Reviews for Divine Sorceress
x-game chapter 1 . 9/2/2016
After I finished watching Shamanic Princess for the first time, I went looking for Shamanic Princess fan fiction and I found this. And boy am I glad I did.
bobbyneko chapter 8 . 8/7/2006
tiara better like graham. we he died in the series it pissed me off so bad. she didnt even seem to cry for him. poor graham, he was freakin awesome.
irene chapter 12 . 6/8/2004
hi! _ i just love this story!

it's great! i hope you can update the epilogue,please!

-irene megumi
irene chapter 10 . 6/2/2004
hi! this is the first time i read this story and believe me,i love it!

i read chapter1 to chapter10 and i just want to read more! _ the story is very good. i hope you can update soon,please(i also wanted to know if tiara and graham would be together,they make such a nice couple )


irene megumi _~
DATsukai chapter 7 . 5/22/2004
Hey. This is one of the best Shamanic Princess Stories I have ever read... To bad you don't have more reviewers! Keep going I am reading it!