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niigou11 chapter 46 . 1/22/2018
wow.. this fanfiction is awesome! actually I finish reading this story just in one day. the part where Hoshi (Hao) think that nobody, including Sora and Tsuki will accept him really made my cry. but I'm glad all of that ends with a happy end.
JemDragons chapter 46 . 1/4/2018
Ayyyyyy I finally finished it! It took many years and several re-readings (I generally stopped around when Hoshi found out he was Hao because that had been my interest at the time) but I'm glad I finally finished it. Chocolove actually made it as a comedian in this one! That's nice. This was a good fic. Probably one of the best in the fandom. When you started it I was four... '-_-
Teeehee chapter 34 . 10/1/2017
I've personally think nothing would've happened to Hao's followers who decide to quit. Remember ZenRyo? :)
darkywitch chapter 46 . 8/19/2016
omg i love this fanfic, idk how i found it, and ai actually dont read fanfics that are not HaoxAnna, idk why i gave it a shot, but i did and i dont regret it. i dont usually write coments vut i thunk you deserve it, the story its pretty good planned, oh well i loved it. Congrats!
MorganSkylar chapter 32 . 3/25/2016
Sorry the last one i sent unintentionally like i said before you should give the story oc tag so people like me who just hate this wretched being called oc won't even bother opening your 'amazing' story.. It is your fault to not leaving the tag and you took away my time.. And anyway your story is bad.. Bye
MorganSkylar chapter 32 . 3/25/2016
Why didn't you add oc tag when there are clearly two of them in this story.. If you put that i won't even bother to comment. It's really considerate of you
JemDragons chapter 21 . 11/5/2015
Haha! Yay for Ranma references!
Ari chapter 34 . 8/26/2015
I really liked your story so far (I'm not through yet, but I decided to review because of the german part). I always considered the ending of the anime not very satisfactory, since, in fact, the whole business with Hao wouldn't be concluded with his death (after all, he'd just come back after 500 years), but nothing I could come up with was nearly as good as your story. So I think that it's really good.
As for the german voice message (german is my mothertongue): Geh weg, ich esse gerade zu Mittag. Ich kann gerade nicht ans Telefon gehen. Bitte hinterlass eine Nachricht nach dem Piepton.
Guest chapter 12 . 8/15/2014
As me, the reader of Hoshi ga Hoshii, i definetely love this story much more than the other stories i read. As you can see, Shaman
King is my favorite anime of all and I've been writing countless stories as fanfiction but unlucky, I dont know how to update them all. Once again, I LOVE Shaman King!
Ale chapter 46 . 12/5/2013
Ok, here goes my long, possibly gushy post now.

First of all, wow. 46 chapters is VERY nice, and the story as a whole was very satisfying. I read the entire thing in two days in several very long reading sections. I just couldn't stop reading.
I mentioned this in my previous review, but me finding this fic was pure good luck. I happened to start another fic with a similar plot that I found in someone's favorite list. It was only two chapters long, but it was well written. It was discontinued years ago. Yours was the first fic I found with a similar plot, and I am SOOOOOOO glad that I found it. I really liked the pacing and flow of your story. I liked the humor and the feel good moments. I especially liked that you had the dedication to finish your fic. Thank you for being such an awesome author.
It was very enjoyable from start to finish. You kept the characters mostly in character. Obviously some changes had to be made (since Hao's an amnesiac, and some of Hao's followers had an understandable change of heart). I was swept up in the story, and I actually really LOVED your ocs. That is extremely extremely rare for me. I tend to not even read most stories when an oc has a prominent role, but you did an EXCELLENT job. I can easily see the ocs fitting in with the Shaman King world. They added a lot of dimension to your fic, and I liked the way you worked on the amnesiac parts. It didn't feel like a forced plot point, it felt like a real and important point of Hao's growth as a character in your fic.

My favorite part of your fic was probably the more humorous instances. I love comedy, but not the crazy, over the top kind where all of the characters become ooc. I liked the shopkeepers reactions to Yoh and Hao's visits, I thought he was a pretty funny character. I also liked Manta's classmates reactions to Hao. I was amused at (I believe it was Silva's) comment about Hao running by with cat ears and a tail.

The heart-warmy family stuff was surprisingly enjoyable as well. I really liked it. It was well done. I kept awww-ing in my head. XD

Normally I like angsty fics with happy endings. That wasn't this fic at all, but I didn't mind one bit. I maybe would have liked something sad/bad to happen, but I definitely won't complain about what I got. I need more cute, happy fics in my life.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I loved this fic a lot. Thank you for your dedication in finishing this fic. I plan on reading through some of your other stuff (mostly the Shaman King stuff).
Thank you again for being an awesome writer. I greatly enjoyed this story!
Ale chapter 46 . 12/5/2013
If you don't mind, I would like to do my review in two parts. One where I answer your questionaire and one where I gush (though laziness might set in before I finish).
What chapter of Hoshi ga Hoshii desu was your favorite chapter? There are 45 of them, so which one is your favorite?
I would have to go back to look up the exact titles for some of my favorite parts, but the last chapter as a whole was easily my favorite chapter. Other favorites include the one where the twins keep stopping by the same shop and confusing the weak shaman guy in charge. I also really liked the chapter where Anna talks with Hao. I liked a lot of the chapters, but those were proooobably my top three. I read everything in two days, though, so I might be blurring some things together.

What are your two favorite characters from Hoshi ga Hoshii desu?
My favorite is Hao :P as you stated. My second favorite might have actually been Tsuki which is weird because I don't normally like OCs... Third is probably a tie between Yoh and Hoshisuke.

What do you like about Hoshi ga Hoshii desu?
Well, I liked the idea of the plot a lot. I read a story with a similar plot that sadly only had two chapters and was discontinued. So I wanted to find something similar to that. You did a good job of keeping characters in character. But it was your sense of humor that I probably liked best about the story. I probably would have liked more serious stuff, but I really liked the humor that you added into the story. It had me grinning at several points of the story.

Would you like to see a sequel or more side stories?

Yes, yes, yes! I'm off to read what you have already written. It doesn't appear that you are as into the SK fandom anymore, so I'm not expecting a lot, but I'm sure I'll at least enjoy what is already there. Thank you for writing this story :) (and for completing it! There are way too many deadfics on this site :D )
Elise chapter 46 . 9/3/2013
AMAZING story. I cannot even begin to describe the greatness of this master piece. A very heartfelt thank you to you.
JustAnotherHuman chapter 46 . 6/12/2013
Wow! Very nice story.
twilightdreamers chapter 46 . 1/2/2013
Loved the story! So sweet!
lilpopsplash chapter 46 . 10/29/2012
Bravo. Amazing story. Its weird that for the first time it wasn't Yoh who saved Hao, still they( all 3 brothers Anna, and Sora) gave Hao a family.
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