Reviews for Starting Over
GothicGirl44 chapter 4 . 8/28/2009
this is really good. PLZ go on!
thefrokidd chapter 1 . 10/14/2007
the story was pretty good.

but what happened between her and landon?

why did they end up hating each other?

please tell

Amythest Girl chapter 4 . 11/12/2006
Ok, so what i gather Jamie either didn't have cancer or she went into remission.

Good Story, update soon.

Amythest Girl
Latinagal chapter 4 . 10/18/2006
I LOVE THIS STORY! PLEASE update soon :] thanks.
geekster chapter 4 . 4/25/2005
wow...u havnt updated in a while. i love ur story tho. i wish ud update soon.
raquel chapter 4 . 8/12/2004
hey ur story is soo great how come u never updated it? i hope u read this review and hopefully it will inspire you to write more
Beth chapter 4 . 5/12/2004
Omg that was really good... i can't wait 4 the next chapter!
Moshimoshi chapter 4 . 3/29/2004
Hey i really like your story and I hope you post more soon it is really good :)
aPPle-FrrEAk chapter 4 . 3/26/2004 "it's time to move on" do you mean from the past? OR from Landon in general? I guess I'll have to wait huh? haha Happy Times, Keep Writing and Toogles! ~Apples~
everlasting-oranges chapter 3 . 3/25/2004
katie chapter 4 . 3/25/2004
i love it! can you update quicker this time just because its so good.
a reader chapter 4 . 3/24/2004
It's great fic so far.I had thought they already resolved everything?
Keep it coming!
JamiesAngel2008 chapter 3 . 3/15/2004
cute chapter hope you update soon
BrianBrady chapter 3 . 3/14/2004
Have you ever been to a funeral? No one would need to "save" Jamie a seat. As her father's close family the church would have the first row (or rows in the case of a large family) reserved for her. Also, Jamie's mom died in child birth. It's unlikely that they would bury her father before the funeral. Other than that you have a good start on a story here. Keep going.
Magicgirl810 chapter 3 . 3/14/2004
O my god. I told myself i was reading enough stories expecially since i am trying to write my first fanfic. But i saw ur story and told myself i will just read this one. I am so glad i did. U must update.
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