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Ashen Author chapter 7 . 5/23/2013
Very good story. The shinzoku always have been a bit hypocritical.
She-Who-Is-Not-To-Be-Psycho chapter 7 . 9/23/2010
I'm going to copy-paste the review I wrote for a forum of this story. And I might be a little too brutally honest, but that might only serve to show how my feelings for this story are:

This fanfiction revolutioned the inside of my head. Seriously freaking out... in bliss.

I'm stumped. I'm literally stumped. I think I've just read the best Slayers fanfiction of all history. No, it is a great story all on itself without really mattering if it's Slayers or not; it could simply be a great adventure novel - with admitely loads of plagiarism as such.

And MIND this little but very important fact: I don't even agree on the couple... Zelgadis/Sylphied ?

I mean, it's just histerical as a couple, riddiculous, wrong, and for what I consider, ewwwy. Can't be called canon (well, there was a bit of Xellos/Filia in the background that made up for it), but... the funny thing is, I wasn't bothered by it a lot.

I mean, I was *a bit* bothered. I'm just too impressed because they were impressively canon DESPITE this! It was... -GASP- believable in the realm of canon Slayers. (Except for Sylphied, in my opinion she was made into more than she really is...)

And yes, there was this thing about Xellos being a bit too nice to humans, acting a bit uncharacteristically heroic at the end...

...and some times Sylphied just acted like a reeplacement for Filia (paradoxical, ne?)

So of course, everything concerning Zelgadis and Sylphied did look a bit... blegh. But you should see how the other characters interacted with one another! It was pure genius!

But let me explain, because I'm simply shocked. Say, even though the author had made this wonderful cast consisting of Zelgadis, Xellos and the rest of them not even within the "likeable" or popular Slayers characters - Sylphield, Naga the White Serpent and an OC, I *liked* them all.

Just how the heck do you that? You know, an OC? An OC which, for a OC, was completely likeable - do you know how hard that is to come upon?

And the plot, it is from the begining to end, "Slayerable". SO WELL PLANNED, a *perfect* circle! Beautiful. I... well, again, I would take Sylphied from the picture, assign Filia for that role and forget the whole pairing thing, but even the idea that it had to be Sylphiel played a role in the story.

So... I'm just stumped for words. I feel like I've been beaten over by mace-sama. Well, I admit it, I'm fairly egocentric when it comes to make the FF critic, not many things impress me and if they do, it's because they are enjoyable in one or maybe a few aspects (find it more than a couple would be odd).

I also pride myself in thinking I can make a fairy in-character, canon-like personification in my stories because most authors neglect to keep them as they originally are. This was not the case either.

This one literally blew me away.

PD. I could quote some of the lines of the story -Xellos making some of the best there- but there are just too many, and I would spoil it, I'm sure. So I'm just going to be over here, while I recover from shock.
BlackLioness chapter 7 . 6/12/2010
I know this story has been completed years ago, but I'd feel really bad if I didn't tell you just how wonderful it was and how much fun I had reading it. It felt more like I was watching the actual show then reading fanfiction, it was so good. You did a great job with the characters, they were spot on - the relationship between Zelgadis and Sylphiel was especially well handled, I've never even considered them as a couple before, but you made it work. I even liked all your OC's, especially Achi - she's one of the best if not the best OC I've seen so far, despite her being a bad guy I've grown to love her as much as the rest of the cast and was both happy and sad for her at the end. Well, I had a blast and now off to read the sequel!
Eolo chapter 7 . 11/29/2008
I think you could have used a bit more of descriptions as well as some breaks in order to avoid confusion by the sudden scene changes.

Setting said details aside I must say I'm truly impressed for the plot of your history is excellent (you caught me by surprise with Sylphiel's scar despite the previous hints and the usage of orihalcon and the elves was really smart).

The characterization is superb, the jokes are clever, and the interactions between characters are greatly done. I bow before your talent as a writer.

Oh, and the name of the Wind Dragon King is Valwin. He appears in the Slayers manga "Knight of the Aqua Lord".
Grasshopper chapter 7 . 4/19/2007
Wow. Just. WOW. This was awesome. So very, very awesome. I'm flailing about trying to come up with the right words to describe just how much I loved this fic. I'm more of a Zel/Amelia fan, but you've totally brought Sylphiel to life! And the progression of her and Zel's feelings for one another was so believably portrayed. Plus, the humor of it all can't be denied! There were parts where I was forced to stop reading due to laughing too hard. And the plot was so interesting, I just. WOW.

(And, on a side note, I really enjoyed the Xel/Filia bits. The way you've portrayed his feelings for her is spot on. I love it when a story can keep true to the fact that Xel's a mazoku, but still showing that not being able to love doesn't mean he can't feel. Outstanding.)

Must add to faves.
endragh chapter 7 . 8/1/2005
this is really good i hope you write more stuff so i can read more of yuor work.

_ endragh _
Jason Colbert chapter 7 . 9/30/2004
even reading it for the 2nd time was good. It was like watching a series of slayers without a Lina Dragon Slave every other episode. I LOVE IT! Now... FINISH THE DAMN SERIES YOU SLACKER!


Jason Colbert
Shozo Irie chapter 7 . 1/1/2003
OOhhh! There is nothing to begin a new year like a good history as this one. I like all of it, the couple Sylphiel-Zelgadis, the characterization of Naga (the second best that I've ever read in any slayer fanfic) and her Sidekick of Questionable Worth,XDXDXDX.

Your new character, Achi, is quite good.

The way that you mix humour, drama and action is fantastic.

I can't wait to read "Faces:After"
Kalissa55 chapter 7 . 4/29/2002
it was an interesting fic, and i had fun reading it _
Jason Colbert chapter 7 . 4/5/2002
damn Tom. I'm Like, speachless... DAMN! What a good damn story. YOU FINISH THIS SHIT OR ILL KILL YOU YOU TWIT! HEHEHE! VICTORY! "Yareyare"
Tamerine chapter 1 . 3/13/2002
I found this story about 2 monhs ago, and it immediately became one of my fave Slayers stories (2nd fave, in fact, after 'A Flower Whose Name I Don't Know Yet'), for various reasons.

Reason 1: It's just plain fun to read. You have a great knack for humor, and it makes the story a non-stop fun ride, much like Slayers is a fun watch.

Reason 2: I like the idea of a Sylphiel-Zel pairing. Zelgadis is one of my favorite anime characters, and I don't think he has a 'proper' pairing in the series; and while I like both Lina and Amelia, I could never find myself convinced that Zel would pair up 'right' with them. Sylphiel isn't a perfect match, either, but for some reason I could see it just a LITTLE more than the other two... perhaps because Mi-Wan, on whom Zel had a crush, was strangely like Sylphiel. While I think that the pair would work better in the English version, where Zel is less abrasive than the original Japanese counterpart, he's a bit mellower in your story than he is in the Jap. version, and so it works well. This is the only story that I know of that attempts ZelSylph, and it does so very well- often I am not interested in reading many other Slayers stories simply because ZelLina or ZelAmelia just don't strike me as 'right'.

Reason 3: Characterization is, for the most part, very true to Slayers. This is something that is VERY important to me as a reader, because mangled characterization makes me feel like I'm not reading something about Slayers. You handled everyone really well, nailing all their little quirks without getting the essence of the comedy lost in the drama, as many fanfiction of Slayers are wont to do.

Reason 4: You seem to have a great knack for plot twists (this is even more evident in 'Faces: After'). Even more importantly, you never make the story so very outlandish or strange that it makes me feel (like out-of-character stories do) that I am no longer reading a Slayers story (which is also so wierd that it gets rather headache-inducing- like those awful Slayers Try Alice in Wonderland and fish-love episodes). The events generally flow smoothly and make sense (as much sense of comedy events do, anyway!)

Reason 5: While I don't dislike Naga, I am no fan of the movies, and I usually find her addition to Slayers stories extraneous. But I loved the addition of Naga in this story! She was absolutely hilarious, THE comic relief of the story, and her interaction with Xelloss, her Sidekick of Questionable Worth, is highly amusing.

Reason 6: You created an original character that did NOT annoy me, as originals often do. In fact, I liked her! Originals tend to dominate fanfiction stories to an unnecessary extent, but Achi blended with the plot perfectly, never intruding into it, and always stayed in character to the very end.

The absolutely only thing in the story that I found a bit intrusive was the frequent reference to and the basing of some of the plot on the Slayers movie/s, which I dislike. However, it wasn't all that bad, since it did not detract from the general fun of the story.

Overall- I liked it a lot, as well as its sequel, Faces: After. Great work.
The Woodsman chapter 7 . 1/12/2002
Excellent work, as always. You are a master story teller, and this story proves it. Can't wait to read more.
Jul-chan chapter 1 . 1/3/2002
I had finally read the fic everyone was talking about...just to find out why everyone was talking about it... this is really good _ Keep up the good work in fanfic goodness.
Imoen chapter 7 . 11/12/2001
Wow! O.O That was one of the best Slayers fanfics I've ever read! I loooooooved it! The Mysterious Pie bit was SO funny! Poor Zel though, just a shortcake...hehe o~ I've always liked the idea of Zel and Sylphiel as a couple! They are SO KAWAII TOGETHER! Excellent job! -
TheArchimage chapter 7 . 11/3/2001
This is awesome! It's got everything: great character development, high-powered battles for the world, and a truly twisted sense of humor. Makes me want to read the rest of your stuff! A thousand accolades!
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