004
Amazing. That's all I have to say... actually no it isn't but I would end up singing praises far too long if I added to it. Hey, what the hey: Sandoval getting back his soul, it's simply wonderful, very well written and very much in character as I can tell
Nenya Kanadka chapter 1 . 2/21/2004
Wow...very nice, a happy Sandoval fic! :) If only because he's so good-looking, I've often wanted to see him as something other than Bad Guy. I like how you have him and the woman interacting, and how you make her uncomplicated and normal, and a little bit wise, instead of unstable or terribly exotic. It rings true that he would be fascinated by the little things of everyday social interaction that he's forgotten how to do. And Melissa stays just this side of Mary Sue throughout-she's really pretty enjoyable to read about. If you want constructive crit, the main thing I'd say is that you overuse the word "simple" when you're describing the daisies and the vase and the woman when Sandoval first shows up at her apartment. And I did just read somewhere that it's better to use strong verbs than lots of adjectives and adverbs...don't know if that would help at all. But this is a good story. It's a bit of a jolt at the end to see Liam treating him like the Sandoval the rest of the world sees, after having had this glimpse inside the man. I am quite sure that Ronald Sandoval *does* have a few human moments, but that he certainly wouldn't want anybody to find out about them. :) This was a good read-thanks!