Reviews for Legend of Zelda: Reconciliation
PlAySwFire chapter 27 . 3/6
I haven't given up on you!
mkm chapter 27 . 11/29/2016
You know, it was only on a whim, and a very distant memory of fondness and nostalgia that I re-read this series. And I forgot how utterly amazing it is.

I will also say that Reconciliation is much stronger than Return, only because I can see how much your writing style grew and improved over some 60-odd chapters. Really well done :)

And I can't believe this story is going to be almost 13 years old... With the new trend of updating every two to three years, I suppose it's wishful thinking to imagine the next chapter will be released soon aha?
Ynot364 chapter 27 . 8/30/2016
This just get better and better. Can't stop reading!
Guest chapter 27 . 8/26/2016
Plz don't let this story go update soon Plz
Anonymous chapter 27 . 6/23/2016
This story reaaaally needs an update...I've read it and The Return twice now and this one is still the same. Please?
Timetraveling Author chapter 27 . 6/20/2016
So... Do you think you could give us an update? It's been...two years.
SilverCoatl chapter 27 . 5/27/2016
I finally finished rereading this! I really, really liked The Return, but as awesome as it was, it doesn't even hold a candle to Reconciliation. This story is so incredible - it's amazing to see just how much your writing has improved over the years.

On a side note - I was eventually planning on writing a Zelda story of my own, and coming up with my own origins for the Gerudo, etc., and I still might, but I don't think I can write anything even close to what you came up with. Your version should be canon. XD

When you eventually find time to get back to this story, I can't wait to read more! Your chapters are so long, they're practically like little books themselves...but good writing takes time! I'll probably go check out the Warden's Return next...even though it's no longer a Zelda story, I'm excited to see how much it's improved from the original!
Freefan1412 chapter 18 . 5/14/2016
That with the wolfish beast was a brilliant stroke. The dark world twists and perverts and so the wolf is not a stable form, but it is still a wolf. And there we have a the beginning, the seed planted for why the next Hero turns into 'a blue eyes beast'. I love when there are connections like that between the Links. Just tiny things, not much. One thing leads to another and traces of eras past remain. Love it. :)
All in all, as brilliant a chapter as it usual is. :)
Sheikoftheblue chapter 27 . 5/6/2016
NOOOO! This can't be the end! Look forward to ANY update by a clearly talented writer.
WishIWould chapter 27 . 4/10/2016
Well, I finished rereading a bit ago, but I waited to write a review for this chapter. The beginning of a new arc YAY! And I am SO excited about it. I even looked up which dungeon this new one is...I couldn't find my GBA to replay the game, but I watched a couple youtubes of it and I can't WAAIIIT to see what you do with it! What kind of context did you create for it? I love how all your descriptions of Zelda's metaphorical frost lend themselves to creating the mood of this dungeon already. I don't want to spoil anyone browsing these reviews, but I love having tiny bits of insight from knowing the game, even if those "insights" couldn't possibly give away what you're going to do with it, lol.

I am just aaaching to know what it is that's going on with Malon...why her body is empty, controlled? by the Bari? If Malon's saying she's "lost" and Zelda saying "you have no idea" has any significance...lost. Lost. Hm. The description of the ballroom is a wonderful mood-setter, especially what with all the death cult / ghost grabbing descriptions from the dream team, it's chilling and evocative and tantalizing to get a glimpse of, and it's super-exciting to be on the upswing of a new adventure now!

I noted that the boss of that dungeon (?spoilers?) is called Kholdstare, which is STRIKiNGLY similar to a certain Sentinel's name...but Khol is supposed to be remaking Revanas! We're supposed to be going after Valdyx! (Link's hesitation/temptation to pursue Revanas hasn't escaped my notice, though, and I'm SURE that's foreshadowing for something...though I'm not sure what.) It might just be coincidence, or be meaningless, but a part of me wonders if maybe they'll EXPECT to find Valdyx's physical form, but instead are somehow tricked into confronting Khol and/or Revanas? Bleee I can't wait to see what you do with all this!

Also, and maybe this is just me? But I feel like this chapter kind of marks an important shift for Zelda's character. She's always been all right with sacrificing her personal desires and personal life to her duties to the crown, to the goddesses and as a sage. The fact that she never lets herself go off and adventure with Link, and that she holds back in personal commitments and trust in general, is a testament to that. And she's okay with absorbing those negatives, it's a noble sacrifice for The Greater Good (tm).

But here, she's really seeing for the first time the way that cold dedication to Duty and Winning caused her, in her past lives, to wreak havoc on innocents, who are still suffering from it hundreds and maybe thousands of years later. I think it's telling that her reaction isn't to justify her past selves, but to be horrified. To want to put her efforts toward restitution. Maybe, MAYBE, Zelda will start leaning more towards following her heart and honoring personal loyalty and trusting in the Goddesses instead of relying on herself to do and arrange everything. I think it would be a positive step for her to try helping the sentinels, although I'm almost afraid for what she'd do if SHE got the Triforce wish.

I would looove to see her postpone returning to Hyrule in favor of adventuring with Link et al. Lol you KNOW we'd all love that. Not even for shippy reasons, not even for the fun of seeing her be a more active bad-A, but for what it would do to her SOUL and her character in terms of...I don't know, healing, I guess. I never thought about it, but Zelda's heart is just, layers and layers and layers of scars from the hits she takes for the sake of "responsibility" and "the kingdom." I want to see those scars heal. And I'd love for her to HAVE a moment, some breathing room, where she defies the logic of duty and gives her soul some space to expand and felt the thrill of doing something RIGHT even if it doesn't make sense. I'd love to see her heart open a little more toward trust, whether it's trust in her loved ones, trust in the goddesses, trust in the universe, or maybe even trust in herself.

On another note, I just realized why seeing the words "Jinni of the Red" is so strange and chilling to me. After she died, she was restored to the Elite and dressed in White. She's supposed to be a White again. But she died as a Red, and if she's in the Dark World, then she's forever stuck as she died.

But she might not necessarily be a ghost the same way Aeria was, and that gives me pause. Does she recognize Link, Neesha and Hunter? Is she, too, somehow controlled by that bari/monster thing that's keeping Malon's body as a little slave or whatever? How much self-awareness does she have? Is her personality and her mind-set impacted by the Dark World? If it is, did it blow up the part of her that used to be loyal to Ganon...did it fan the flames of resentment toward Hunter for her death...does she even remember her death? So many questions!

Also, suuuper unimportant. Maybe it's cause I don't know where my GBA is so I cAn'T ppllAaaY it, but for the LIFE of me I can't figure out if these run-of-the-mill highway men (feat. Flicker Lady, mole-man, big teeth, chimera lady and bird woman) are based on in-game monsters or not. IF not, conGRATS because they have that VERY VERY VERY Legend-of-Zelda weirdness-and-whimsy feel to them, you nailed it! If they ARE from the game, I love the way you managed to incorporate such a classically Zelda feature!

Anyway, yes yes, very look forward so excite. I'm patient, though, no worries ;) Shoot, it's still under 2 years since your last update, the night is young and there's no rush!
WishIWould chapter 24 . 4/5/2016
Nobernal. NOBERNAL!

The single most interesting, well-thought-out, and deeply felt interpretation of a boss battle I have ever seen. It literally takes my breath away. If I have any LEFT after Lierana's stirring departure...!

This is one of those things you do - one of many - that just strikes me randomly sometimes, when I'm not doing anything to do with Zelda or fan-fiction or tumblr or writing or anything, and makes me just, shiver in awe. And also excitement. Because it reminds me of the things that CAN be done with writing, and it makes me want to do it myself, too. t.
WishIWould chapter 22 . 4/5/2016
Dark World Gerudooooooooo! 3 3 3 omg so happy! It's ironic, somehow, that we learn the most about OUR Gerudo tribe's culture and history when confronted with the stark contrast of their wolfish Dark World sisters. I always "bought" that Link was half-Gerudo and rightful Gerudo King, but this chapter was the first time that I FELT it, deep like a fire in my bones. I haven't read any of Warden's Return and I don't know how much of the plot line survives, but I can't WAIT to see how you incorporate the much more fleshed-out details of Gerudo culture that were more fully developed/expressed in the sequel to your rewrite of the original story. It's hard not to just flail around, here. I think the closer I get to current chapters, the more my buzz of fan girl excitement takes over, but for real. I could write essays about LoZ RR. I think this, the Gerudo rock and fire and oasis and steel and how brightly they burn together - that spirit of the Wind - is ultimately the reason a part of me honestly believes you'll never, ever give up on this story, even if you're typing out the last chapter in your 90s. (And I mean, don't take that as a guilt trip or anything because if you decide it's more important for your life to cut RR loose, I will be first in line with understanding about it!) But despite the fact that I've always associated your personality with Sheikah culture for some reason (maybe the icon blu made you)? That Gerudo fire burns bright in you, and it'll never stop burning.
WishIWould chapter 19 . 4/5/2016
oM g DuuThIe's Alliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive no wonder I always think he lives LOL! OKay but it's a point of PRIDE with me that I never fall for it when characters SEEM to have died but come dare u, Rose. How dare u ruin my reputation. Not only did I fall for it, but I apparently fall for it EvErY tImE i ReAd this STORY!

True story that I didn't remember until reading chapter 19...when I first read RR, it was written up until Reconciliation 18, therefore THIS chapter is the first chapter I experienced as you released it! So even though it is by no means a recent chapter, as I read it I am just all AWASH with nostalgia at the "newness" I remember feeling from it.

Things I forgot to say about chapter 18: man do I loooove the way you incorporated the pink bunny. I am so glad that you kept it present in the story, but in a way that's true to the tone of your adaptation. yussssssssss. Also, though, Blind! and the Cleric/Blind "conflict" - the thing that's tough about trying to adapt ANY Zelda story into novel format is, dungeon gameplay and boss fights are repetitive in writing. And you did something INCREDIBLE with it here, a very involving and complex interpretation that was living and dynamic and emotionally engaging. The deception and the social drama of it, especially. The manipulation of groups of hopeless people. Gah. What are words, it's far too late/early for this.

But I mean, I remember playing the game, and feeling that creeping chill when the maiden leads you AWAY from the exit, and the apprehension that started with "it shouldn't be this easy..." ramps up to "something is very wrong." And the feeling of BETRAYAL and fear when the maiden turns out to be this white-clad demon. I remember thinking it would be cool to read as a story. And you took that bare bones outline, and all those feelings, and wove it into something more thorough and vibrant, as befits a written story as opposed to a very archetypal game...

Never over it, Rose, I'm never over it. I'd be lying if I said "I don't even care if you never finish this story," but the second half of the thought is true, which is that my awareness of what I like in a story has become much more vivid and clear as a result of what you've already done! And I mean, I've wanted to be an author since I was three, so identifying the things in a story that give me that ZING of excitement and interest is just, paramount. I love it. loveitiloveitiloveitforever
WishIWould chapter 18 . 4/5/2016
I can't believe that the entirety of Fake Hunter is in just this one chapter. The relief of having REAL Hunter back is just PALPABLE! I will always look back on my first time reading this chapter fondly. I hadn't figured out that Blind was disguised as Hunter until the narrative specifically spells it out, so when Link was arguing with and prodding Hunter, I felt exactly what Link did. He was TOO MUCH like Hunter NOT to be Hunter...but he couldn't be Hunter! It wasn't quite right! But it was TOO right NOT to be! I had played ALttP but forgotten about this boss battle, it had been years, so that didn't help me, either.

I feel like I've read a lot of stories where a Doppelganger imitates a beloved character and the hero can't quite figure it out, but I've never seen anyone do it as successfully as you did here. Usually, I'm frustrated as all get-out that the hero can't put together the obvious clues. That they're deceived by appearances. What's fantastic about this is that the appearance isn't what's convincing, it's the attitude and behaviors...and yet, they're not quite right. How you do dis ees magic. I love getting to experience that WITH the hero - and have him not be an idiot about it and be on the same page as me - instead of having the narrative use disguises as a cheap trick against me as the reader. It's just one facet of the integrity you show as a writer that I admire, love, and aspire to!

Also, I don't know HOW? But EVERY TIME, EVERY GODDESS DANG TIME I read this - and it's usually a few years between rereads...I convince myself that Duthie survived! And then I read the chapter and he HASN'T and I'm SO MAD! Why do I always think Duthie lives?! Setting myself up for heartbreak :(

But ohmigosh having Hunter back is literally the biggest breath of fresh air, ever. I'm sure you felt it as a writer, too, probably more keenly than I do as a reader! Hunter, it's so funny because he technically fits a lot of the criteria people have for "Mary Sue"s? but he just? isn't? one? Which I thoroughly delight in, because first of all Mary Sue-shaming is stupid. But I love that yes, you invented a character who happens to be childhood friends with Zelda/Sheik, and yes, he happens to be surprise-related to Link and Impa both and yes, he ends up Link's best friend, and yes, he's romantically paired with a beloved canon character, and yes, he's super-talented in ways that impact the plot and yes, those are all things that people use for "Mary Sue" characters...but none of those traits defines Hunter's personality, defines his importance to the narrative, or defines why we as readers feel attached to him. Hunter is living literary evidence that resentment towards "Sue" traits in a character is self-defeating because he (and of course Neesha and your other OCs) are about as well-rounded and distinct and flawed and incredible as characters get! And hopefully - I know people talk about "Mary Sues" as negative but HOPEFULLY this review as I've written it demonstrates that I'm not comparing Hunter to the idea of a Mary Sue as some sort of backhanded compliment. Only forward hands...only compliments and excitement as both a reader and a writer...feel the luv

Anyway, this review has gotten long, it's 3:30am and I have an appointment at 11am...but you bet I'm gonna put on my irresponsible pants and read on to chapter 19 before I sleep. Goll durn you, Rose, lol
WishIWould chapter 9 . 4/3/2016
So, this is the chapter with one of my very favorite passages in it. Some people write their first person in the same style as their third person, just swapping out "S/he" pronouns for "I" pronouns. Whenever I'm trying to demonstrate to someone how to use first person to your advantage, I share the excerpt where he draws the Master Sword from the pedestal. I don't know how many people I've shared it with, but it's just, ugh! Too good! So infused with his personality, for one. It's too late at night for me to explain in so many words what it is about that passage that's got hold of me so deeply, but it will always be one of my favorite uses of first person narrative, ever. "Is it honest?" Man.
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