Reviews for Taisho's Darling
Faery66 chapter 31 . 10/5
Hope to read more soon.

NS chapter 31 . 9/4
Think I must have read this story ten years ago. I was probably going by my oh-so-clever-and-original name NeKuRa~SaMa in those days. Ah, youth. Back then, I don't think I noticed all the 'real life' references to office life, civil rights, etc.

It's interesting (and sad) that some of the events in the story are now being mirrored in US politics. I never thought I'd see the day when bigotry, racism, xenophobia, and various forms of discrimination would be openly supported and normalized in America or in other supposedly 'developed' countries. Not to mention the vilification of people who dare to speak out against those who would discriminate against them ('You're calling ME a racist for saying something racist? How dare you! YOU'RE the racist for calling ME racist!')

You'd think stories like yours (hell, even books like Harry Potter) would've already taught us all that those pernicious attitudes fueled by hate and fear are unjust and WRONG on so many levels. At the root of homophobia and sexism and all that other nastiness are the same unjustifiable hatred and ignorance, and they always lead to the victimization and ostracization of innocent people who simply don't deserve it. Sigh.

Anyway, I'll always love the family dynamic in the whole story, it was so comforting and warm. I'm sorry you don't write fanfic anymore, but I do hope life is treating you (and Your Favorite Blond) kindly. I appreciate that you finished all your stories and brought joy to so many readers with your heartfelt, humorous, and amazingly fun stories.

I wish you and your loved ones all the best, and thank you so much for writing!
Undertheskys chapter 31 . 8/28
Undertheskys chapter 31 . 8/28
Kagome met Souta in the realm of the death, Izayoi helped Sesshomaru bring back Kagome, IM SOO HAPPY.
Undertheskys chapter 30 . 8/28
I seriously hope you dont kill off Kagome, I want her and Sesshomaru, and wveryone else to have a happy ending with the ones they love and cherish.
Undertheskys chapter 29 . 8/28
Just when I thought Kagome was better. Poor Kagome and Poor Sesshomaru, when will her suffering end?! Finally Toga (Taisho name) has accepted Kaede
Undertheskys chapter 28 . 8/28
Thank goodness Inuyasha got there in time
Undertheskys chapter 27 . 8/28
Ohh noo Kohaku is under control
Undertheskys chapter 26 . 8/28
Glad Kagome's not all sad and depressing anymore
Undertheskys chapter 25 . 8/28
Yaaay Sesshomaru sees Shippo as his own son, and Rin called Kagome "Okaa-san"
Undertheskys chapter 24 . 8/27
Ohh god Noooo KAGOME! !
Undertheskys chapter 24 . 8/27
Cuute Sango and Inuyasha gonna be mates soon
Undertheskys chapter 23 . 8/27
Yuuup They're mates now
Undertheskys chapter 22 . 8/27
Awwwe cute he said he loves very dearly
Undertheskys chapter 21 . 8/27
When is the strong Kagome coming back? and what about Rin and Shippo?
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