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Rebel Goddess chapter 5 . 2/12/2006
Oh that was so funny. The boys need to have their marathon soon. Luke might like it after all. More please.
Rebel Goddess chapter 2 . 2/12/2006
Hehe, always nice to find another Red Dwarf fan. Personally I see Seth as having the theme for his ring tone. The whole soccer team apart from Ryan and Luke are smegheads.
Stone Cold chapter 2 . 1/29/2005
I totally think that Seth would be a Red Dwarf fan, just like I believe that he cried when Optimus Prime died.
sexycereal0 chapter 1 . 10/29/2004
The OC AND Red Dwarf? Dude. Although what was up with the American RD re-make? Just wrong!

Loving this fic.
ttcarter chapter 5 . 8/21/2004
Aw! I love soccer team stories! And when they stole the money - laugh-out-loud funny (at least in my house). I liked Seth being just a bit mean to Luke too.
mel chapter 5 . 8/10/2004
one word: wonderful. (that was three already... anyway) just wonderful. :)
Mrs. Brody chapter 5 . 8/5/2004
finally i was waiting for u to update this! i loved it! esp the part when they took the money! u rock all my polka dotted socks!
BlueStarGirl chapter 5 . 8/1/2004
Wondered where this story had gone :). Great ending, very cute!
Joey51 chapter 5 . 8/1/2004
Great finish to a great story. I was so thrilled to find that you'd updated. Excellent job and I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this little tale of yours.
elzed chapter 2 . 8/1/2004
Aww. That was sweet and made me feel all warm and fuzzy. Poor outcast Luke, huh? Still, he can tag along for now. I loved the bit about Kirsten now being glad Seth was with Ryan - as opposed to how she felt at first. And it's so nice to read a fic in which Ryan feels happy, and well-adjusted, and at home with the Cohens - and not on the verge of getting kicked out at every turn.

I read all this at once - -so am reviewing the whole five chapters in one go. My only criticism is that you went so technical in the pool game that I got a bit lost. I'm not enough of a player for that amount of detail to make sense and it was a little too much for me, But I loved shark Seth, and Ryan coaching him, and the whole Seth/Trey comparison throughout - who is the real brother there...

I absolutely loved that line: "I hear you’re the big mack daddy around campus these days" which made me laugh out loud.

And ITA on Red Dwarf and Seth. I think Ryan would love it, too. (Of course, it does come from my neck of the woods so I'm biased). And Seth is right - I don't think Luke would get it. Or maybe he just doesn't deserve the chanjce afetr all the pissing in Seth's trainers.
Nysha63 chapter 5 . 7/31/2004
Wonderful story. I loved that they stole the money! Plus Ryan realizing what he had with Seth. Sweet.
TeacherTam chapter 5 . 7/31/2004
Sweet, sweet story. This is the end, isn't it? Sigh.

Well, I'm always a fan of the Ryan/Luke/Seth friendships.

Thanks for sharing your story!
TeacherTam chapter 4 . 4/30/2004
This is really great. It's funny and interesting. I especially love the way that you are able to so accurately describe Ryan's silent, physical reactions to the events around him. It's funny; for a guy so intent on keeping his emotions hidden, he sure does show a lot on his face and through his body language.
Nice job! Adding you to my author alert, hoping for an update.
elgatoneun chapter 1 . 4/14/2004
Hee, I saw this recced on TWoP and decided to check it out. I'm so glad that I did. I like how Seth can't help but antagonize Luke.
*giggles* Smackwood. That's my favorite. I can't help it, *snicker* Smackwood, Smackwood, Smackwood, I'm five, okay?
I see that it is not slash, but it does have some slashy elements, which is always a good thing in my book.
Anyways, just wanted to let you know I enjoyed this a lot.
kaylx chapter 4 . 4/13/2004
Ahah, I love the tarzan comment. I could see Seth saying that. Great chapter, and I hope you update soon.
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