Reviews for Gaogaigar: REVIVE
Mallowman chapter 6 . 9/19/2007
In theory it makes more sense to restore LinerGaoII, StealthGaoI, and DrillGaoII and just equip them on Galeon. You lose a bit of power by lacking both Program and Phantom Rings, but you get the Genesic Aura/Genesic Bolt. (It makes even more sense to restore Broken/Protect/Spiral/Straight/GadgetGao, since they have so little damage relatively speaking, but you said you were uncomfortable with Genesic.)

If The Power entered ES Space, it was during that two-second interval where a window to Jupiter was open (and looking at what we know of Project Z, odds are this is what actually DID happen).

Guy now calls himself "a superhuman Evoluder" rather than "mankind's strongest cyborg".

Where'd Renais go? She was co-piloting King J-Dar last we saw of her. Did she go with G or J?

The Galloreia Road/Load does one of two things, and nobody knows which. The first is that it might make ES Windows (in which case it provides a convenient means of escape if Genesic were restored to full strength by The Power). The second is that it would be an absurdly strong attack method (this actually seems more likely, as it would have been used to destroy Pisa Sol). However, in this event, the Double-Head Driver could in theory still be used to escape (thus making the secondary Bolting Driver useful). In either event, you really only need one.

How did Mikoto go from being nearly dead to normal so quickly? Even the new machine species takes time to regenerate.

While the formatting and grammar are terrible, you have the makings of something here. Keep going.
Evil Riggs chapter 1 . 4/30/2007
The story is fine, but the script formatting is a bit off-putting. There's a screenplay section in a somewhat forgotten corner of this site (I believe it's under "Misc."), and as such this might find a better home there.
Xanatrix Zadare chapter 2 . 3/20/2007
Sorry to submit another review, but I just re-read this fic. Anyways, the author who stated that Evoluder Guy is not a cyborg is actually correct. What the G-Stone and Guy's own form of Joukai did at the end of the regular series was return everything back to organic, and stop Mechanization. This meant that ALL cybernetics inside Guy are GONE. Only the G-Stone, now infused into his arm, is what remains of his once-cyborg self. But other than that, it's still good. I'm (still) writing the second chapter of my own story, so check it out when I post it.
Xanatrix Zadare chapter 1 . 10/13/2006
Ahem. Please excuse this upcoming rant, but I can't help it.

A) Umm...the power...right...coming into interdimensional space? Between the dimensions in Escape Space? No. I think not. The power was left a Jupiter.

B) Hrrm...Genesic becoming Genesis? No. The name in AMERICA when they put out the translation of FINAL will also be Genesic.

C) Genesic using the theoretical Galeolia Road/Load? Theoretically possible. If it's Road, it may be an Interdimensional Transport Device. If it's Load, not so. That will mean it's basically an attack more powerful than the damned Goldion Crusher. It'll be like the Galeolia Comet hitting a planet. But no one really knows. So...umm...come up with something a bit more believeable?

Now, the pros of your story. The new Emperor Soldat-J. Nice. But you need to explain which number he is (original J is Soldat-J 002 out of 31 J's). Also, you need to explain how he came by the J parts in depth. The mysterious voice tells us nothing. Finally...please, please let him fight the GENESIC! Watch him get stomped to the ground.

Watch for Xanatrix: Android of the G-Light in Anime Crossovers. Several different anime in one! And original characters! Sorry...shameless plug! XD
the lazy author chapter 3 . 11/16/2005
To answer the question regarding the power, yes it is true that the power was found in jupiter however that was just ONE of many places which it existed in, the 31 primevils had hinted that they had come accross the power while in other places in the universe which also had some of the power's energy, jupiter was just a holding point of a relatively large ammount of the stuff.
Ramza Lionheart chapter 3 . 11/15/2005
Wow, the very first G fanfic is back and it's going to be completed! Yay!

Huh? The Power? I thought that thing was located on Jupiter, Gai's mom died trying to harness did they get it?

If this is an OVA, I'd guess your story would go up to 14-15 episodes. How far are you willing to take this.

Also, looking forward to the you-know-who brothers. ;)
author who is too lazy chapter 1 . 11/7/2005
this is a relay to my first review of the series, to the random g fan who thankfully brought light to the various subjects and arguements here are a few answers for you:

1. I decided to re use the orginal GaoGaiGar cause I felt that this was the unit which I was more familar with and that it was the most basic of the three units (Star, Figh and Genesis), and that the 3G team would have the least problems with recreating with the materials which they were left drifted with. (remember at the end of final even thou the giant goldymarg was broken due to the power output there should still be plenty of parts)

2. Evoluder Guy or *inserts poor fan sub or dub name* which guy becomes at the end of the TV series is a cybernetic organic being, in essence he is still a cybory in human terms and that the evolution of a high being just means that he no longer possesses the old cyborg nature of being bulky, heavy and cold.

3. I only refered to the broken arm due to the fact that he cannot have an attack which will do J-Der any good in his current state and knowing his own skills and capabilies GaoGaiGar cannot keep up with the speed of the two Js.

4. J-Der's sword doesn't fall off, it just fail's, meaning the power which his J jewel can't keep up with the useage and the weaponary stops.

5. Err wizard did it, only joking, I thought that not having a difuse protocol was kinda silly so I put on there(explained later).

P.s. note I wrote this fic over a year ago and haven't done anything on it since (lack of response and the fact that there wasn't a G section back then)
Just an anonymous GGG fan chapter 1 . 11/5/2005
Well, it's a bold attempt to start a GaoGaiGar fanfic but there are a few continuity problems:

1. How did Gai revert to using GaoGaiGar? Wasn't he in Genesic GaoGaiGar in the end of FINAL? And even so, the original Gao Machines were destroyed along with the fake GaiGar in GF 02, so there's no reason for Stealth Gao, Liner Gao and Drill Gao to appear. Genesic is the last remaining one of the Gaogaigar series, after Star GaoGaiGar and GaoFighGar were succesively owned.

2. Gai is not a Cyborg anymore. He ceased being one at the end of the TV series. He becomes an Evoluder, because the G Stone helps him evolve into a higher being.

3. The broken arm reason is pretty dim. Gai isn't the kind to give up so soon. He still has the left arm, and can still use Plasma Hold, if he were GaoGaiGar. Secondly, assuming this is Genesic, he could just as well use the Genesic Bolt from Galeon's mouth.

4. J-Der's plasma sword can't fall off, since it's formed on the hands, and isn't held.

5. (This is minor and ignorable) GaoGaiGar can't defuse on it's own, as explained in the beginning of the TV series.

Really, I appreciate your work, and I wish you good luck. The idea of another J warrior is excellent. Those were just the rants of a fanboy. Take them as advices. _

GaoGaiGar Banzai!