Reviews for Let the Rain Fall
Nat chapter 2 . 12/31/2007
Not a very original OC, considering Faith from BtVS is Faith Wilkins.
Weapon X 61 chapter 1 . 3/20/2004
No clue who pepper is, Jamie is multiple, if you still don't understand look it up at waldens books store they should have the
"X-men Encclopedia "
by the way I own the the Book but not the copyrights lol bought the book for about $30.00 there is another book i have about X-men it's called "X-Men Ultimate guide" again i don't own the copyright just bought the book at waldens for about $20.00 you should get some of your answers there. for info on what's happened you should look for X-men Evolution on Cartoon network , again i don't own either.
well gonna read your fic. hope i helped out.
BabyGooGoo2 chapter 2 . 3/13/2004
This is acool story and it's ironic that your oc's name is Faith Witners and she is from Sunnydale California because she is on the show BtVS. On the show Faith is Slayer and already has freaky powers and tou may also be obsessed with the show. As for your question about the Morlocks, they're just a group/family of, for lack of a better word, ugly mutants that like to stay hidden and Evan went off with them after his mutation started to get out of control. Once again really cool story.
MischeviousFairy chapter 2 . 3/11/2004
Sorry 'bout your parents getting mad at you. That story is really good. Please update & LANCITTY yay i'm in heaven. Now before I go and read your other stories I have a question you said four brotherhood people and two acolytes. From what I've seen on the show only Remy out of the group was an acolytes.
WebKat07 chapter 2 . 3/10/2004
Cool beginning...don't be so hard on yourself.
Sunnydale is Buffy's setting and Faith is the name of a previous vampire slayer...I watch way too much TV...
SickmindedSucker chapter 1 . 3/6/2004
Yeah, Peace215 basically filled ya in on everything. Hell, they filled me in on some stuff I didn't know. but she forgot to mention that Spyke became real unstable about himself and went down to the sewers to be with the morlocks. And yeah, Jamies the most adorable of the new mutants :) Hope Peace215 gave you enough info to start your fic. I love Romy's as well, they are my life, hell, i have a Romy that i've finished and i'm startin on the sequal type thingy to it. lol. In my eyes, Rogue and Remy are the only two who go together. No Rogue/scott *gags* or Remy/Jubilee (that just scares hte hell outta me). Anyway, hope you can get your fic started soon!
Fire Goddess chapter 1 . 3/6/2004
I'll try and help but I can only answer some.
Jamie is the youngest recruit and gets picked on alittle. In evo he's called multiple because he can make copies of himself but has trouble controling it. In the comics he multiple man.
Amanda is kurts(nightcrawlers) human girlfriend. in comics shes a witch or something.
Remy talks in 3rd person in the old cartoon(way better than evo. but its not on any more so evo it is.)It was part of his charming personality. People write him talking in 3rd person in most fics and its become every uncommon to see him say 'I' that he uses rarely unless he is exteremly serious.
Acolytes are magentos lackies. Pitor(colosses) was backmailed by magento and the other two Remy and (pyro)reasons are is also a part just for fun.
so anymore ?'s feel free to email me.
Peace215 chapter 1 . 3/6/2004
okay what a long authors note but maybe I can help a bit. In the show evo, Remy doesn't talk about himself in the third person, only in the old 90's cartoon and the comics. Secondly Amanda is Kurt's girlfriend in the show which would daper the whole Kurt/Ororo thing huh? Pepper i've seen to and it's like and OC story where the author makes up a character and adds them to the story with their own twist on things. The Acolytes are Magneto(bad guy) new team where Remy, Piotr(Colossus)Sabertooth, and Pyro live and help him with his plan to have mutants dominate over the humans. Jamie is one of the new recuits, he's the youngest and one of the cutest too. He's adorable in the little bro kind-of I'm a huge ROMY fan too and that's one of the reasons why I'm gonna stick with this story and read&review a lot! Trust me once I get a story I try to read every update. If you also want to know about Prof. Xavier he is friends with Magneto but doesn't approve of the whole exposeing them to the world deal that he did and that's when the Acolytes first and Wanda are twins and are Magneto's kids, and Prof's got a loney bin son who's super powerful but we only see him and know about him for one episode then it's dropped(Lucus). And what's happened and how it ended with the adults Ororo, Prf, Magneto and Mystique being taken over by Apocolypes and then the whole team including other mutants not part of the team to fight them. Rogue saved the day by absorbing Leech's power of neturalizing a mutants powers, so that's what she did to stop A-poc and recapure him in his lil tomb thingy. There's a clip of the very last minute or two on the web as a down load that requires realplayer to use. It's Beyond Evolution: X-Men evolution and under video clips last season 4 as to help you what the last few moments were. So there's all the info I can pump you full and I can't wait to read the actual begining of your story, I can see this is going to be great
roguewannabe29 chapter 1 . 3/6/2004
can ya plz start da story i really really really like it