Reviews for Hidden Shadows
Guest chapter 19 . 6/26
What the hell was with that ending though?
Blank Angel chapter 19 . 5/1
*sulks* I was so happy about this funny work till I rear tge last few lines :/
But they got married at least
I love humor lolol
Blank Angel chapter 18 . 5/1
XD i am internally loling omfg I can't-! This whole chapter was such a crazy ride lmfao and poor Itachi though xD DFTGG ALL OF THIS WAS SO CUTE LOLOLOL
Blank Angel chapter 17 . 5/1
Awww isn't this cuuuute they figured out their feelings at the same tiiime
XD Iruka is such a mom lmao
Blank Angel chapter 16 . 5/1
#16 Omagad xD Sasuke is so adorable the way he told idiot!Naruto that he /was/ indeed Sora lolol
XD Sasuke's reaction to what Neji told him was /hilarious/ haha!
Ohhhh lawrd can't wait till I can read next chapter xD gosh I love Sasuke he makes such a hot guy, and an even hotter girl
Blank Angel chapter 15 . 5/1
#15 sasukeeee! Noooooo! He's injured so badly omg my poor babyyyy! Naruto you twit wake up so sasuke doesnt have to keep saving your butt omg!
Blank Angel chapter 14 . 5/1
#14 I just /knew/ that they hadn't run into anyone yet coz leaf was under attack *siiiigh* fuck Orochimaru and kabuto
Blank Angel chapter 13 . 5/1
#13 wait a minute: wasn't Sasuke's left wrist broken and in a sling? How did Naruto grab his left hand and drag him out without breaking the sling and hurting Sasuke?
Anyway i like that Sasuke agreed lolol
Blank Angel chapter 12 . 5/1
#12 I really liked the ending and Sasuke vaguely admitting that Naruto was close to him
Blank Angel chapter 11 . 5/1
#11 lol Itachi having bought a dress for Sasuke looool
Blank Angel chapter 10 . 5/1
#10 lol poor Sasuke.
Itachi is so ooc lolol but seriously xD
Naruto is truly an idiot
Blank Angel chapter 9 . 5/1
#9 hmmm the chap was really short buuut I love Sasuke lolol and I love Tsunade treating him as if he's her /actual/ niece at times lolol even though she just does it for her convenience slolol
Iruka's reaction was /adorable/!
Blank Angel chapter 8 . 5/1
#8 omigod Sasuke is /the/ cutest
I haven't seen pirates of the caribbean lol but I caught a few scenes of a movie and really liked Jack!
But seriously ... I'm not really liking how Naruto keeps stealing kisses without "her"
But seriously i thought the rest was very cute
Blank Angel chapter 7 . 5/1
#7 omigod Naruto's gonna find out right?
Sakura helping Sasuke choose a dress was so nice lolol
Blank Angel chapter 6 . 4/30
XD Itachi is awesome: sending his "sister" to a saloon for a makeover rofl
Anyway it was quite funny how Naruto mistook Itachi for Sasuke again lol
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