Reviews for The Gloves Are Off
Dizzymixer chapter 15 . 7/31/2010
I really liked this story. I think you captured the voice of each character perfectly. :D

thank you for posting!

xoxo Dizzy
sage of dark magic chapter 15 . 3/13/2004
oh that was so sweet! i almost cried though
Patchverse-SheCat chapter 1 . 3/12/2004
Okay, I'll be reviewing your stuff here (can't stand those confuzzling little threads).
Have I told you yet how much I love this story? Love the take, the idea, the description...okay, the end was STILL a bit quick for me, even my second time reading, but love it, love it, love it.
And for those who say Remy's just making excuses, well, look at the last time he got blamed for someone. No wonder he doesn't want to be the guilty one again.
Yuna chapter 15 . 3/7/2004
This was a nice story. I'm a little torn though. Normally I like Gambit and Rogue together, but Remy acted like such a jerk here that I wish Rogue would have just dumped him. It was hard to find one redeeming quality in him that would make Rogue want to stay in the relationship. He slept around with other women. He came home drunk. He was constantly yelling at her when he should have voiced his opinion/hurt/complaints in a more civilized manner. He used her powers as an excuse for everything he did. On the day/night he was trying to make up with her, he completely forgot about their date, showed how little he valued her feelings and their relationship, and got drunk again. He acted like everything was her fault (the Nazi comment may have been mean and uncalled for but nothing compared to what he did to her) and she had nothing to forgive.
T chapter 15 . 3/6/2004
Great story, although i would have beat the crap out of Remy. He so diserved it.
ishandahalf chapter 15 . 3/6/2004
holy soap opera, batman! phew, all those ups and downs, that was exhausting! but i'm glad they FINALLY got on the trolley. logan threatening remy was just hilarious, same with remy always yelling at jean. well, the point is, cool beans! ;-)
Angelica chapter 15 . 3/5/2004
I loved how you wrote Rogue's relationship with Kurt. They really do seem like brother and sister here, something that's really missing from the comics. Bobby and Logan were great too.
But I still feel really bad for Rogue. Sure, she mispoke once or twice, but frankly Remy deserved it. He's been treating her horribly throughout the story. And his attempt to "talk" with her seemed more like it was just an excuse to blame her for all of his problems once again. Remy's been playing the victim and whining as though nothing was his fault. Rogue should have stood up to him and ended the relationship long ago.
Still I really enjoyed the story even though I still think Rogue should have handed his ass to him quite a few times.