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Xeronoia chapter 13 . 10/7/2006
Xeronoia chapter 12 . 10/7/2006
Xeronoia chapter 4 . 10/6/2006
Xeronoia chapter 2 . 10/6/2006
Delusional Fishies chapter 10 . 8/7/2006
Wow. This is deeper than probably all of the other ran mama fics I've read.
Gundum M chapter 33 . 7/19/2006
i enjoy your fic. It was well written. Better then most ranma gets stuck in female form/ or becomes a senshi fics. Bit or a read though. I had to break it up into bite size chunkcs.
Tuisto chapter 33 . 6/20/2006
This is, in my opinion, the BEST Ranma fussion crossover (with any series) I've found to date. It's simply remarkable how well the cross of "Sailor Moon", "Ah! Megami-Sama", and "Tenchi Muyo!" were so well blended to the "Ranma1/2" universe!

It's even more remarkable, to see a drama, comedy, romance, mystery, action, psychological introspective, dark, light, story plot idea like this! It really has all aspects for a excellent story covered. And the style of writing! Superb how it flows, with dialogue, narative, descriptive, and thoughts all so cohesively! Furthermore, It's great how there were no things left hanging, all questions raised and other strings of the story were all well tied up in the end. And what a sweat end/"beginning" it was too! Lastly, I'd like to applaud the author personally for his/her factual research, they put into this, concerning rituals and specific places etc. Thoroughly commendable work.

AAA story. Considering sheer size, this takes some time to read, but HIGHLY recommended for Ranma, SailorMoon, Ah!M-S, and Tenchi fans, alike.

Thanks a bunch.
KagirinaiNoTama chapter 33 . 5/14/2006
just wondering...I was thinking after having read this for the third time over, would you be interested in someone proofreading for you and then sending the file in an email or something? Get back to me sometime, or send me a message online...I use yahoo and aim mostly, but sometimes msn also. I have clowgaurdianyue_tsukishiroyukito and my aim name is JupitaaDestiny, which is a LONG story. _

Hope to talk to you soon!
ecchansama chapter 33 . 4/21/2006
This fanfic keeps a unusually high standrad throughout the chapters. It has more feeling than you can shake a dozen other fanfics at. ;)

Sadly I feel like this all falls in the end, it really feels like the name is made good for in some way. / Perhaps it's the kinda anticlimatic ending, perhaps it's the whole "being the universe"-thingy. For some reason the end doesn't appeal me as much as the rest of the story does.
Zero of the Black Knights chapter 1 . 4/9/2006
yah should write s sequal I read it all the reread this ending at the start. Have ryoga show up on jurai it would be fricken hilarious. Would their child be a girl and be the jr senshi that will take ur motha's job.
KaeKei chapter 33 . 3/14/2006
Heh, wow. This is a pretty amazing story if ya ask me... I mean, I have NEVER, EVER, read a Sailor Moon crossover before... nor do I really plan to make it a habit... well, actualy, I normaly avoid crossovers like a plauge...

It was well writen as it moved on, though in the early chapters I did notice some mistakes, but nothing that actual harmed the story, and besides, with how the story moves, errors just seem to fade out... heh.

I think I spent most of the past 3 days reading this, which made me greatfull for the fact that I was able to read it all on a PSP and not have to sit infront of a large screen forever... heh, I dont think I could go back to reading on a computer after seeing how easy it is to read that way... but anyway, thats besides the point. All I really have to say is that this is a wonderful story, which really gave me a different outlook on crossovers... I might just decide to read a few other stories, now that I know that reading on isnt gonna kill me, heh... I'm sure I'll be reading this again in a few months, like I do most of the great stories I read, well, untill then, heh... good luck with your other stuff.
Alex Ultra chapter 33 . 3/13/2006
"Good yarn"? Hello! You created reality! And beyond that you did it well! ... er, bad jokes aside, I can honestly and openly say that this is possibly one of the single best anythings I've ever read period, and I've read a lot. Like, a whole lot.

For something based on so many bad jokes and good ideas used so much as to seem like jokes, this is one story so far beyond yet so well grounded in its basis that to describe it in words would be a dire misdeed against you and your creation.

"Anyone can make a villain, but who can make a tragic hero? Who can make the villain that no one wants to blame? Who can make the villain who does more than he does, who shows and lives the very paradox that is the human experience? When you find this person do not let them go, for their insight will go far beyond the villain, and into the realm of the very gods themselves. The Greeks once theorized that something exists only when the human mind feels it, that paint does not represent the sunrise but create it in the minds of all who view it; for better or worse, that is our world, valid in its invalidity, and divine in all its flaws. Perfect. Impossible. Grand. Horrible. And after all other things, Real." - My own bit of wisdom. _

By what of yourself you've shown through your Creation here, I do now and forever will consider you a treasure of Humanity. Thank you for blessing us all, as the world will forever be better for it.

I know you're not technically 'done', since you're still working on other things elsewhere, but I felt that the end of this story needed something special to commemorate the occasion. _V

Alex Ultra: Before You Can Keep, You Must First Define...
Blackdex chapter 33 . 3/10/2006
Magnificent, when I started this, I figured it would be, well, a story of blended cliché’s, much to my surprise, it actually had a fairly original script. So, every plot turn in it has been done before (okay, I admit I haven’t seen Ranma encounter his dimensional duplicates before, that was interesting), I have never seen them done in one fic. My biggest complaint is that we never really resolve anything that was mentioned in the Side story, and I think you could add more, though they wouldn’t necessarily be part of this fic, I have a few other questions, or really comments about irregularities (real or perceived, I might re-read to see if I missed something), but they are minor. I would really enjoy leaving a longer and full review, but I am kind of in a hurry today. Ciao
Completly Random chapter 33 . 2/21/2006
Bravo for a story well done. This was absolutly amazing the caracterization was very well done and the sheer magnitude of the story was inspiring. Were you to do a sequal what could top this?
Nachoman1 chapter 33 . 2/21/2006
Hi there!

I have to admit I had skipped this story a couple times before because the title sugested it was parodic, and I normally look for drama. So I finally found it a time I was looking for a laugh, and found something quite different...

It was very enjoyable. Nice to see that you made a list of clichés for the one shot and made all of them work; nicer still that you made a very long story taking the one-shot as an outline.

Sailor Ranma stories are common, yet I hadn't seen one where Sailor Sun was so utterly almighty. She was actually Sailor Multiverse!

I would have one doubt: when did Tenchi finally learned of Ranma's male form?

It's so good that Ayeka was basically kicked out of the fight for Tenchi.
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