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Athena Keating-Thomas chapter 14 . 7/15/2012
I enjoyed this fic quite a lot. You put in a lot of psychology and character development which I greatly value. You took cartoon characters and cartoon circumstance and made it grim, realistic, and heart warming. Well done!
Athena Keating-Thomas chapter 4 . 7/15/2012
This is an interesting concept for a story; the relationship between Dib and Gaz is really sad and touching.
Hamato Kameko chapter 14 . 5/10/2005
I can't believe I just sat here and read that entire thing, and on a day when I'm *suposed* to be writing a final exam essay and studying for another (ack, about five hours and counting till it's due...!)


Wow. This was good. Well written, and I love the flashbacks, a wonderful little writing device that always keeps a story interesting.

Depressing as hell that you killed off everyone, but that's just me. I've not yet had the nerve to write a story that didn't eventually have a warm-fuzzy - 'course, that's on the rare occasion that I actually manage to *finish* a story in the first place. XD

At any rate, I really enjoyed this. Takes a lot of nerve to write something this desolate, this final, and even more to publish it. I'm impressed.

blahsblah2001 chapter 14 . 5/8/2005
Oh my God

I cannot literally put into words how awesome this is. This is just... god.

THe epilauge wasa great, it got taht warm fuzzy feeling without taking out any of the horror of the story. It is awesome also taht you took out, at some, point, not only every single character IN the show, but some fanchars as well. This is not bad, just a bit unusual.

You should write more like this.

It's also neat how you can remember dreams like that. I can usually remember about one sentace's worht of stuff about any given dream I have, and most of that is kinda hazy.
Blahsblah2001 chapter 8 . 5/8/2005
The authors not on this one is right on. Just wanted to say. I'm reveiwing the AN. hee. Nuts.

I like this chapter. It amkes me cry. Or amybe that's jyust teh radiation from my comp. screen. Either way, right on, you rock.
Blahsblah2001 chapter 3 . 5/8/2005
oh wait..

ignore last erview. I dint get it.

I am an idiot.

I think that might be why Gaz is so unfocused from reality: childhood trauma.
Blahsblah2001 chapter 2 . 5/8/2005

for that to happen to Dib when he was just six..

his mom got sick, then? I dint know...
Lael Adair chapter 1 . 2/18/2005
Hey! Argh, I feel bad that you hit me with a review first because it makes this one look like a "courtesy return." It's not, cross my heart, hope to die! I try to review every story that's on my favorites because I feel, if I like it enough to put on my favs, I owe it to the author to let them know. Your story's been up on my list ever since the first chapter. I'm just, you know, behind...alot.

So anyway, woo! This was a good one! I wasn't really sure where you were going with it as far as Dib was concerned. I knew there was some sort of Irken conspiracy working against him, as evidenced by Zim, but I couldn't figure out why in the world they'd care about a human.

One of the things I loved most about this fanfiction was your knack for portraying Dib. You gave him a mannerism of speech that you made good usage of with the first person style and it really seemed to give him life. Just looking at the first chapter, I can pick out at least a half-dozen examples, such as the way he jumps distractedly from topic to topic:

"And I lost. I had bet the thing that I held most dear, and I lost.

There wasn’t even enough of Gaz left for me to bury."

And the kind of detached apathy he carries throughout almost the entire fic. You can tell just from listening to him narrate that he's become disillusioned with the game. The severity of it has finally set in.

"Little did I know, I had already doomed us all."

My absolute favorite part of the fic, though, was the conversation in Dib's apartment, when Zim was breaking the news about the call. I can pinpoint it down to one line:

"'Do you love your father?' He asked."

Using that analogy through Zim was brilliant. It was a nice way to get into the alien's head and have him use something that Dib could relate to.

As far as any suggestions go, I've had one that I've been meaning to say ever since I first read this story. I'm sorry I didn't bring it up sooner. I don't like to review stories after they've been finished because any suggestions for improvement become moot. But, anyway. I'm really, REALLY glad I ended up clicking on this story and reading the first chapter because ordinarily it would have slipped completely under my radar. I passed over it several times because of the summary. I saw the all-lowercase text and assumed it was one of the uh, how to say this, less...good...fics? I eventually tried it because the line "destiny is not always exactly what it seems" told me it at least deserved a shot. Gosh am I glad I did that.

So now's the part where I sum up aal that rambling I did up there into a few words, making people wonder "Why didn't she just say that in the first place?" This story is awesome, you have a real gift for empathizing with your characters which makes them seem incredibly lifelike. It had me hanging on the edge of my seat all the way through. (And, by the way, you're like, Superman with how fast you get these chapters up! TEACH ME YOUR SECRET!) I even loved the dual ending. A little something for everyone! Great job! Thanks for the awesome read!
Tacomaster chapter 14 . 2/10/2005
i wanted to review sooner, but my skool's computers suck so...

This fic is a work of art, you kept me guessing the whole way through. i also have to applaud your willingness to push the normal limitations and have Gaz die like that. i didn't particularly like that move, but it did fit well within the stroy lines.

Many thanks for not turning it into a ZAGR or a ZADR when Zim formed the truce, and for not trying to bribe or threaten the readers.

-sigh- i think the only thing left for me to do is go and read your other stuff.
The Fic Lord chapter 14 . 1/9/2005
Your welcome. Your ficcie rocked, I expect more random brain vomit. Oh, I also am Psychosis.

Oh, BTW If you want a seat of power in my NWO review my fic.


Tyler , TFL, Psyche ( u pick)
Blue chapter 12 . 1/7/2005
Oh. That was so sad, but so good. So, this means the Irk's did us all in, eh? Sigh. It was going to happen anyway.

I think you really played up the characters in an awesome way for this. I really liked your story. Keep writing.
Neko-Metallium chapter 6 . 1/7/2005
Bestest and most though out Zim fic I have yet to read. "Fake Plastic Life" rocks! Give more. Give more to Neko of Doom!...please...
Dibsthe1 chapter 14 . 1/7/2005
Hey, you're welcome!

Wow, what a dream! I'm grateful your urge to share it was so powerful. I welcome the opportunity to read something so well written, even if I sometimes can't tell who's hurting worse, Head or Heart. Even now you can't imagine what a relief it is to read that Dib actually needed the protection FROM Gaz without first having posted it myself.

The idea that even our most self-sacrificing actions are really done to further our own interests is not a new one to me. Warm n' fuzzy it ain't... but a bracing dose of honest reality.

In real life I have several times agreed to be friends with someone not because I enjoyed their company but because they needed me. Before long I found their visits so tedious that the friendship would wither away or otherwise end badly. Today I regularly see someone who does need help on occasion but whose company I genuinely enjoy. (You're in the "genuinely enjoy" category, by the way! _ )

The family reunion provides emotional closure, but if I was Dib I'd still want one hell of a damn good explanation for why I was left to endure years of such one-sided and unrelieved horror.

If Dib wants to feel someone gives a damn about him, then why did he hold on to and protect Gaz? That was not a rhetorical question and I am not trying to sound cute. Here is where our viewpoints could not possibly be farther apart. Personally I would take LIFE IN SOLITARY CONFINEMENT... and take it GLADLY... over a life saturated with such physical and verbal abuse. How much can simply wearing somebody's discarded clothing possibly count for... REALLY... when the actual person himself is treated like crap? While I personally find it less than 100% satisfying that Gaz still believes she will burst into flames if she talks to Dib as if she was half-civilized, I understand why you would find it necessary to keep writing her like that.

The ambiguity you left about the vision and the necklace is plenty, and I mean that in a good way. Authors frequently decline to describe something because the reader's imagination can do the job more effectively than any mere words ever could. It's similarly cool to allow each individual reader the freedom to choose the interpretation they find clicks best. Me, I find it fascinating when two opposing interpretations are each no less valid!

The first ending leaves too much unanswered for the average reader, who lacks the backstory which only you would know after having that dream!

Again, you're welcome. And thank you.
Dibsthe1 chapter 13 . 1/5/2005
Whew! Congratulations. Makes me wonder what that original dream was!

I'm glad this one's finished. Not because it isn't well written, (it's written all too well for my comfort!) but because Dib's degradation was getting so hard to stomach. As much as I hate Gaz for hitting Dib, by the end I found myself in the bizarre position of longing to slap some much-needed sense into him myself... although that approach wouldn't work too well on such an abject grovelling masochist.

The first ending is more realistic... if the word realism must necessarily always mean pessimism.

I'm very glad you posted the second ending as well. I like it MUCH better, partly because it's less bleak from our point of view, and partly for its richer explanation of what happened previously as well as what the Brains were really seeking to do. It also takes longer to wind down instead of slamming the reader into the wall quite as suddenly.

But most importantly, there's actual closure in this one. FINALLY! Dib needed to have that horribly undeserved guilt over Gaz's death lifted from his shoulders.

I went back to the beginning with the intent of reading this whole fic in one sitting, but the part where their mother offed herself abandoning Dib to the tender mercies of that so-called "sister" of his was just too much for me to face one more time.

Interesting how Gaz actually smiles in this one. Since her death she seems closer to an actual sister... not a whole lot... but at least she doesn't hit him, she only insults him. That indicates some hope that by the time Dib joins her in the afterlife she'll be capable of greeting the one who raised her (with a God-blessed sight more human kindness than she ever saw fit to show him in return!) with something other than gratuitous insults.

Again, congratulations. I can hardly wait to see what your other fics hold in store for us.
The Fic Lord chapter 13 . 1/4/2005
Awsome, that's all I can say.


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