Reviews for Force of Destiny
Khalthar chapter 34 . 11/13
I must say that I am STILL looking forward to the ending of this.
Khalthar chapter 30 . 11/13
Someone needs to say "Ohhh... KRIFF!"
PerfectPlaysYT chapter 34 . 11/8
Is there more?
I want it to be more.
Smile Back chapter 20 . 7/16
Welll i think the chances of you continuing this story are slim.. but I would really like to see more...
kelwin chapter 27 . 6/15
good fic. I see it has been a long time since you were active.
kelwin chapter 34 . 6/14
good fic. hope you up date soon.
guest chapter 34 . 5/9
This is so good! The family bonding and build up is the best part.
SiriuslyPink chapter 16 . 2/5
Ugh. Please use quotations when your characters speak. It's hard to follow the story without them.
Lord Sanguine chapter 34 . 1/21
Quite a good read. Shame you never finished.
Guest chapter 34 . 1/18
Very interesting What Might Have Been. Thanks for the interesting read!
maryg92844 chapter 34 . 1/17
Well that was a great story. It's been 10 years; I wish you would have posted the remainder to make it complete.
Virodeil chapter 34 . 11/24/2015
I hesitated from reading more, at the beginning, but now I'm glad I did. The story was lighter than I thought, easier to read but nonetheless compelling. I like it very much. I hope you aren't planning to kill any of the twins, Ani, Jix or Han or Padme though... I love them too much. :)
I noticed this story hasn't been updated for quite a long time. Just... well, I'm looking forward to an update, still. It would be quite a pity if it's discarded.
- Rey
Difdi chapter 17 . 10/31/2015
This chapter has an amazing number of formatting errors, it looks like the site stripped out every quotation mark from around speedh.
Difdi chapter 8 . 10/30/2015
You have a recurring typo. There is no such epithet as a country pumpkin in the context you are using the word. While there are indeed many pumpkins on farms out in the country, there is no such epithet.

Instead, there are country bumpkins. A bumpkin is a naive, inexperienced and ignorant person.

Which makes more sense, calling someone inexperienced with city life inexperienced, or calling them brain dead and in a coma?
Guest chapter 17 . 9/29/2015
Great story. I really am enjoying it. Unfortunately it seems like some of you're chapters are half finished. In 16 and 17 particularly you are missing dialogue and all quotation marks. Its a bit difficult to read because of that.
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