Reviews for Carpe Diem
DDragonWhisper chapter 1 . 3/4/2007
Carpe Diem always reminds me of the movie ‘The Dead Poet’s Society’ where the teacher is all like, “Seize the day boys.” So the boys eventually form a club or an ‘organization’ of some sorts and run off into the night in dark cloaks for their secret poem reading club thing. The dark cloaks in the night really reminded me of Organization XI and it had a lot of dramatic music and fog during this seane and some how it was just really funny to me because I started cracking up.
ViktorMayrin chapter 1 . 5/8/2005
Salve (Hello, basically)!

Excellent! I really like how you wrote this story, and disregard the fact that the ending 'sucked'! I thought you wrapped it up very nicely, mainly 'cuase I can't, but hey...

I'll ask my teacher what the word for review is, and then I can tell you. I'm currently a third-year Latin student, so I'm so-so on understanding it.

Valve (Goodbye, basically)!

~ Viktor Mayrin
ZTX chapter 1 . 6/26/2004
Whoa...that was so cool! I could just see the cutscene for that! Nice!

link no miko chapter 1 . 3/16/2004
Teehee! The recurrence of "I thought you hated fish" just made my day, I swear. -x They're all so cute.
My, Sora's a little philospher, ain't he? He's a cute one though.
This is the most adorable thing ever, I swear. It's very much how I imagined them to be younger, too. Still playful, but you can see the tension in the "top male" mentality taking shape. They just don't know it yet.
Oh yeah, and that whole set-up for the beginning of the game, that too. -x
Squiggly feeling in stomach, squiggly feeling in stomach!
Hahahah! I think the ending rocks my canoe there, hun. -x "I play with pre-school dollies" indeed.
*huggles* Thanks for the new fic! It was so cute and endearing, and I think you captured their personalities very, very well. I love your oneshots!
Ginger Ninja chapter 1 . 3/13/2004
That was another great piece from you - Riku and Sora fighting is just too cute (and so typical of boys *sigh*).
Hope you write more like this soon! _ *GN*
Trayne chapter 1 . 3/12/2004
I guess my near one-year of Latin has finally paid off; I saw this title and translated it immediately!
Anyway, lovely little one-shot. Nice characterization and whatnot. I like how Riku's wish to go see new worlds was more like a dream; in the game, Kairi seemed wary of his ambitions. Everyone was nicely in character, especially Sora. I liked seeing the friendship portrayed between the three teens, but Sora and Riku's interaction was by far the greatest, as well as Kairi's reactions. Bravo.
But, you wanna write an epic? Well, seeing this was just a one-shot but brilliantly written, a longer fic by you would be pretty good. So, um, if you want advice or something, you can ask me. (A friend suggested I lend a hand to fellow authors, so here I am, being nice for once.)
Koorino Megumi chapter 1 . 3/12/2004
"Me recense" would work for that, I think _-
Ha, I got a fic blamed on me! Yay!
*pokes her Latin book* Can you guess what I *should* be doing right now? And was doing until...well, you know, the fic distracted me a bit. Yes, evil Latin professors for sure! I miss my old Latin teacher... She knew people had lives and limitations on how much they could learn in a given amount of time.
But cuteness! I liked the very ending myself. A bit of enforcement on that idea of their wanting to change their surroundings but stay the same themselves.
I feel like the transitions from one idea to antoher were a little weaker than your usual in this fic. Then again, it's a one-shot, so you were probably avoiding excessive elaboration.
And naturally I loved the characterizations of the three of them. Seems like this couldn't have been too far from game-time. All the fighting between Riku and Sora was hilarious, and of course Kairi was herself, standing by yelling at them while really being amused by it.
The idea of the fic was a great one, too. You did a wonderful job of showing how Riku wound up so set on going to another world. Very creative to use carpe diem for that! I can appreciate the reference
I also liked their joke that the phrase might not actually mean "seize the day." It was a fun characterization thing for Sora, and at the same time, the literal phrase means "pluck the day." It appeared amongst a gardening metaphor in Horace's Ode . But the idea was "seize the day." Okay, I'm totally rambling. Having that idea in there made me smile is all. And I think I like Roman poetry too much if I still remember that so exactly... ;
Okay, the "open the door" line was fabulous. Just the meaning that the line conveys to the reader, even knowing that Riku doesn't know what he's saying...brilliant choice there.
I loved the thoughts especially. It just made the characters stand out as themselves and showed where their actions were coming from.
The "carpe diem" promise bit was great, too. I love how well you take surface actions and add an underlying significance to them. Everything seems so full of meaning.
Cute fic! Definitely a worthwhile distraction from my Latin homework _