Reviews for Brothers in Arms
GSJessica chapter 27 . 8/25/2006
I have not been reading this story, sorry to say, because I was caught in the prequel/sequel trap and need to back up to the previous (many) stories in the series first. *But* I read this chapter and WOW! was that fantastic-tension, drama, action, the works-so now I'm yearning to rush back and catch up on all the parts!
ML Miller Breedlove chapter 27 . 8/25/2006
Lots of action! Wow! And the bombs are ticking. You really know how to keep the tension up. I'm a nervous wreck. I better go eat some chocolate and rest up for the next chapter. ;-)
L J Groundwater chapter 27 . 8/25/2006
I am so glad this chapter wasn't any longer; I can't hold my breath that long. This was full of visuals and twists and turns and bits that mean I can't WAIT to see the next part. Thanks.
smithcrafter chapter 27 . 8/24/2006
Alright! EVERYONE'S getting hurt in this one. Way to go!
HoganTime chapter 26 . 8/6/2006
I finally caught up with this series. It is truly great, the characters are beautifully done and your stories always leave me awed. How do you come up with these ideas? These ideas, together with your vivid writing make your stories a true pleasure to read.
Nitestalker chapter 26 . 8/2/2006
Woah an update on two different stories, you have been busy. Thanks. Dont leave me in suspence too long now that all caos is braking loose.
Tirathon chapter 26 . 8/1/2006
I am currently working on an action sequence in Eagle Hunt. I'm sweating blood over it. I took a break when the alert came in for Brothers in Arms. Now I'm wondering why I'm even bothering ... I could work on it for another month and not have something half as good as chapter 26.

Very good, very evocative. I can hear the alarms, see the explosions, feel the chaos all around. I can even feel and smell things you haven't put in words.

I think I'll go cry on my word processor now. The only way you can comfort me is to write another chapter!
smithcrafter chapter 26 . 8/1/2006
Ooh, you have DOUBLY made my night, now!
L J Groundwater chapter 25 . 6/27/2006
As usual your prose is outstanding, the word choices rich and full and able to convey such a sense of tension, or fear, or innocence. It's nice to see something up from you again.

Now... keep going!
ML Miller Breedlove chapter 24 . 4/2/2006
There's a lot of balls being juggled. I'm looking forward to seeing if they can keep them all in the air. Nice build up.
L J Groundwater chapter 24 . 3/28/2006
"Done in five." "That better be seconds." Little exchanges like that are just so realistic and help so much with ratcheting up the tension in what's already an impossibly tense situation. Glad you've been able to get back to writing. Now, if you can only do this AND Soul Storm... I'll be a really happy little vegemite!
marilyn p chapter 24 . 3/28/2006
You did it again! It's always a pleasure to read the finished chapter and compare it to the draft. The drafts are always workmanlike, but the touches you put into the posted one makes it spark so much brighter. I particularly like the exchange between Newkirk and Arkel. The Herr Doktor is like a spitting cobra.
Nitestalker chapter 24 . 3/28/2006
Thanks for updateing. Glad they were able to make it to the people. I hope they can make it all out saftely. Please update soon.
Caerulea chapter 19 . 2/15/2006
Yay! Kurt's back! I totally adore him. And your story is rivetting as always. I just love the way you write; it's like a wonderful long novel one never wants to end.
ML Miller Breedlove chapter 23 . 2/15/2006
Great action and just enough playing around by the guys to cut the tension. Now, into the bunker!
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