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JTNeal chapter 9 . 5/1/2008
It was an adruous task not to let the tears fall free through-out the past couple of chapters. A beautiful story, masterfully told... The symbolism and religious messages conveyed are very powerful, and touch me deeply.

Simply because of the holy reverence I have to hold this book in, I believe it is far superior to the rest of Kale's works. The other were great stories, but this was more of an epic, a story that I'll never forget, and one that brought my great peace while reading it. I should very much like to speak to Kale, if possible, though I know that won't happen.

A truly amazing work, and very clever to be able to work these strong religious messages throughout the already created story of Digimon.
Yami Vizzini chapter 9 . 4/30/2008
Well, it's finally over. I actually finished a few days ago but am only now getting around to giving this the attention they deserve.

I'll be honest; by the time I finished the first chapter here, I was getting sick of the series, although I wanted to see how it all turned out. Once I sat down and got through the last three chapters, though, I was completely turned around. Where I had thought the Takari was getting cloying in its purity, now I cheered for them to be reunited and loved the impromptu wedding; where T.K.'s Paragon duty had felt self-righteous in its humility, I stood in awe when he came to battle. And how Kari got to be with him in the end? The secret was back in the first story! I had thought it had been forgotten!

In short, this was epic and had a fitting conclusion. Though one quibble: T.K. and Kari just decide to stay in the a'ladon world like that? Perhaps "all those that they love will know that they both are well and together", but it's a heck of a thing to just dump your families like that! Still, great tale.
DigitalDestined chapter 9 . 5/22/2007
There's just something incredible about these stories. They far surpass the original story in depth and beauty. Bravo Kale, Bravo.
me chapter 9 . 2/1/2007
ZOMG this whole thing kicked so much ass!
Sir Brass of the Pen chapter 9 . 12/8/2005
I'm not one for reading really long tales on lcd, but more accustomed to reading them in hardback, but I couldn't resist here. This has to be kale's best work. All the romance without the overly fluffy sap that was in many of his previous works (though sappiness isn't that bad, I still think that it had been overdone in his previous works. I say this despite the respect I have for him and his writing ability), and it was done VERY VERY VERY well. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better conclusion myself. Now, I'm itching for more of an epilogue, but this is still as much of a satisfying conclusion as any. Bravo, kale, on a job well completed. This story was well told, well written, and the plot well executed. Some things, though, did seem to drag on, but in the end the payoff was still excellent.

Despite my nitpicking, though, this tops my list as the best of the classic digimon fanfiction. This was well worth the time I took out of my studies to read it. It is time well-spent, I think, for any digimon fan who is either a takari fan or open-minded enough to accept this pairing. The story succeeds on it's own, NOT because of who was paired with whome. And I expected nothing less from the original master of takari :).

~Sir Brass of the Pen
9 of Hearts chapter 9 . 7/11/2005
Scelent piece. Effervecent. Better than just fanfiction. Classic.
RockFox chapter 9 . 5/2/2005
I really liked reading this books! I just wonder about T.K.'s kids!
Guest chapter 9 . 2/4/2005
I've been looking all over the place for these stories. They've got a hell of a reputation but I could never find them. Because I was looking under "kale" of course.

I guess this is what people mean when they refer to the good old days of Digimon. These stories are wonderful, and the craftsmanship is beyond reproach. I guess imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, because I've seen a lot of this material knocked off in many, many lesser fanstories. Nobody does it better than the original, eh?

I adored kale's take on the Crests, and of Takeru's ability to interact with them in different ways. The plot that at least the light and hope crests are angelic in nature had also occurred to me, and I'm pleased to see that kale wrote them in as divine weapons. The correlation between Takeru and Michael the archangel also strikes me as particularly inspired.

Of the original characters, I think my favorite was T'kai the a'ladon. Though the siblings Roan and Rio Kuroda was close as well, and of course Rio is a classic and very famous original character in the fandom. Woe to any digimon fanfiction junkie who doesn't know Rio's tale of sorrow, redemption and ultimate triumph, I say. But T'kai reminds me a lot of me. He's gifted, but he's very sincere and shy. Polite to the extreme and religious. His heroic death when he's finally coupled with Delia just left me in tears. Honestly, I was such a wreck the two days after reading the end to book five that I could barely go in to work. It affected me that badly.

I know it's considered good manners to ask before doing this, bu since kale isn't around to give permission anymore I'm going to post these on my own digimon site. There's a very talented artist, Kandice the Cat there who has done some truly pheonominal illustrations for these stories that I think every fan should see. They do the story such justice now that I've read them, and "The Death of T'Kai" is a masterpiece in its own right.

Off I go now, back to the drudgery of my ordinary life, unless through some act of otherworldly magic I become as the Pensives of Narnia fame and am wisked off to the world of the a'ladon to join Eloan and little Delia on their continuing adventures as I press this submit review button. To where I may wish Takeru and Hikari joy in their wedded bliss and help to continue in the struggle against the evil, or perhaps misguided, Saurian overlords. Baals Berith and Merodach have been vanquished, one by hatred and the other by love, and the fallen angel of darkness by a hero's shout and a girl's devotion, but there are still battles waiting to be fought in kale's lands. Take me there. Take me there. Take me there.

EZ chapter 9 . 12/22/2004
That was frickin amazing. It ended kind of suddenly but that was maybe the most great writing I've ever read. I can see why these stories are so famous, they're just awesome. This kale fellow has a real gift for this.
RogueSummersLover chapter 9 . 11/16/2004
AWEWAW... theres no other way to express it. it was perfect. and i really would love for you to write more. this was a real tear jerker... and omg...please you must write more...if not for me do it for your self. _ i'm very pleased with this. _
Puppkid chapter 9 . 11/13/2004
oh good! That wasn't the end!

And that whole thing was awesome! Truely awesome! Great job!
Forlorn Melody chapter 9 . 11/5/2004
*Breathes a sigh of relief." I'm glad that was the real ending, for I thought originally that chapter 8 was. The part where Kari "killed" T.K. brought tears to my eyes. It reminded me of how in a way we all crucified Christ with our sin.
Orinos chapter 9 . 11/5/2004
Kale truly is the best there is and will ever be at takari he is undeniably Kale, King Of Takari
miaow227 chapter 9 . 11/5/2004
It's finished!

The ending is so sweet...;) I love it...

GREAT fic(s)!
K Patrick chapter 9 . 11/5/2004
okay that really seems like it needs a sequal for patamon and gatomon at least. kari killed tk. omg i had a heart attack when i read that. but tk is such a badass like when the angles came to him. i was supposed to finish this last night but mom caught me reading past bedtime so i had to do it at school awesome.
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