Reviews for Issue 2: Calling Tech Support
Tenderfoot chapter 1 . 5/4/2009
You know JP would so have a princess-like disgust for Paige’s husking … it is kind of icky. But at least there starting to make friends. Which probably wouldn’t have happened had they stayed at Xaviers.

I think it’s kind of sad that Kitty couldn’t continue with her studies, but since it means having her as a member of the Fallen Angels I will stop complaining now. But what’s the tragedy that connects her and Bobby? I’m sorry to say that I’m not that well versed in what is going on in the comics these days (or the days before for that matter).

And JP is jealous. Poor guy. But hopefully he will get a love life sooner or later, even if it doesn’t involve Bobby Drake.
Melodyrider chapter 1 . 8/12/2007
Great chapter! Bobby's letter was a great way to frame the two sides I saw to this story, the first with Bobby's and Jubelee's efforts to remain at least somewhat connected to the people the care about amongst the X-Men, yet at the same time unable to handle the connection well. Bobby's inability to write his letter and especially his conversation with Hank were both equally powerful in that regard. I especially liked that Hank was unable to pass along his findings.

The scene between Jean-Paul and Paige was fun, and it was interesting to see him suprise her with that little bit from his past. Will we be seeing her surprise him soon, too?

Absolutely loved the scene between Kurt and Kitty, her recruitment being the second side to the story as I see it. They've always had a great dynamic between them and it was perfectly reflected here. Not to mention the fact that it was no great mystery to see his timing was perfect. That's Kurt, after all. When he knows something needs to be done, he does it, especially when it's a friend in need.

Jean-Paul comes off very well in this, but still manages to be a jerk. Kitty's arrival was an effective interruption of his plans to take Bobby out for drinks, and it was interesting to see the encounter between the two through his eyes. It makes sense that he's immediately suspicious, not to mention the way he's more concerned with how Bobby is reacting than Kitty. The moment happens so unexpectedly, after all, that describing the way she might feel about seeing him would probably have halted the story about, especially the way Kitty tends to react when she's attracted to somebody.

Already looking forward to the next chapter!
B Oots chapter 1 . 4/30/2004
The story is getting better with each new story to the series. I look forward to reading the next story.
SilverCaladan chapter 1 . 4/5/2004
Hm, you know, I just realized that I read this, but never got around to reviewing. Now, this is a cardinal sin on my part, so I'll have to go back through and read it again _.

Not that I'm complaining, mind.

I love how much trouble Bobby is having with his email. It is rather amusing. How long, total, did he sit at that computer trying to send it? LOL I noticed that he didn't even send it at the end. I mean, throughout the entire thing he's just sitting there trying to get it to "say" what he thinks is what he is feeling, but at the same time, conforming to accepted standards.

But jeez, Hank was just... interesting to read, definitely, but Bobby could have at least heard him out. He was obviously trying to say *something* important, and Hank had better try again in a later issue or you'll be getting some flak from me.

Although the part with Kitty being exposed was a bit... I dunno. It just seemed rather condensed. She managed to get through the crowd of reporters easily enough, but how did she get down to them, anyway? Last thing I knew she was in her apartment, grabbing her backpack, and then she was turning the knob to the outside of the first floor of her building. Rather... interesting. That, and I felt the scene could have been stretched out a bit more. I know it has been overdone in practically every fanfic that has something of the kind... but it felt rather rushed. Everything else was fine, just the scenes with Kit... were you guys rushing to get her to Bobby?

Other than that, I like the mention of how John-Paul was a terrorist. Has Paige ever really done anything like that? Because she seems inordinately curious. Hm... guess she's never really talked to half of the X-Men teams... hehe

~ SilverCaladan ~
Polka dot chapter 1 . 3/22/2004
If he hadn't seen her since she was 14 how could they have a history/tragedy?
cyberpilate chapter 1 . 3/2/2004
Ah, that just settled ni feeling... )
Again, I'm very impressed by your use of poor, misused chaacters and characterizations from the books. But, I have to admit, this Bobby/Kity thing is definately a surprise. Is there... an issue I missed or is this some cleverly added trick?
Keep writing! I'm on the edge of my seat here about this mysterious 'other' memeber yet unrevealed... )
Lightofstar chapter 1 . 2/29/2004
Brilliant! I wish the writers at Marvel would think to write some of the characters interacting like you two do. The Paige/JP talk alone would of got me to read this. Showing their views and past and having them bicker. :)
It's good to have Kitty hanging out with her fave fuzzy elf, it's been too long. But I'm kinda wondering what the 'tragedy' Kurt is talking about that Kitty And Bobby share. Is it canon?
Finally my favorite part the Bobby/Hank talk. It was heartbreaking to read Bobby break down like that. You guys described his S.M. and the problems that occurred with it better than Austen did. Are you doing to have him meet up with his old friends? Or at least Hank? At any rate you guys are holding my interest and I can't wait for more.
Joey1 chapter 1 . 2/29/2004
Well, another great chapter. Seeing everyone interact and play against each other is nice, although given how disorganized they almost seem to be, hopefully they can pull together when push comes to shove. Still, seeing the characters interact with each other is fantastic, especially since a lot of this stuff I've wanted to see in the comics but was never touched on.
I thought you're handling of Kitty was excellent, although I was kind of suprised to not see the reaction to the events from Tom or Shola, then again, they may not even be in Chicago anymore, plus, this is still a recent development, so I won't be suprised if the MekaniX supporting cast (well minus Xian, presumably) does pop up.
Speaking of popping up, I wonder if the team will run into the other group of "X-runaways", the X-treme team? At the very least it would be interesting to see Paige interact with Sam again. Just a random tought, really.
Finally, good to hear that the Angels will cross paths with Weapon X, whatever will happen there, no doubt it will be interesting.
Once again, an excllent issue! Can't wait for number three!
amura chapter 1 . 2/28/2004
this was awesome! i cannot WAIT for the next "issue"
poor jp! he's always getting his heart broken it seems :(
i love that kitty's now in it, she's one of my favorite characters...although i always thought she and kurt should hook up (which would also conveniently free up bobby for jp ;p)
keep up the great work!
Verthril NSI chapter 1 . 2/25/2004
I gotta say the last two Issues? Chapters? whatever have been amazing. You two have done a great job. I am very much looking forward to the continuing adventures of the Fallen Angels.
BlueSqueak chapter 1 . 2/25/2004
Great continuation. Unfortunately, I'm not the biggest Kitty fan, but she's a good character if used correctly. But, then again, I was never a huge JP fan, but you guys make him pretty likable, so we'll see what happens. And, of course, it's all taking place in Chicago, my favorite city (mainly b/c I live there :) )
Wishful Thinking2 chapter 1 . 2/25/2004
::wants to laugh hysterically, but just coughs into her fist instead, seeing as shes in a library:: oh, yes. much good, much good. i see i wasnt deserving enough for the letter page, so i shall try to be more inspiring this time around! firstly: was JP really in the FLQ? or is this an exciting addition of your own? either way, it adds a whole new dimension onto his character, especially since he says he isnt proud of it. the way you interspersed bobby's letter in between the other people's scenes is a perfect way of fitting a lot of characters into one apartment and one concise understandable story. i am surprised that kitty is using her powers so...observably? i should think that she would keep it a little more under wraps, especially considering purity. but it sucks that her political career is ruined...not like i knew she had a political career to begin it canon? ah well... aw, ive always liked kurt and kitty...but yeah, theres a fat chance of any of that in this fic, hehe. theyre cute as friends too, though. kurt's the type that is friendly with everyone, and means it. jubilee is as lovable as sorry i missed whatever issues she was in LA...woulda been sweet...and its nice that bobby feels the need to rant every once in a while...even if he does break down crying...hehe...but i have a feeling that he shoulda been listening to hank when he mentions "lab results". yes, its always a good idea to not hang up when phrases like that come up. and, of course, the inevitable. ::endures much whacking:: poor JP, man, i'd never think id hear myself say this, but marvel needs more is this hist, excuse me, tragedy canon? cause if it is, i'm sure you have the issues somewhere and can tell em which ones i need to look up. and if it *isnt*, well, then! you have some explaining to do!
Drunk on Tang chapter 1 . 2/25/2004
You have got to be reading my mind, because you are almost definitely picking some of my favorite characters for this... I mean, Bobby, Kurt, and now Kitty? Who next!
The Scribe3 chapter 1 . 2/25/2004
Awesome chapter. I'm very intrigued by this trajedy between Bobby and Kitty. And are they going to move or just stand there forever. I prefer no Bobby/Jubes cause they are just friends and definetely keep Bobby straight. Anyway write more ASAP I can't wait for the next part.
Red Witch chapter 1 . 2/25/2004
This is awesome! I love how the Fallen Angels are really sticking it to Xavier and the X-Men! Can't wait to see where this series goes!
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