Reviews for 5 Growing Apart
Daisie chapter 11 . 4/6/2004
You really have a knack for developing the specific differences in each and every relationship between your characters... It's really amazing. Good Work...
Akasha Ravensong chapter 10 . 4/6/2004
interesting! mwahaha! can't wait for next years!
Blessed be
Akasha Ravensong chapter 9 . 4/6/2004
i like it! can't wiat for more!
Blessed BE
Akasha Ravensong chapter 8 . 4/6/2004
the hair thing...cute!
Blessed be
Straycat1 chapter 10 . 4/5/2004
check it out, Mur kicked his ass :) is this the last over year 5? that is quick. I like how you worked around Snape's worst memory.
Rocky235 chapter 10 . 4/4/2004
I hope Sirius knows how lucky he is.
You're doing great things.
Daisie chapter 10 . 4/4/2004
I have absolutely NO idea how you did it, but you've completely turned the tables... I'm feeling worse for Sirius than I am for Sev o_0
Odd... but I like it (lol) You had Mur handle the whole duel really well, Good Work
Hydra-Star chapter 10 . 4/4/2004
I couldn't stop laughing during this! It was so funny! But Snape ran off after Mur appeared? That was something that I wasn't expecting. He doesn't seem like the sort of person to do stuff like that.
lucidity chapter 10 . 4/4/2004
This was another very good chapter. I hope Mur is able to find out how Sev is doing? He must've been mortified, to say the least.
Rocky235 chapter 9 . 4/4/2004
Professionally written and easy to read and enjoy.
Daisie chapter 9 . 4/3/2004
Uh-Oh... I'd completely forgotten that happened in their fifth year after OWLs...
I really appreciate the fact that you didn't try and rewrite it though. Oh, and I'm looking forward to seeing how Mur's going to handle it.
Straycat1 chapter 9 . 4/2/2004
I loved their date, they where both so cute. I loved the lenght of this chapter as well, but I missed Sirius.
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