Reviews for By Any Means Necessary
almostinsane chapter 1 . 4/14/2011
Great story! It's a pity. Savage could have done so much good... Thanks for writing this. God bless!
SEADragon1588 chapter 1 . 8/6/2007
Great story. It really captures the emotions and attitudes of all the characters, especially Vandal Savage.
anon chapter 1 . 1/26/2007
Awesome, I love Savage, him and Luthor and al Ghoul are my favorites and I hate superheroes.
M. R. W chapter 1 . 12/5/2006
Well written. The Oh, no, line was very funny.
Averroes chapter 1 . 6/14/2005
Interesting, and the same quality as always.
dogbertcarroll chapter 1 . 2/26/2005
I love seeing Supes have to make the hard

decisions. Nice work.
Rebel Goddess chapter 1 . 2/28/2004
He's just obeying the first rule of all supervillains - never give up. More please. Great story. I feel so sorry for Supe. RG.
Lady Lark chapter 1 . 2/20/2004
Very nice. I am not a big fan of the present tense. But you did well with this.
It was interesting looking at Vandal Savage through his own eyes. And I loved the use of J'onn, one of the most underused characters on Justice League.
Well Done.